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Two places at once 274  17  Glass Jigsaw  17-Sep-19 17:17 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
Voynich Morse Code Steganography Cipher 355  12  Sirhope  17-Sep-19 15:21 
Last Post by Sirhope
Renewed interest in UFO's 1,856  28  ldennyjr  17-Sep-19 13:52 
Last Post by ldennyjr
Legitimate supernatural occurrences 110  ArcaneGnosis  16-Sep-19 19:49 
Last Post by Hawklord53
What happened to all the Disclosure people? 71  ldennyjr  16-Sep-19 14:37 
Last Post by ldennyjr
Ancient artefacts that are hundreds of millions of years old? 1,734  67  Robert Jameson  16-Sep-19 12:48 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
Are psychic powers genuine? 1,133  138  Jondun  15-Sep-19 04:56 
Last Post by Susan Doris
method for moving megalitive stones 969  ronaldmitchell144  13-Sep-19 03:21 
Last Post by Open mind
Stellar Metamorphosis: “Terraforming” Mars 1,106  18  D-Archer  12-Sep-19 14:39 
Last Post by D-Archer
Coral Castle, Rock Gate, Pyramids, Earth Energy, Plasma Cosmology 834  Apollo22249  11-Sep-19 23:51 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
MAXIMUM {Ancient Genetic King} 1,021  MAXIMUM  11-Sep-19 12:46 
Last Post by MAXIMUM
"Temple" found in Baltic sea 100m deep 2,522  12  greslizzz  11-Sep-19 12:02 
Last Post by gulsbo
The General Theory of Stellar Metamorphosis 11,967  427  D-Archer  09-Sep-19 14:39 
Last Post by jeffreyw
Our Lady of Fatima 1,049  27  GramPong  07-Sep-19 16:44 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
Advice: The Ones that Crawl or Float 227  Kagost  05-Sep-19 11:29 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
This topic has been moved.: Using our DNA samples Glass Jigsaw  04-Sep-19 20:20 
Last Post by Anonymous User
gaia told me that she's sending Hurricane Dorian to devastate Florida because of warfare that the USA does? 787  ChipBurchamregisteredagain  01-Sep-19 22:54 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
This topic has been moved.: Is this real 24  History-rewriter  30-Aug-19 12:21 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Edgar Cacey Sleeping Prhopet 1,955  87mmorgan  29-Aug-19 22:20 
Last Post by CJD1965
Specific Episodic Inherited Memories? 819  Jetsetscorpio  29-Aug-19 01:56 
Last Post by drrayeye
Djed pillar was a light source? 1,390  asz  26-Aug-19 20:36 
Last Post by asz
The Matrix of the Moire Broadcast of Mentality. 918  Enigcom  19-Aug-19 07:36 
Last Post by Robert Jameson
Homo Deus 1,441  36  GramPong  18-Aug-19 14:59 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Mathematics to back up how old megalithic sites are 892  Clever1  15-Aug-19 14:48 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
The God Particle, Universal Consciousness and Purpose to Existence 1,060  15  EuropianBliss  14-Aug-19 12:23 
Last Post by GramPong
Horus 1,290  tika  09-Aug-19 13:21 
Last Post by tika
The MesoAmerican Attraction to Magnetism 972  ocka  06-Aug-19 01:48 
Last Post by molder
The Great Flood - Crust Displacement From Comet Impact 1,184  GramPong  02-Aug-19 14:13 
Last Post by GramPong
Gobleki Tepe 1,568  Faerietale  02-Aug-19 13:56 
Last Post by ldennyjr
ET artifacts found in Mexico - Authentic? Or not? 1,527  11  aeolivieri  01-Aug-19 01:15 
Last Post by ocka
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