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Welcome to Carl Calleman our author of the month for October 2016 968  Graham Hancock  10-Oct-16 18:54 
Last Post by cjcalleman
The modern rite of passage into adulthood 1,239  34  Alex Seymour  22-Sep-16 19:10 
Last Post by Alex Seymour
Welcome to Alex Seymour Psychedelic Marine Author of the Month 959  Graham Hancock  14-Sep-16 18:08 
Last Post by Bewildered
Recycled nucler waist? 1,009  gulsbo  17-Aug-16 21:45 
Last Post by gulsbo
Depleted Uranium (DU) 992  David Thomas Schumann  07-Aug-16 19:37 
Last Post by carolb
Heal and Protect with Diet 1,007  David Thomas Schumann  03-Aug-16 15:43 
Last Post by eyeofhorus33
Welcome to our Author of the Month for August 2016 1,023  Graham Hancock  02-Aug-16 13:54 
Last Post by David Thomas Schumann
Moses/Akhnaten 1,344  gulsbo  30-Jul-16 12:07 
Last Post by gulsbo
This topic has been moved.: 2nd pyramid imperial measure 14  molder  26-Jul-16 05:28 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Weighing of the Heart – Cheating 1,030  jmeader  21-Jul-16 20:44 
Last Post by jmeader
Ancient Egyptians and 'things that look alike' 1,439  24  jmeader  09-Jul-16 23:09 
Last Post by jmeader
twin staff gods 1,299  15  michael seabrook  07-Jul-16 04:45 
Last Post by loveritas
Welcome to our Authors of the Month for July 2016 3,944  Graham Hancock  02-Jul-16 08:10 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
Seth and his relationship to Anubis. 1,111  jmeader  01-Jul-16 23:37 
Last Post by jmeader
This topic has been moved.: Sketches or paintings of an ancient site 21  wonderwall  01-Jul-16 00:05 
Last Post by Anonymous User
EGYPT & PERU - THE MOST PROFOUND PARALLEL EVER FOUND? 1,214  10  Richard Cassaro  30-Jun-16 02:54 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
PERU´S ANCIENT GODSELF ICONS - Related to the Advanced Megalithic Stonemasonry? 1,163  Richard Cassaro  28-Jun-16 15:05 
Last Post by Richard Cassaro
Belated welcome to Richard Cassaro, AoM for June 2016 962  Graham Hancock  14-Jun-16 13:48 
Last Post by Richard Cassaro
Alexander The Great - Depicted as "GodSelf Icon" 1,174  Richard Cassaro  11-Jun-16 13:29 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Hegemony 1,137  RoanKaufman  27-May-16 07:09 
Last Post by finaltom
Welcome to Roan Kaufman AoM for May 2016 1,024  Graham Hancock  17-May-16 13:19 
Last Post by RoanKaufman
Who are the Dead Saints? 1,035  deadsaints  11-May-16 20:24 
Last Post by David L
In Memoriam: David Solomon 1,206  17  jawest  11-May-16 02:31 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Why are the Dead Saints Chronicles subtitled: A Zen Journey through the Christian Afterlife? 1,508  33  deadsaints  04-May-16 00:25 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Global positioning of important places 1,068  drew  30-Apr-16 19:11 
Last Post by anon_coward
Is God angry, mean, or vindictive? Why does religion believe this? 1,361  37  deadsaints  19-Apr-16 10:46 
Last Post by JonnyMcA
Are NDEs "Real" or are they Hallucinations and "Dream Visions" from a Dying Brain? 1,057  deadsaints  12-Apr-16 20:42 
Last Post by thirdpal
Where do evil souls go when they die? 963  deadsaints  12-Apr-16 20:32 
Last Post by thirdpal
What is the esoteric? 1,087  14  dwm  12-Apr-16 09:56 
Last Post by Edmond
If Grandma wasn’t Christian, where did she go when she died? 947  deadsaints  08-Apr-16 14:19 
Last Post by finaltom
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