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Para-Normal Is Back 373  Nejc  15-Oct-04 10:19 
Last Post by Nejc
try this 'test' - it is spooky! 449  47  SphinxGirl  14-Oct-04 05:50 
Last Post by Offramp
Hammer Hoax ?? .... 323  58  Thirdwave  13-Oct-04 12:04 
Last Post by Rob R
The pendulum 388  30  Chapo  10-Oct-04 21:12 
Last Post by Joyeuse
The Girl with X-Ray Eyes 352  Akula  07-Oct-04 20:39 
Last Post by Chapo
The Coming Asteroid, Sept. 29=911 343  19  olyphant  07-Oct-04 15:42 
Last Post by SphinxGirl
Crop Circles: Recommended Books? 306  Levitating Cat  06-Oct-04 02:10 
Last Post by Levitating Cat
Dr. John Mack 378  20  debraregypt  05-Oct-04 19:53 
Last Post by agathon
auras. 279  49  marduk  05-Oct-04 00:12 
Last Post by Thirdwave
Race Car Driver Saved by Father's Gh 309  Citizen Attorney  30-Sep-04 16:35 
Last Post by SphinxGirl
Spooky II 280  13  pfish999  25-Sep-04 20:37 
Last Post by Chapo
Everything in the Universe is made from Pyramids of Light 355  olyphant  25-Sep-04 19:27 
Last Post by Chapo
There are ghosts at my office 334  32  Citizen Attorney  22-Sep-04 01:55 
Last Post by Citizen Attorney
number of the beast 289  37  IanG  21-Sep-04 22:11 
Last Post by Raja
mini-monster 380  31  Czernobog  19-Sep-04 13:20 
Last Post by Paul Marshall
Dibbuk Box 348  LiaFey  18-Sep-04 03:23 
Last Post by LiaFey
Destroy All Humans!! :) 397  10  Mercury Rapids  16-Sep-04 23:51 
Last Post by SphinxGirl
Abductees wanted. 356  14  HereToLearn  13-Sep-04 01:16 
Last Post by SphinxGirl
ON POPULAR DEMAND 396  Kees  10-Sep-04 16:53 
Last Post by Kees
REMINDER: UPDATE GHMB AT 16:00 UK TIME (BST) 275  Kees  06-Sep-04 00:25 
Last Post by IanG
Amazing Crop Circle, Silbury Hill, England 424  24  NoahtGo  06-Sep-04 00:12 
Last Post by IanG
Explorers Find UFO Fragments In Tunguska Meteorite Area 518  27  NoahtGo  05-Sep-04 23:30 
Last Post by SphinxGirl
MARK ALL READ FUNCTION 402  Kees  01-Sep-04 17:34 
Last Post by Kees
Last Post by Kees
Upgrade of Message Boards 432  Kees  28-Aug-04 17:59 
Last Post by Kees
the secret of Olyphant cont. from the mystery section 1,803  olyphant  26-Aug-04 23:38 
Last Post by olyphant
reincarnation 371  21  marduk  25-Aug-04 22:49 
Last Post by Anne-Marie
Does anyone know, I'm mean definitely, whether there are satellites that blink? 312  11  Dean R  24-Aug-04 01:54 
Last Post by Thirdwave
St. Germain 426  13  Templar322  21-Aug-04 17:26 
Last Post by Mark Staab
Billy Meier Warns Of Catastrophic Impact Threat 582  29  NoahtGo  21-Aug-04 16:26 
Last Post by Akula
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