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Comment on something Graham said 372  61  Lowelldw64  04-May-16 22:54 
Last Post by eli stills
Here's To Dear Old Boston : A Mystery 64  loveritas  03-May-16 02:43 
Last Post by loveritas
I'm disavowing Calling myself a Christian !!!!!!! 75  Lowelldw64  03-May-16 01:26 
Last Post by Corpuscles
Response to Error on Ancient Aliens 139  12  Lowelldw64  02-May-16 20:11 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Ancient Aliens and the Bible 137  19  Lowelldw64  30-Apr-16 23:52 
Last Post by Morfed
God spoke and it was, explained? 62  Lowelldw64  29-Apr-16 16:13 
Last Post by Lowelldw64
Dimensional Presence in Time and Space 329  20  Enigcom  26-Apr-16 05:32 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Two names 113  Lowelldw64  24-Apr-16 18:53 
Last Post by Lowelldw64
the entanglement is near? 320  13  brett z  24-Apr-16 14:43 
Last Post by brett z
We all go through the Fire!!!!!!! 96  Lowelldw64  22-Apr-16 21:51 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Don't be like Jonah! 119  Lowelldw64  21-Apr-16 13:11 
Last Post by Richard Fusniak
From Pastafarianism to Transhumanism 107  Eddie Larry  17-Apr-16 18:00 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Evolution - not entirely random... Period... or not? 504  64  Morfed  17-Apr-16 13:12 
Last Post by gulsbo
Regarding the 'inner space' of Jesus 934  156  Morfed  17-Apr-16 06:28 
Last Post by eyeofhorus33
Pastafarianism is not a "real" religion? 104  Nolondil  16-Apr-16 15:32 
Last Post by eyeofhorus33
Hell Gods final redemptive plan!!!!!!! 293  14  Lowelldw64  14-Apr-16 05:46 
Last Post by Morfed
ayahuasca getting popular! 229  greengirl5  12-Apr-16 08:40 
Last Post by D-Archer
Starting to see what we are 390  34  kieranmeadows  08-Apr-16 09:43 
Last Post by grangram
The Waking Dead 156  120  loveritas  06-Apr-16 00:22 
Last Post by SandyJesse
The Bicameral Mind 176  14  PhilStone  05-Apr-16 18:33 
Last Post by Vanya
Skyfall....Tennyson. ....Ulysses 137  Thunderbird  04-Apr-16 22:44 
Last Post by brett z
If I Were The Devil 213  10  randompHactor  31-Mar-16 20:12 
Last Post by thirdpal
Karma and History: How Will It Play Out? 213  fahim Knight  30-Mar-16 22:21 
Last Post by David L
Moral Character 200  19  randompHactor  30-Mar-16 22:18 
Last Post by Sirfiroth
Spring out of the Easter Rabbit Hole 206  33  randompHactor  30-Mar-16 15:38 
Last Post by eli stills
Easter Sunday 250  17  Susan Doris  28-Mar-16 09:18 
Last Post by drrayeye
Religious (ir)Relevance/(ir)Reverence. 167  20  randompHactor  27-Mar-16 17:42 
Last Post by randompHactor
Psychogeography 593  23  michael seabrook  24-Mar-16 17:59 
Last Post by michael seabrook
The bond that can be established between human beings and animals 240  10  Loki74  24-Mar-16 00:09 
Last Post by thirdpal
Who is for euthanasia - for themselves? 235  greengirl5  18-Mar-16 18:33 
Last Post by Brian Patterson
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