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Excerpt from 'The Pope and the Heretic' by Michael White 549  23  Jaimi2  02-Oct-04 12:44 
Last Post by Genesis Veracity
Next AOM: Michael White 554  Jaimi2  18-Sep-04 17:20 
Last Post by Joyeuse
egyptian infuence on christianity 539  48  Tom Harpur  02-Sep-04 03:50 
Last Post by Peter Aleff
High Priests, Quantum Genes 616  32  Michael Hayes  15-Aug-04 14:56 
Last Post by Michael Hayes
Tom Harpur starts Tuesday/Wednesday 535  Jaimi2  04-Aug-04 17:18 
Last Post by marduk
Removal of pertinent information. 527  49  Rob Roff  04-Aug-04 02:12 
Last Post by Jaimi2
Our next Author of the Month 521  Jaimi2  03-Aug-04 05:18 
Last Post by Rick M G
Tom Harpur - reschedule 534  11  Jaimi2  29-Jul-04 17:48 
Last Post by mdsquared
Tom Harpur is now online 633  105  Tom Harpur  28-Jul-04 17:52 
Last Post by Peter Novak
Purchase information for 'The Pagan Christ' in the UK 513  Jaimi2  22-Jul-04 06:55 
Last Post by Broker
Correction! Harpur available in the UK... 507  Jaimi2  22-Jul-04 03:51 
Last Post by Jaimi2
Goodbye and Thanks for all the Fish! 463  12  Robert Lomas  18-Jul-04 19:45 
Last Post by Brian Patterson
AOM schedule - Thanks to Robert 524  Jaimi2  16-Jul-04 22:43 
Last Post by Robert Lomas
Our chat continues with Dr. Robert Lomas... 553  108  Jaimi2  16-Jul-04 20:45 
Last Post by Robert Lomas
AOM for July August - Tom Harpur: The Pagan Christ 468  Jaimi2  08-Jul-04 03:33 
Last Post by Jaimi2
Inivitation to ask Questions of Robert Lomas 580  217  Robert Lomas  03-Jul-04 18:35 
Last Post by Broker
Robert Lomas - off for a break 512  Jaimi2  03-Jul-04 07:35 
Last Post by Nejc
More on our AOM - Dr. Robert Lomas 612  Jaimi2  16-Jun-04 04:20 
Last Post by Jaimi2
AOM shuffle 540  Jaimi2  15-Jun-04 11:53 
Last Post by Jaimi2
Dr. Robert Lomas - AOM August 535  Jaimi2  13-Jun-04 16:37 
Last Post by Jaimi2
Upcoming AOM: Dr. Robert Lomas! 591  Jaimi2  12-Jun-04 04:41 
Last Post by Jaimi2
AOM delay 594  Jaimi2  08-Jun-04 04:43 
Last Post by Jaimi2
Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark 630  18  chico  16-May-04 11:27 
Last Post by coggas
Sacred Ark Mysteries 585  24  Eddyaz  14-May-04 23:15 
Last Post by WilliamJ
Thanks to Laurence Gardner 560  Jaimi  12-May-04 12:47 
Last Post by Lee McGiffen
For Lawrence Gardner: Taoist Alchemy Parallels 612  lotuskid  07-May-04 21:32 
Last Post by Nephrite
GoldFinger? 462  15  Knightowl  04-May-04 15:03 
Last Post by timewaster
Freemasonry & Rosslyn Chapel 595  11  Hound  02-May-04 05:24 
Last Post by jnisbet
Laurence Gardner re Rosslyn Chapel 527  jnisbet  02-May-04 05:13 
Last Post by jnisbet
The Stone of Scone 494  JDMilller  02-May-04 00:37 
Last Post by Caliburn
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