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Shamanic Possibilities 877  Shilya  07-Oct-17 16:29 
Last Post by Itatw70s
Big Bang vs Creative Design 3,633  72  stars64  06-Oct-17 03:19 
Last Post by Enigcom
Solid Dreams... 693  MasterMetaphysics  05-Oct-17 15:44 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Air god Shu, Moses, and Egyptians use of electromagnetisim 762  Lowelldw64  03-Oct-17 12:19 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
true coordinates of ancestors GIZA 800  GODmystery  30-Sep-17 18:43 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Coping with Forever... 697  MasterMetaphysics  30-Sep-17 02:33 
Last Post by greengirl5
A Distant You... 608  MasterMetaphysics  27-Sep-17 20:51 
Last Post by eyeofhorus33
Doomsday 23.09.2017 1,255  13  Dr. Troglodyte  27-Sep-17 05:38 
Last Post by Susan Doris
Pyramids as EMP devices 1,107  Thom Lawson  24-Sep-17 22:05 
Last Post by Chris g
Kilrathi preparing to go to war with most persons that reside on Earth 2,563  20  ChipBurchamregisteredagain  24-Sep-17 03:31 
Last Post by David L
Do you believe in in the biblical kind? 2,032  78  Fsbirdhouse  19-Sep-17 22:32 
Last Post by David L
Interdimensional Portal Gate 821  Discovery  15-Sep-17 18:12 
Last Post by Gigas
The Only Choice... 696  MasterMetaphysics  14-Sep-17 21:36 
Last Post by poster72
A Visit to Mars... 761  MasterMetaphysics  14-Sep-17 02:01 
Last Post by MasterMetaphysics
Clocks... 693  MasterMetaphysics  13-Sep-17 15:38 
Last Post by Itatw70s
Feet Below Your Knees 676  randompHactor  08-Sep-17 16:57 
Last Post by randompHactor
This topic has been moved.: The One You... 29  MasterMetaphysics  08-Sep-17 09:10 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Nazca 3 Finger Mummy discovered 2,352  36  Thunderbird  06-Sep-17 14:15 
Last Post by Racho
Ringmakers of Saturn 1,239  34  DaveyBass  03-Sep-17 23:13 
Last Post by carolb
Bless Yourself... 780  MasterMetaphysics  28-Aug-17 04:13 
Last Post by MasterMetaphysics
High Level Knowledge... 951  MasterMetaphysics  27-Aug-17 02:50 
Last Post by Enigcom
Huge pyramid or structure on the moon 1,116  13  Excalibrate  13-Aug-17 13:18 
Last Post by carolb
Are magical forts to blame for road problems in Ireland? 802  michael seabrook  09-Aug-17 19:26 
Last Post by carolb
Don't Plagiarize the Master... 803  MasterMetaphysics  06-Aug-17 21:20 
Last Post by michael seabrook
The Border Between Paranormal and Normal... 1,029  12  Enigcom  03-Aug-17 19:07 
Last Post by SallyA
I'm concerned about Elon Musk! 1,806  13  Lowelldw64  02-Aug-17 14:30 
Last Post by D-Archer
Reading Yorro Yorro, Australian Dreamtime ... the shaman = banman 1,023  SallyA  30-Jul-17 21:21 
Last Post by SallyA
Geological Presence of the Historical Mars 1,075  35  Enigcom  29-Jul-17 22:50 
Last Post by carolb
Like the X-Files? You gotta get this: 988  David L  28-Jul-17 15:11 
Last Post by Aine
Is this a hoax? 2,040  83  David L  26-Jul-17 13:50 
Last Post by DUNE
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