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The Toprakkale, er, thing 602  13  Mercury Rapids  22-May-04 02:11 
Last Post by Citizen Attorney
The Watchers - The lost civilization 875  63  Houcad  21-May-04 02:44 
Last Post by drowningcreek
Black & White 618  Johan  20-May-04 22:29 
Last Post by RichardC
An Extraordinary Photograph in A Dutch Home 572  Mercury Rapids  20-May-04 19:26 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
evolution ( wait!!!) 541  green man  19-May-04 17:26 
Last Post by wirelessguru1
24 conspiracy 578  Johan  19-May-04 16:19 
Last Post by Johan
Genesis and spirits/mortal women/giants 678  25  Mickw  18-May-04 13:50 
Last Post by Kboldt
A pictorial history of UFOs through the ages of Mankind 681  Bert  18-May-04 01:19 
Last Post by Elvee Kaye
Preparing for the worst: 2012 642  41  zardoz  17-May-04 05:01 
Last Post by Elizabeth Newton
I recommend this book: 598  HereToLearn  17-May-04 02:23 
Last Post by Historyfreak
water has spirit 605  kerry  16-May-04 21:04 
Last Post by Nejc
For those not familiar with the twelfth planet theory. 650  HereToLearn  15-May-04 15:13 
Last Post by Nejc
UFOs filmed by pilots 587  Mercury Rapids  13-May-04 06:38 
Last Post by Johan
Crop circles: The harvest of the end of the gospel age 667  henk  12-May-04 15:25 
Last Post by Kboldt
Time Travel vs history? 623  19  Delta  10-May-04 13:33 
Last Post by Moonsword
Early morning UFO Sighting at close range 610  50  Thirdwave  09-May-04 20:51 
Last Post by Johan
Close Encounter of the Third Kind in Poland! 656  Bert  09-May-04 20:22 
Last Post by Bert
On The Subject of Truth 586  21  Sage Blackthorn  09-May-04 08:11 
Last Post by Gryphon
Happy Beltane to those who celebrate it 624  Nebankh  07-May-04 10:31 
Last Post by Moonsword
freaky dreams 565  moosie haak  05-May-04 21:58 
Last Post by Anne-Marie
West Wycombe Hellfire Club Caves on tv next Tuesday 718  10  Nebankh  01-May-04 13:51 
Last Post by Thirdwave
Construction of Baalbek 737  27  Dean R  01-May-04 13:27 
Last Post by Thirdwave
Today is a good day.... 620  catrowan  01-May-04 10:28 
Last Post by catrowan
Roswell, Iran 557  Anomalies  29-Apr-04 11:45 
Last Post by moosie haak
Nephilim- who are they? 656  107  Eddyaz  26-Apr-04 11:07 
Last Post by HereToLearn
Bin Laden's ‘Skull and Bones’ statement 701  JDMilller  25-Apr-04 07:18 
Last Post by Rick M G
Citizen Kane - the Red Rosebud 795  JDMilller  24-Apr-04 19:53 
Last Post by Sherman Peabody
Weight Loss at Death 1,046  28  JDMilller  22-Apr-04 17:36 
Last Post by Nejc
Whats the Deal? 579  18  Hound  17-Apr-04 10:40 
Last Post by Milo
Alien ghosts at Roswell? 680  Mercury Rapids  14-Apr-04 18:33 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
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