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To all who knew Pat aka Alien 381  Thirdwave  15-Jul-04 10:28 
Last Post by Thirdwave
The disclosure video 356  Kees  12-Jul-04 04:44 
Last Post by Hoppy
Latest crop circle - Bee? 326  Sherman Peabody  09-Jul-04 14:45 
Last Post by montmagic
Nice LickCure -Cow Licks Ailments Away :) 368  Thirdwave  09-Jul-04 11:08 
Last Post by Thirdwave
Choosing How to Respond to Evil 430  40  Dominick Ohrbeck  06-Jul-04 18:12 
Last Post by Kboldt
"Race of giants" in 1850's Wisconsin and Pennsylvania? 424  Sherman Peabody  05-Jul-04 20:15 
Last Post by Thirdwave
FAO Mod team 375  strikenet  04-Jul-04 14:27 
Last Post by Kees
Who do you like? 347  Misterx  03-Jul-04 02:47 
Last Post by Citizen Attorney
UFO over Durban captured on video 337  xantung  02-Jul-04 08:16 
Last Post by xantung
Sergeant Major Robert Dean S.H.A.P.E And Planet X 606  33  NoahtGo  01-Jul-04 15:50 
Last Post by poster72
picture of a cross taken in Britanny I have never seen before 296  Joyeuse  30-Jun-04 21:40 
Last Post by Joyeuse
Alien in orbit researching Earth? 292  Chip Burcham  30-Jun-04 17:02 
Last Post by Kees
DNA testing on Watchers 432  23  Citizen Attorney  29-Jun-04 19:42 
Last Post by Thirdwave
Rules and conditions 341  Karma21  26-Jun-04 21:02 
Last Post by Brian Patterson
Feast Days 395  Nomad  26-Jun-04 21:01 
Last Post by Akula
George H. W. Bush: Not Easy Being Reptilian 370  Ahatmose  24-Jun-04 15:07 
Last Post by Anne-Marie
4479 dream 444  27  Historyfreak  24-Jun-04 06:11 
Last Post by Historyfreak
Stargate 500  18  Historyfreak  24-Jun-04 03:04 
Last Post by Citizen Attorney
Talking about reoccurring numbers... 450  17  montmagic  18-Jun-04 12:59 
Last Post by montmagic
My "Visitation". 400  Onnes  18-Jun-04 01:24 
Last Post by Daedalus
If Smarty Jones isn't supernatural... 463  37  David L  12-Jun-04 18:42 
Last Post by Kees
Philadelphia Experiment 458  31  Enoch  11-Jun-04 06:29 
Last Post by SphinxGirl
Mothman 492  Hound  05-Jun-04 18:39 
Last Post by Hound
Have you ever met someone . . . 471  21  Citizen Attorney  05-Jun-04 04:34 
Last Post by Citizen Attorney
Do You Believe In Ghosts? 529  37  Brian Patterson  03-Jun-04 00:00 
Last Post by David L
Past Life Alien 658  51  Citizen Attorney  01-Jun-04 12:48 
Last Post by moosie haak
German crop circle shows Saturn as part of Orion's belt 582  13  Lee McGiffen  29-May-04 22:15 
Last Post by Alex S
Navy base ghost hunt 461  Paul Mallon  27-May-04 18:33 
Last Post by Thirdwave
Venus Transit and the Golden Age? 580  50  Briffits  26-May-04 23:26 
Last Post by Milo
Mexico films UFO's 645  58  Anomalies  24-May-04 19:01 
Last Post by Johan
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