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Earliest Chinese religous site unearthed to date 419  Cesar  09-Apr-04 17:42 
Last Post by ArmchairObserver
Norwegian minimalist raises Beethoven molto adagio bar 415  Briffits  06-Apr-04 09:23 
Last Post by catrowan
Enantiodromia 686  10  Briffits  06-Apr-04 08:46 
Last Post by Briffits
Monatomic Gold 518  20  Alatariel  06-Apr-04 07:42 
Last Post by jameske
Soul in other beings 462  81  Valkyrie  06-Apr-04 00:27 
Last Post by wirelessguru1
Sir Isaac Newton on the Bible & End of the World 456  14  Kboldt  30-Mar-04 23:38 
Last Post by wirelessguru1
Inner strenght 388  19  Valkyrie  30-Mar-04 19:50 
Last Post by Valkyrie
The Secular Family 479  29  Thirdwave  30-Mar-04 11:00 
Last Post by Thirdwave
Reality Shows Promoting Cosmetic Surgery 417  23  PriorityRed  26-Mar-04 18:14 
Last Post by Archietype
Pre world Jezus / question for Milo 532  94  Kees  26-Mar-04 13:31 
Last Post by Kboldt
A reply to Claude, menhirs 388  Valkyrie  22-Mar-04 10:53 
Last Post by Valkyrie
About Dreams 435  24  Melusine  22-Mar-04 09:33 
Last Post by catrowan
Mothering Sunday 395  Paul Mallon  21-Mar-04 19:22 
Last Post by Paul Mallon
Melusine is no more as I dumped my Alias for my first name 376  12  Joyeuse  20-Mar-04 09:53 
Last Post by Kees
On Copy and Pasting from other Websites 350  Thirdwave  20-Mar-04 03:31 
Last Post by Thirdwave
Initiation 458  Valkyrie  19-Mar-04 18:15 
Last Post by Valkyrie
Correlation between Lord of the Rings and Christianity 446  14  Alatariel  19-Mar-04 13:16 
Last Post by smetters
God vrs the Devil: Does Evil exist? 409  64  Paul Mallon  18-Mar-04 10:40 
Last Post by Paul Mallon
Mysticism and Knights Templars 418  246  Melusine  18-Mar-04 00:38 
Last Post by Joyeuse
Bennu bird 317  Valkyrie  16-Mar-04 19:30 
Last Post by David L
A cause to kill? 368  Saorsa  16-Mar-04 02:42 
Last Post by adequatedane
James can not be the 'real' brother of Jesus 386  12  Nephil  12-Mar-04 23:39 
Last Post by Nephil
CSICOP failes to disprove 10% use of brain 382  Rick M G  11-Mar-04 13:48 
Last Post by Aarooga
Mel Gibson's father 'denies Holocaust' 392  113  Lee McGiffen  10-Mar-04 09:00 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
Ex-Christians unite 338  36  Lee McGiffen  10-Mar-04 03:52 
Last Post by Cookiemonsters
Day of Resurrection. 442  Morph  10-Mar-04 02:07 
Last Post by Cookiemonsters
demographics 377  Ghbarry  08-Mar-04 12:44 
Last Post by Alatariel
Meditation on the Sound Current 2,723  David L  07-Mar-04 23:29 
Last Post by Nebankh
What is Karma? 461  68  adequatedane  07-Mar-04 06:32 
Last Post by wirelessguru1
Fraternitas Rosæ Crucis-Quakertown, PA, my home town 537  15  David L  06-Mar-04 23:21 
Last Post by David L
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