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A Beast on the Beach 521  59  WideEyed  14-Feb-04 10:35 
Last Post by Cleopatra
Information about the mothman? 503  strikenet  13-Feb-04 23:42 
Last Post by poster72
Have U.F.O.'s become boring? 487  29  Dean R  13-Feb-04 23:06 
Last Post by Diomede
Mass Disappearances 651  WideEyed  13-Feb-04 03:03 
Last Post by David L
Mexican Policeman Attacked By A Flying Humanoid Entity 547  11  Cleopatra  11-Feb-04 23:23 
Last Post by fiascohoho
Mysterious fires in Messina, Italy 481  Sherman Peabody  11-Feb-04 13:33 
Last Post by Sherman Peabody
Demonic UFOs and Dr Hugh Ross 1,140  20  Dominick Ohrbeck  10-Feb-04 20:53 
Last Post by Anne-Marie
An Occult Analysis of Aliens and Earthlings 564  Milo  07-Feb-04 16:34 
Last Post by Milo
I Am Going To See A Medium/Fortune Teller, Any Advice? 698  23  Jon C.  07-Feb-04 10:44 
Last Post by Lee McGiffen
End of the world date? 591  GavC14  06-Feb-04 14:03 
Last Post by Richard Fusniak
Near Death Experiences 542  87  Thirdwave  05-Feb-04 19:37 
Last Post by David L
Natasha Demkina 653  Mosachio  03-Feb-04 22:12 
Last Post by David L
Strange Dreams 708  26  thedillweed  03-Feb-04 16:48 
Last Post by Hoppy
Predictions for 2004 683  12  Lee McGiffen  03-Feb-04 11:47 
Last Post by Lee McGiffen
Crop Circle Video 704  Cesar  03-Feb-04 04:57 
Last Post by Dean R
"Clean sweep" 702  16  Saorsa  02-Feb-04 23:46 
Last Post by maria k.
Kachinas -- Hopi tihu dolls 1,006  14  Rick M G  02-Feb-04 18:08 
Last Post by gadavid
NESSIE 654  14  oldmanrich  01-Feb-04 21:09 
Last Post by Richard Fusniak
Monster Worms in Mexico? 822  15  gene douglas  30-Jan-04 22:39 
Last Post by Elvee Kaye
Baby Dragon Found 736  25  AWSX  30-Jan-04 10:37 
Last Post by Rick M G
Where did they go? 723  12  Saorsa  30-Jan-04 02:31 
Last Post by Ramiel
Crop Circles and Orion 1,711  Seth  29-Jan-04 20:21 
Last Post by gadavid
Mod Remark On Topic Overlaps 829  Kees  27-Jan-04 10:34 
Last Post by Kees
Hercolubus and the Seven Races 843  V. M. Brand  26-Jan-04 14:00 
Last Post by V. M. Brand
The Pantagruel of the Senses 727  22  Mark Staab  22-Jan-04 19:20 
Last Post by Briffits
The grid 789  15  Jaimi  22-Jan-04 12:55 
Last Post by Aarooga
Query 774  Nomad  21-Jan-04 07:08 
Last Post by ArmchairObserver
UFO's? 800  11  banah  18-Jan-04 18:02 
Last Post by Melusine
Native sasquatch legends 883  26  Jaimi  18-Jan-04 04:21 
Last Post by Steve_L
Looking for Some Information 861  Sharon West  17-Jan-04 19:53 
Last Post by Zosimos
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