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Peter Gandy - Jung on Osirus, Mithras, and Rebirth 430  Jaimi2  17-Jan-05 11:28 
Last Post by michael saunders
Peter Gandy: 423  HarryWJYoung  14-Jan-05 11:25 
Last Post by HarryWJYoung
Revelations - for Peter Gandy 375  newrisingsun  13-Jan-05 12:11 
Last Post by Lee McGiffen
Questions and Thoughts for the Author: Peter Gandy 356  Cesar  11-Jan-05 06:31 
Last Post by Peter Gandy
Peter - The Golden Bough - Frazer on the Crucifixion 1,105  Jaimi2  10-Jan-05 08:20 
Last Post by Peter Gandy
Request from Michael Cremo to all members 379  11  Jaimi2  08-Jan-05 18:45 
Last Post by Paoputzu
More on Peter Gandy 433  Jaimi2  07-Jan-05 02:53 
Last Post by Jaimi2
Michael Cremo: The red dot at the medial division of the brow 399  45  michael saunders  02-Jan-05 16:53 
Last Post by debraregypt
It has been fun. 376  14  Michael Cremo  01-Jan-05 05:48 
Last Post by PriorityRed
For Michael Cremo - a last question 381  SphinxGirl  01-Jan-05 02:21 
Last Post by Piero
Claims of excluding evidence. 341  31  Silvoneshei  31-Dec-04 22:11 
Last Post by Archae Solenhofen
post for Michael Cremo on Vedic conception of the world as virtual reality 457  23  Joyeuse  30-Dec-04 02:18 
Last Post by timebanditx
The Dragon Legacy: The Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline 547  54  OneLove  28-Dec-04 20:36 
Last Post by Raja
Our next Author of the Month - Michael Cremo - Forbidden Archeology 442  139  Jaimi2  26-Dec-04 20:17 
Last Post by SphinxGirl
Question for M. Cremo: Bottom up/top down 426  Kees  26-Dec-04 17:01 
Last Post by logos7
to Mr. Cremo, Vedic and/or Gnostic 508  120  Mark Harlem  23-Dec-04 20:19 
Last Post by Joyeuse
Michael Cremo is here. 346  Jaimi2  23-Dec-04 19:22 
Last Post by Michael Cremo
Michael Cremo: The kalpa - the day of Brahma 458  11  Michael Hayes  23-Dec-04 18:26 
Last Post by Michael Cremo
Rare carving unearthed after moorland fire 361  Ahatmose  23-Dec-04 17:28 
Last Post by Michael Cremo
WELCOME MICHAEL! and a first question ... 361  19  Ahatmose  22-Dec-04 02:57 
Last Post by Jerome
Question for Michael Cremo -Red Clay 394  Jaimi2  21-Dec-04 19:57 
Last Post by Jaimi2
The Secret of Sauniere's Wealth 536  63  tracyrtwyman  20-Dec-04 05:26 
Last Post by colt
The missing plank of wood. 473  Michael Hayes  19-Dec-04 19:53 
Last Post by Michael Cremo
Harappa question for Michael Cremo 437  ritum  19-Dec-04 19:28 
Last Post by Michael Cremo
CREMO: Plant Medicine and evolution or creation 385  Jahsun  19-Dec-04 18:58 
Last Post by Michael Cremo
Tracy's article: 'The Judas Goat' 439  60  Michael Hayes  17-Dec-04 16:20 
Last Post by Nolondil
Michael Cremo will be on shortly... 404  Jaimi2  17-Dec-04 15:04 
Last Post by Jaimi2
More on Michael Cremo 366  Jaimi2  16-Dec-04 14:52 
Last Post by Martin Stower
Questions for Tracy Twyman 457  36  Jaimi2  15-Dec-04 20:00 
Last Post by Joyeuse
Upcoming AOM - Tracy Twyman 396  Jaimi2  27-Nov-04 17:58 
Last Post by Kees
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