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Hi all,

I'm excited, but exciting as this may seem, I think some people on here have brought up an interesting point.

If this is being televised, do you think they have already breached the door? They would only be protecting themselves from a potential flop. I remember when I was quite young, Giraldo Rivera opened some sort of wall in Al Capone's hideout on live television thinking he was going to find (money or something? I can't recall now). What did he find? NOTHING. It was a total flop, and he apologized to the people who watched for four hours waiting to see something of merit, and he walked off the screen defeated and humming some sort of song.

Could it be that they have already gotten beyond the door? It would be a great day if it was truly live, but they would be risking a lot. What if the robot got stuck on a live show? What if they found nothing? What if they stumbled upon a room holding something that would alter historical thinking on the Egyptians? Oh Oh!

Mr. Bauval, Mr. Hancock? Any comments or thoughts? Anyone else?



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