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Hi all,

I just got a phone call from Rudolf Gantenbrink. He has received direct information from a very reliable source in Egypt that NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has/or will shortly announce a Special Live worldwide Boradcast to 41 countries of the exploration of the Queen's Chamber shafts with a miniature Robot equipped with fibre optic camera.

Stay tuned....


Bauval's News - Special report on the Gantenbrink door opening

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Thanks Robert but ... 145 Don Barone 06-Aug-02 21:25
Re: Thanks Robert but ... 112 alye 06-Aug-02 23:53
Re: Gantenbrink door: So what... 137 chapter71 06-Aug-02 21:56
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Re: Gantenbrink door: So what... 115 chapter71 07-Aug-02 12:14
Re: Gantenbrink door: IT'S HAPPENING! 111 modeldon 07-Aug-02 03:45
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Live Broadcast?! 144 Billy 07-Aug-02 07:17
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My prediction 124 Lee McGiffen 07-Aug-02 12:04
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perspective 154 Scousebob 09-Aug-02 04:20
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Re: Gantenbrink door: IT'S HAPPENING! 143 Askani 09-Aug-02 19:59
Re: Gantenbrink door: Damage? 145 montmagic 10-Aug-02 02:54

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