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More about the “truthlikeness” and religious myths. 401  35  Maria KA  29-May-04 08:03 
Last Post by ArmchairObserver
This world 444  18  Nebankh  28-May-04 05:19 
Last Post by Mark Staab
Problems in the Garden of Eden 587  80  Lee McGiffen  24-May-04 13:45 
Last Post by Kboldt
Mysterious Beautiful Twelve 436  30  Cleopatra  21-May-04 17:49 
Last Post by Mark Staab
The Sons of Martha 405  SunSword  20-May-04 08:55 
Last Post by lovejoy
IF ................ 427  28  Thirdwave  19-May-04 16:19 
Last Post by Morph
Nice Link to history 474  Johan  17-May-04 18:23 
Last Post by Johan
Hilarious review of Passion of the Christ 449  14  Mercury Rapids  16-May-04 10:01 
Last Post by Fredspage
Did Jesus go to Hell? 435  25  Lee McGiffen  14-May-04 21:29 
Last Post by banah
What is Good and Evil? 499  26  Archietype  12-May-04 00:28 
Last Post by Fredspage
Of what faith are you? The Belief-O-Matic knows 373  46  David L  10-May-04 19:15 
Last Post by HereToLearn
Request for a meta discussion on allegorical Christianity 462  42  Kees  08-May-04 06:19 
Last Post by wirelessguru1
Nano robot made of DNA. 431  HereToLearn  07-May-04 18:37 
Last Post by Maria KA
Jesus and his parallel, King Arthur 9,111  23  Nebankh  07-May-04 07:46 
Last Post by Maria KA
What is perfection? 499  58  Archietype  07-May-04 03:49 
Last Post by Alex S
The perversion of rebirth symbolism in 'The Passion' 571  22  Jaimi  07-May-04 01:12 
Last Post by Violet
Tom Harpur's "Pagan Christ" -- here we go again 486  92  Chris Xian  06-May-04 19:21 
Last Post by Chris Xian
11th commandment 567  50  Citizen Attorney  05-May-04 13:16 
Last Post by Milo
N.T. Wright's antidote to Harpur and Acharya 516  Chris Xian  04-May-04 16:28 
Last Post by Chris Xian
Tom Harpur booked for AOM July 619  Jaimi  03-May-04 17:46 
Last Post by Jaimi
What is truth? 604  103  Kboldt  03-May-04 09:19 
Last Post by wirelessguru1
A Question For Everyone 526  33  Brian Patterson  02-May-04 17:24 
Last Post by Aquila999
Original sin/Mark of the beast 687  54  Cesar  02-May-04 13:48 
Last Post by Milo
Mormons open temple doors to share beliefs 828  11  Maria KA  28-Apr-04 20:36 
Last Post by mdsquared
Gibson's Passion Movie 628  54  Cleopatra  26-Apr-04 21:31 
Last Post by ArmchairObserver
Cycles of History 607  newrisingsun  26-Apr-04 02:14 
Last Post by wirelessguru1
The Pagan Christ - Tom Harpur 567  75  Jaimi  22-Apr-04 03:37 
Last Post by jestahley3
Tom Harpur - upcoming AOM 610  Jaimi  20-Apr-04 22:15 
Last Post by Jaimi
su senifed emit 551  Karma21  20-Apr-04 14:01 
Last Post by fisherman
Blood on the Shroud of Turin: scientific tests 534  Paul Mallon  16-Apr-04 16:55 
Last Post by jameske
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