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Alien ghosts at Roswell? 636  Mercury Rapids  14-Apr-04 18:33 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
Turin Shroud - new info? 547  74  smetters  14-Apr-04 11:22 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
Immortals 569  13  strikenet  14-Apr-04 01:11 
Last Post by Milo
Time (The future is a lonely place' 566  Nephil  13-Apr-04 14:13 
Last Post by spadesy
My thoughts on various stuff... 527  26  Mercury Rapids  13-Apr-04 12:42 
Last Post by Silverthorne
UFO Fragments Yield Sensational Results 541  NoahtGo  12-Apr-04 23:21 
Last Post by SphinxGirl
OBE? 543  Stonez  11-Apr-04 23:53 
Last Post by David L
Synchronicity among strangers 579  ArmchairObserver  11-Apr-04 02:21 
Last Post by David L
Vampires as melatonin hyperproducers. 796  17  Eddyaz  10-Apr-04 11:33 
Last Post by catrowan
Alien abduction hotspots 630  Mercury Rapids  09-Apr-04 01:08 
Last Post by ArmchairObserver
Dragon-in-a-jar: the real story 586  25  Rick M G  08-Apr-04 20:13 
Last Post by ArmchairObserver
Sense of belonging 611  93  Valkyrie  06-Apr-04 20:53 
Last Post by Alex S
Russian Alien? 560  Doug T  05-Apr-04 20:58 
Last Post by Kboldt
Er....let's try this again...(Sense of Belonging) 565  Silverthorne  05-Apr-04 07:42 
Last Post by Valkyrie
Physical evidence for Christ 905  50  Jergat  03-Apr-04 17:28 
Last Post by Sphinx
My thoughts 579  12  Mr. Sladic  03-Apr-04 17:20 
Last Post by Sphinx
Early Childhood Memory 516  Early Memory  03-Apr-04 10:05 
Last Post by catrowan
Mysterious 'fairy circles' defy explanations 525  Paul Mallon  02-Apr-04 06:23 
Last Post by Astikapati
Abydos 484  12  Valkyrie  02-Apr-04 01:07 
Last Post by Ramiel
The Celestine Prophecy 555  14  Karma21  30-Mar-04 02:57 
Last Post by wirelessguru1
Study shows psychic mediums really can read your deep secrets 596  Paul Mallon  29-Mar-04 15:01 
Last Post by Lee McGiffen
Paranormal Website 509  Kboldt  25-Mar-04 14:02 
Last Post by Elvee Kaye
Vampire's Blood Phobia 542  Mercury Rapids  20-Mar-04 20:09 
Last Post by Nejc
On Copy and Pasting from other Websites 616  Thirdwave  20-Mar-04 03:32 
Last Post by Thirdwave
Zappers 609  75  ArmchairObserver  19-Mar-04 20:41 
Last Post by Anne-Marie
Proof of Afterlife? 519  11  SphinxGirl  19-Mar-04 04:13 
Last Post by David L
Arigo 622  Karma21  18-Mar-04 18:08 
Last Post by Karma21
Borley Rectory - a Treasure found 615  Saorsa  18-Mar-04 16:45 
Last Post by Saorsa
The Life & Teachings of Jesus 549  18  Dominick Ohrbeck  17-Mar-04 19:27 
Last Post by Karma21
UFOs, Then and Now? 493  15  Hoppy  16-Mar-04 22:46 
Last Post by SphinxGirl
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