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Nefertiti Face on Mars featured in new science paper. 1,007  111  Zip Monster  28-Sep-16 15:00 
Last Post by carolb
Cannabis Connoisseurs' Crop Circle 304  14  Lee McGiffen  27-Sep-16 05:02 
Last Post by Susan Doris
Symbols on Nazi Bell 381  11  Damon  20-Sep-16 15:55 
Last Post by Rabbit Hole
So is Russian minister Medvedev BSing about these aliens? 351  44  David L  20-Sep-16 00:18 
Last Post by carolb
Crop Circles - The Grasdorf Plates 340  42  Anomalies  18-Sep-16 01:59 
Last Post by ldennyjr
Giza shafts and causeways, aligning with politicians 145  10  Spiros  17-Sep-16 13:14 
Last Post by Spiros
UFO hunter spots ‘alien writing on abandoned spaceship' on Mars! 134  jamesglory  16-Sep-16 05:26 
Last Post by jamesglory
Aliens 699  27  14-Sep-16 02:46 
Last Post by aurora
Afterlife? 535  DutchGuy  13-Sep-16 19:27 
Last Post by David L
UFOs and poltergeists 257  85  greengirl5  13-Sep-16 18:07 
Last Post by Anomalies
zombies 1,304  48  michael seabrook  12-Sep-16 01:54 
Last Post by Wyrdo
Geocentricsm 340  27  shad01  10-Sep-16 20:18 
Last Post by carolb
Graham's Supernatural book and audiobook 85  BigdirtyMiller  09-Sep-16 20:05 
Last Post by Wyrdo
Reptilian Contact? 311  Lamp  09-Sep-16 19:20 
Last Post by Wyrdo
Who Built the Pyramids: Mystery Solved! 1,725  29  Thanos5150  05-Sep-16 22:02 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
finding mayan city using star map 342  Verdon  01-Sep-16 06:26 
Last Post by jamesgherrera
Roswell Incident revisted 653  32  ldennyjr  31-Aug-16 00:33 
Last Post by ldennyjr
This topic has been moved.: Russian SETI researchers are pursuing a promising signal 33  jamesglory  30-Aug-16 14:25 
Last Post by Anonymous User
obama's pilot relates his experience...first 4 minutes was convincing 227  Ratcho  20-Aug-16 08:32 
Last Post by Ratcho
Big Bang vs Creative Design 522  44  stars64  20-Aug-16 01:16 
Last Post by David L
Are we ready to welcome the Aliens ? 339  17  DUNE  06-Aug-16 22:49 
Last Post by greengirl5
Anyone have open-mind? 755  32  Gregor  02-Aug-16 18:32 
Last Post by carolb
Mystery Solved - Tetraploid Humans Built the Megalithic Structures 428  KillerB1956  27-Jul-16 13:15 
Last Post by Susan Doris
Pink Clouds 479  22  molder  23-Jul-16 10:20 
Interview Request [thread closed] 220  JshC77  16-Jul-16 15:15 
Last Post by lukehancock
Last Post by Howard West
a constant parallel dimension 471  12  michael seabrook  02-Jul-16 09:27 
Last Post by michael seabrook
an interesting ufo vid 333  Ratcho  24-Jun-16 06:05 
Last Post by Ratcho
Alien DNA 325  adequatedane  13-Jun-16 12:12 
Last Post by WHo is John Galt
Breakthrough information on the UFO front ?! 889  16  Poster Boy  08-Jun-16 23:46 
Last Post by Poster Boy
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