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> Since 1993, when Rudolf was
> elbowed out of this project, it became obvious that Zahi
> Hawass and his media cronies wanted to take over and control
> this exploration and 'milk it'. Hawass kept on stalling the
> matter year after year until he could become Chairman of the
> SCA. This happened a few months ago, and within weeks he put
> his plan into action with Fox/National Geographic. Everyone
> knows that he is their 'man' in Egypt, always giving them
> exclusivity on all big events viz. the live boradcasts of the
> so-called 'opening of the tomb' and 'Golden Mummies' in 1999
> and 2001. Shows like these are sold to over a 100 channels
> around the world for mega-bucks; some of it officially goes
> to the SCA in cash and 'publicity'; most goes to Fox and NG;
> and a some finds its way into private pockets. I remember
> when the Canadian Peter Zuuring approached Hawass in 1995-6
> to get involved in this deal, there was secret talk between
> him and 'agents' of deals going to tens of millions of dollars.

Robert, while I sadly concede that you're probably right about is business.

I hate to say it, by why not milk it? Conservation projects in Egypt need money. You know this.

I wish it was different but both of us know there are hundreds of under funded projects.

> But not withstanding that archaeology is being turned into a
> 'Fox/NG' money-making extravaganza, it is a terrible disgrace
> how this important archaeological project was literally
> snatched away from its legitimate discoverer, Rudolf
> Gantenbrink

I agree.

> and 'taken over' by Hawass and friends. For
> years this man has led the world up the garden path by
> 'posponing' the event from date to date to suit his agenda.
> In any case, in my opinion all that we shall be shown is more
> or less a repeat --albeit Fox style-- of what Gantenbrink
> had already achieved anyway with his Upuaut II robot in March
> 1993.

You're saying they aren't going to reveal anything? Just walk us up the shafts?

> For the record, Gantenbrink told me last night that he will
> not watch the live Fox/NG broadcast on the 16 September. If
> it's anything like the last two Fox 'specials' with Hawass,
> I'm not sure if I will watch either.

Well you wont know until you watch it.

> Best
> RB

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