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Pete wrote,

>>>>Why would we need to disturb it? Robots could manipulate objects and photograph them for study, then put them back were they were.<<<<

I'd like to see the robot that could do as you suggest, but it looks like it's difficult enough to get a robot down the shaft that will hold a sufficiently vesatile camera that will give even half decent resoluton pics, according to Gantenbrink himself.

How would you get a robot down the shaft with powerful lifting arms too. Oversimplification I think Pete!

I'm obviously no expert just asking questions. I'm into the realms of "what if's" again, but what if the robot solution was implausable. What techniques could be employed to find another way into this chamber?

Has any serious research been allowed, in recent times, to search the pyramid itself for other potential openings. If a chamber was found would this facilitate a search of the outside of the pyramid, or in the Grand Gallery, where I read that someone had suggested (sorry can't remember the source) there may be another concealed opening.

I myself believe that after the door, a continuation of the shaft will be found (I hope this new robot has a long power cable).



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