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Orion in the Mounds? 1,399  gadavid  08-Apr-18 18:37 
Last Post by 1Morpheus1
Welcome to Gary David our featured author for April 2018 1,370  Graham Hancock  05-Apr-18 17:21 
Last Post by gadavid
Recreations of living Adena and Hopewell People by Marcia K Moore 1,517  Jason Jarrell  03-Apr-18 11:48 
Last Post by drrayeye
Orion and Adena/Hopewell--a few questions 1,372  gadavid  30-Mar-18 23:30 
Last Post by gadavid
This topic has been moved.: Book publishers of these kind of subjects ajfriman  24-Mar-18 22:50 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Extraordinary Adena Mounds and Earthworks at Charleston, West Virginia 1,577  Jason Jarrell  23-Mar-18 12:08 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Some Notes on Adena Anthropology 1,666  Jason Jarrell  15-Mar-18 10:31 
Last Post by Wheeler
The Nephilim Question 1,864  14  Jason Jarrell  12-Mar-18 12:27 
Last Post by Vanya
Burial Mounds and Large Skeletal Remains from Pennsylvania 1,361  Jason Jarrell  11-Mar-18 13:40 
Last Post by Who is John Galt
The Socio-Political Structure of Adena Societies 1,659  28  Jason Jarrell  11-Mar-18 05:46 
Last Post by SkinwalkerScrooge
The Archaeology of the Grave Creek Mound (Moundsville, West Virginia) 1,335  Jason Jarrell  10-Mar-18 21:19 
Last Post by Jason Jarrell
Press Accounts of Very Large Skeletons from Adena, Hopewell, and Mississippian Burial Mounds Verified and Debunked by Primary Archaeological Sources 1,496  Jason Jarrell  08-Mar-18 23:05 
Last Post by Aine
The Role of Women in Adena Societies 1,314  Jason Jarrell  07-Mar-18 21:55 
Last Post by Jason Jarrell
Our Archive of articles on Burial Mounds and the Tall Ones 1,363  Jason Jarrell  07-Mar-18 04:17 
Last Post by Jason Jarrell
Welcome to our AoM for March 2018 1,408  Graham Hancock  05-Mar-18 10:24 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
My revised model of the Twin Craters impact hypothesis 1,270  drdavidanderson  02-Mar-18 13:27 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
Some final Hongshan thoughts 1,343  drdavidanderson  28-Feb-18 19:55 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
Hongshan jade, agate and natural glass vessels 1,328  drdavidanderson  28-Feb-18 16:56 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
Hongshan Skulls - glass and other 1,493  drdavidanderson  28-Feb-18 16:44 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
Hongshan and other Discs 1,381  drdavidanderson  26-Feb-18 15:03 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
Possible Hongshan currency - pseudoturquoise discs 1,541  27  drdavidanderson  23-Feb-18 08:01 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution 3,837  109  Bruce R. Fenton  22-Feb-18 23:07 
Last Post by Bruce R. Fenton
Hongshan Culture‚Äôs obsession with sex; a motive for denial? 1,876  drdavidanderson  22-Feb-18 07:42 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
More research on the hoof, relevant to the Pseudo-turquoise discs 1,300  drdavidanderson  21-Feb-18 15:12 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
Have any Hongshan carvings turned up in tombs elsewhere? 1,333  drdavidanderson  17-Feb-18 00:12 
Last Post by drew
Interesting Hongshan glass toggles. 1,256  drdavidanderson  13-Feb-18 16:14 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
A Series of 40 Hongshan Seals 1,274  drdavidanderson  12-Feb-18 15:54 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
A highly speculative hypothesis, putting Northern China centre stage 1,386  drdavidanderson  10-Feb-18 11:23 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
A very sad story of a real life catastrophe 1,384  drdavidanderson  09-Feb-18 23:51 
Last Post by Andrew_W
Examples of much later dynastic carvings in Shui Jing glass 1,452  drdavidanderson  06-Feb-18 21:14 
Last Post by drdavidanderson
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