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tsunami in the indian ocean, dec 27 278  30  nahanni  27-Jan-05 14:38 
Last Post by Richard Fusniak
Best wishes from the team 255  Kees  26-Jan-05 04:33 
Last Post by MoonDog
War of the worlds 271  truthfinder  26-Jan-05 04:10 
Last Post by MoonDog
Roswell Glyphs on I-beam 524  14  truthfinder  23-Jan-05 17:03 
Last Post by debraregypt
Mayan calendar end date and 11:11 399  40  Elantara  22-Jan-05 06:08 
Last Post by Elantara
2012 341  32  ianfreak1c  20-Jan-05 17:31 
Last Post by P_Falcon
Egypt vs Vampires? 340  51  Spit  16-Jan-05 18:30 
Last Post by Raja
Aliens of the Deep 316  truthfinder  15-Jan-05 00:32 
Last Post by Anomalies
altenative calculation of Mayan Callender 342  Simmetra  14-Jan-05 23:21 
Last Post by Simmetra
Hisssstory Lesson: Serpent Seeds Among Us 443  23  Ahatmose  08-Jan-05 21:23 
Last Post by Raja
Dragonology 651  80  Citizen Attorney  07-Jan-05 20:30 
Last Post by Joyeuse
Spaceship beneath the Sphinx 11,869  27  Lee McGiffen  31-Dec-04 11:28 
Last Post by neomayan
Medieval Witchcraft Now Attributed to a Rye Fungus 755  48  Kboldt  30-Dec-04 16:33 
Last Post by Nolondil
Nuclear War.... long ...long....ago? 493  81  Thunderbird  30-Dec-04 00:14 
Last Post by Thunderbird
Numerology of Assassinations: Corrected Version 294  Ahatmose  27-Dec-04 11:42 
Last Post by Ahatmose
For the Anunnaki folks: a new movie 337  36  David L  27-Dec-04 11:04 
Last Post by Osiris
ufo or trick of the light 228  Czernobog  24-Dec-04 03:52 
Last Post by SphinxGirl
Michael Persinger results queried 333  ranger  12-Dec-04 23:56 
Last Post by ranger
To Sitchin or not to Sitchin: 381  46  Nejc  11-Dec-04 19:22 
Last Post by Thunderbird
Explanation Needed ... 343  Ahatmose  11-Dec-04 03:27 
Last Post by Alex S
the Ouroboros symbol 336  21  Joyeuse  09-Dec-04 17:01 
Last Post by Farseeker
Optograms? Fact or fiction? 375  Delta  02-Dec-04 20:14 
Last Post by Spiegel
Das Innere Land film 319  javier  27-Nov-04 16:53 
Last Post by javier
Numerology of Assassinations 292  Ahatmose  26-Nov-04 16:24 
Last Post by Ahatmose
now cats can rest in peace. 351  13  marduk  24-Nov-04 22:45 
Last Post by Raja
Crop circle question... 302  26  Mercury Rapids  24-Nov-04 07:37 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
Have you ever had super human powers? 330  79  Citizen Attorney  22-Nov-04 02:59 
Last Post by Citizen Attorney
An Oldie But A Goldie ... UFO's In Earth's History 335  Ahatmose  17-Nov-04 05:11 
Last Post by Hoppy
bioresonant garments 350  Joyeuse  16-Nov-04 20:23 
Last Post by Joyeuse
21 Dec 2012: The enigmatic 'End-date' of the Mayan Calendar 437  67  Mr. Hunter  13-Nov-04 04:31 
Last Post by SphinxGirl
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