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Has Nessie been found? 118  Anomalies  08-Dec-16 23:09 
Last Post by eyeofhorus33
My Supernatural encounters? 948  Itatw70s  08-Dec-16 15:55 
Last Post by David L
Nibiru-planetX-whatever 930  17  CaptTonz  07-Dec-16 22:34 
Last Post by ldennyjr
To change the state of mind? 164  10  Ingvar Nord  05-Dec-16 17:05 
Last Post by Ingvar Nord
Ancient astronaut hypothesis in Trypillians 367  25  Ingvar Nord  05-Dec-16 09:01 
Last Post by Notinham
Spirit Realm Entities 121  Bearpit  04-Dec-16 15:33 
Last Post by Lobsang
My first paranormal experience. 771  38  TwilightPhil3344  28-Nov-16 22:08 
Last Post by frankschlanker
Are we ready to welcome the Aliens ? 1,322  128  DUNE  28-Nov-16 02:55 
Last Post by David L
Pineal Activation 419  THR33-D  17-Nov-16 20:29 
Last Post by David L
Nazca Monkey and Pyramids 574  15  Thunderbird  14-Nov-16 13:33 
Last Post by Jiri Mruzek
A blind man sees 309  Poster Boy  12-Nov-16 20:50 
Last Post by greengirl5
Giza shafts and causeways, aligning with politicians 680  11  Spiros  11-Nov-16 23:52 
Last Post by Spiros
Evidence for Star of Bethlehem? 515  11  Lowelldw64  06-Nov-16 16:33 
Last Post by Richard Fusniak
My Descent into the Maelstrom of Voices 685  59  Jerseyguy77  04-Nov-16 21:56 
Last Post by greengirl5
Connection between the Mayan Glyph for Weekday#8 and Apocalypse 429  drosen  31-Oct-16 22:41 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
The interesting case of Tyler Henry 534  13  Poster Boy  30-Oct-16 21:01 
Last Post by Tom Hebert
Expelling Demons 490  randompHactor  27-Oct-16 14:27 
Last Post by randompHactor
My bizarro flight back from Cancun 608  20  Poster Boy  25-Oct-16 17:35 
Last Post by Richard Fusniak
There are curious references to ETs in Podesta Wikileaks 740  18  Archaic  25-Oct-16 01:49 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Ancient alien / UFO atefact uncovered 556  eyeofhorus33  22-Oct-16 13:09 
Last Post by Vanya
File this one under creepy, or dubious... 575  13  Poster Boy  18-Oct-16 23:30 
Last Post by Poster Boy
exposing entities 512  libertycaps86  16-Oct-16 20:55 
Last Post by libertycaps86
Roswell Incident revisted 1,255  35  ldennyjr  12-Oct-16 16:14 
Last Post by carolb
Westworld Moment 566  Dr. Troglodyte  11-Oct-16 10:14 
Last Post by D-Archer
Aliens 1,325  31  10-Oct-16 01:02 
Last Post by Avocet
Bust in Space 714  23  Dr. Troglodyte  09-Oct-16 06:30 
Last Post by jamesglory
Cannabis Connoisseurs' Crop Circle 945  19  Lee McGiffen  06-Oct-16 22:08 
Last Post by ldennyjr
This topic has been moved.: Nibiru-planetX-whatever 99  CaptTonz  06-Oct-16 15:15 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Nefertiti Face on Mars featured in new science paper. 1,621  111  Zip Monster  28-Sep-16 15:00 
Last Post by carolb
Symbols on Nazi Bell 954  11  Damon  20-Sep-16 15:55 
Last Post by Rabbit Hole
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