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Hi Avry,

As usual, the news is conflicting. The idea of a fibre optic camera was told to me by Rudolf Gantenbrink, who seems to have discussed this his source in Egypt. I had heard the same a few weeks ago when I was in Egypt.

I had a several phone conversations with Gantenbrink last night. as you can imagine. In his opinion, a fibre optic camera is unlikely to give any results, since the little aperture (0.5 mm) on the 'door' is far to small to allow good-resolution camera and also lighting to go through. He seems to agree with your view about the GPR as well.

The whole thing is almost certainly a huge 'hollywood' style hype and big-bucks media event. Since 1993, when Rudolf was elbowed out of this project, it became obvious that Zahi Hawass and his media cronies wanted to take over and control this exploration and 'milk it'. Hawass kept on stalling the matter year after year until he could become Chairman of the SCA. This happened a few months ago, and within weeks he put his plan into action with Fox/National Geographic. Everyone knows that he is their 'man' in Egypt, always giving them exclusivity on all big events viz. the live boradcasts of the so-called 'opening of the tomb' and 'Golden Mummies' in 1999 and 2001. Shows like these are sold to over a 100 channels around the world for mega-bucks; some of it officially goes to the SCA in cash and 'publicity'; most goes to Fox and NG; and a some finds its way into private pockets. I remember when the Canadian Peter Zuuring approached Hawass in 1995-6 to get involved in this deal, there was secret talk between him and 'agents' of deals going to tens of millions of dollars.

But not withstanding that archaeology is being turned into a 'Fox/NG' money-making extravaganza, it is a terrible disgrace how this important archaeological project was literally snatched away from its legitimate discoverer, Rudolf Gantenbrink, and 'taken over' by Hawass and friends. For years this man has led the world up the garden path by 'posponing' the event from date to date to suit his agenda. In any case, in my opinion all that we shall be shown is more or less a repeat --albeit Fox style-- of what Gantenbrink had already achieved anyway with his Upuaut II robot in March 1993.

For the record, Gantenbrink told me last night that he will not watch the live Fox/NG broadcast on the 16 September. If it's anything like the last two Fox 'specials' with Hawass, I'm not sure if I will watch either.



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