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Tunguska Event 391  Anomalies  29-Aug-04 01:22 
Last Post by Osiris
Surface temperature of Titan? 294  Diomede  28-Aug-04 18:34 
Last Post by Diomede
Upgrade of Message Boards 295  Kees  28-Aug-04 17:55 
Last Post by Kees
hyper physics and art (link) 292  pgriesbach  27-Aug-04 22:39 
Last Post by SunSword
hyper physics and art 281  pgriesbach  27-Aug-04 22:05 
Last Post by pgriesbach
Perched Above Gusev Crater 351  SunSword  26-Aug-04 18:00 
Last Post by Paul Marshall
Smallest 'Earth-like' planet seen 336  Mercury Rapids  26-Aug-04 15:52 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
Black hole singularities meet? 273  gizabrek  26-Aug-04 09:24 
Last Post by gizabrek
jpl..Mars exp site no updates 294  gizabrek  23-Aug-04 20:11 
Last Post by Paul Marshall
Brightly Illuminated Object Above Saturn 302  SphinxGirl  23-Aug-04 16:52 
Last Post by Paul Marshall
UFO over Mineapolis 298  Chapo  23-Aug-04 16:16 
Last Post by Kees
Pacific Ocean is a hole 508  33  Jergat  23-Aug-04 07:46 
Last Post by gizabrek
Mars Face fun 333  11  Paul Marshall  22-Aug-04 21:50 
Last Post by Paul Marshall
What Happens When The Earths Magnetic Field Flips ? 449  NoahtGo  20-Aug-04 13:19 
Last Post by Akula
Suffolk woman struck by meteorite! 411  Mercury Rapids  20-Aug-04 04:59 
Last Post by PriorityRed
CBC Newsworld Special About Moon Landing Hoax 307  45  PriorityRed  11-Aug-04 18:34 
Last Post by Anthony Taylor
Asteroid 4179 Toutatis, Sept 29th 381  NoahtGo  11-Aug-04 17:41 
Last Post by NoahtGo
Hello 321  Paul Marshall  11-Aug-04 04:55 
Last Post by Elvee Kaye
Hawking Error Not Unique 327  17  R Avry Wilson  07-Aug-04 05:12 
Last Post by fiascohoho
How does info on black holes benefit us here and now 324  Fredspage  07-Aug-04 02:22 
Last Post by IanG
Solar System could be 'unique' 404  12  Mercury Rapids  07-Aug-04 00:29 
Last Post by IanG
Lunar landing, how did they get back? 257  13  martijn  04-Aug-04 00:27 
Last Post by Fredspage
Interplanetary "Day After Tomorrow?" 434  NoahtGo  03-Aug-04 14:00 
Last Post by Patounet
Cassini-Huygens 345  15  SunSword  01-Aug-04 21:02 
Last Post by Spiros
Giant Sunspot 329  13  jameske  28-Jul-04 17:59 
Last Post by spadesy
Titan liquid 280  Rolly S  19-Jul-04 15:10 
Last Post by Cesar
To all who knew Pat aka Alien 285  Thirdwave  16-Jul-04 21:35 
Last Post by Atlantida
face on mars 311  28  cardinal guzman  05-Jul-04 17:51 
Last Post by Johan
What is the Richat Structure - Mauritania? 749  25  Kboldt  04-Jul-04 12:44 
Last Post by Akula
Sitchin... reposting (Itold you so) 319  14  Nejc  26-Jun-04 10:15 
Last Post by Essan
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