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What is the point of Evolution? 320  27  thirdpal  21-Nov-19 19:40 
Last Post by thirdpal
Welcoming Waqas Ahmed our Author of the Month for November 2019 308  Graham Hancock  18-Nov-19 01:29 
Last Post by cladking
Questions for November AoM 352  18  Susan Doris  16-Nov-19 18:06 
Last Post by Waqas
Inspiration 181  michael seabrook  09-Nov-19 10:18 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Welcome to Andy Collins and Greg Little our authors of the month for October 2019 763  21  Graham Hancock  06-Nov-19 15:55 
Last Post by Bill W
Just how big were the Denisovan's? 328  thirdpal  05-Nov-19 20:24 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Who influenced the Denisovans...or should that be what? 964  39  drew  05-Nov-19 02:32 
Last Post by Thanos5150
The occult control system: Aliens and UFOS 1,054  32  DanielPinchbeck  03-Nov-19 15:53 
Last Post by Edmond
This topic has been moved.: Gobekli Tepi & The Voynich Manuscript? 17  Negeltu  25-Oct-19 00:58 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Shamanic civilization 587  17  Poster Boy  21-Oct-19 10:41 
Last Post by Greg Little
How Soon Is Now? What Kind of Future Awaits Us Now? 1,056  34  DanielPinchbeck  02-Oct-19 01:58 
Last Post by drew
Welcome to Daniel Pinchbeck our Author of the Month for September 2019 1,008  11  Graham Hancock  01-Oct-19 05:39 
Last Post by drrayeye
Ayahuasca as a global phenomenon 1,022  63  DanielPinchbeck  30-Sep-19 06:38 
Last Post by drrayeye
brooding on the approaching extinction 963  15  DanielPinchbeck  26-Sep-19 03:23 
Last Post by drrayeye
2012 - 2021: Transition from a Sun of Light to a Sun of Darkness? 894  DanielPinchbeck  07-Sep-19 18:16 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Thanks, Martin and Skeptics 3,430  drrayeye  05-Sep-19 23:28 
Last Post by Barbelo
Welcoming Dr Martin Sweatman our featured author for August 2019 57,817  233  Graham Hancock  02-Sep-19 04:20 
Last Post by Rebecca Bradley
Tarot 5,083  michael seabrook  31-Aug-19 20:56 
Last Post by CJD1965
The Great Year 14,512  52  Barbelo  29-Aug-19 07:14 
Last Post by hendrik dirker
Sweatman's Decoding prehistory and Gobekli 'zodiac' criticised 8,362  23  Edmond  21-Aug-19 04:49 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Constellations and the Zodiac 13,709  36  Barbelo  17-Aug-19 02:15 
Last Post by greengirl5
Welcoming Nick Farrell Author of the Month for July 2019 3,527  Graham Hancock  16-Jul-19 16:57 
Last Post by NickFarrell
Welcome to Darryl Sloan our author of the month for June 2019 45,937  133  Graham Hancock  03-Jul-19 17:08 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Rebooting Genesis: a new creation myth 10,706  51  Darryl Sloan  30-Jun-19 23:36 
Last Post by greengirl5
Doesn't wonderment require a sense of spirituality? 10,971  36  drrayeye  30-Jun-19 19:18 
Last Post by Darryl Sloan
Parapsychology and wonderment 33,897  134  Darryl Sloan  26-Jun-19 21:57 
Last Post by drrayeye
On pk experimentation in general 2,614  Poster Boy  17-Jun-19 10:24 
Last Post by Darryl Sloan
Ancient Spirit Modern Voice 3,291  48  Pegi Eyers  27-May-19 20:33 
Last Post by Pegi Eyers
Neurodecolonization 2,914  Pegi Eyers  14-May-19 18:53 
Last Post by Pegi Eyers
The Tree of Life 3,506  35  Daniel Moler  08-May-19 16:54 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
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