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FRONTLINE gives a small bit of proof to anti-Crusader/Templar theory 629  Joe Frega  12-Oct-01 03:01 
Last Post by Joe Frega
Montauk Projects 583  Robert DeGroff  12-Oct-01 02:51 
Last Post by Robert DeGroff
Dr. Zahi Hawass speaks out!!! 635  John Carlo  12-Oct-01 00:01 
Last Post by John Carlo
NASA's [in]conclusion of Antigravity Project 611  Ashkan  11-Oct-01 23:30 
Last Post by mephisto
Only in America 617  John Carlo  11-Oct-01 22:58 
Last Post by John Carlo
Waste in times of need. 615  Bdoc  11-Oct-01 22:45 
Last Post by Bdoc
Some deeply moving images ... 556  JimH  11-Oct-01 13:41 
Last Post by William T.
Special Forces 497  William T.  11-Oct-01 10:43 
Last Post by William T.
must read - a terrorist's link to pakistan 521  Sri Kowtha  11-Oct-01 08:06 
Last Post by Judith
Dead Sea scan- Robert Ballard 698  Pat  11-Oct-01 07:53 
Last Post by Pat
Palindrome 568  ananda  11-Oct-01 04:05 
Last Post by ananda
Hubal, Temples, and Osama 579  barry s  11-Oct-01 02:50 
Last Post by barry s
First Complaint 618  15  barry s  11-Oct-01 00:46 
Last Post by djed
responsible politician shocker!! 640  Bdoc  10-Oct-01 20:36 
Last Post by Bdoc
Afghan refugees??? 549  John Carlo  10-Oct-01 19:02 
Last Post by Anomalies
Twisters In Tornado Alley Again 588  William T.  10-Oct-01 18:26 
Last Post by William T.
A CELESTIAL EVENT AND THE WTC 554  Al  10-Oct-01 13:54 
Last Post by sandy
Bushladen 714  10  Lee McGiffen  10-Oct-01 12:37 
Last Post by William T.
TV series depicted crash 838  Don Barone  10-Oct-01 11:47 
Last Post by Don Barone
story of another alien 665  Sri Kowtha  10-Oct-01 11:10 
Last Post by timebanditx
Ethiopia gets a new president 863  Don Holeman  10-Oct-01 06:59 
Last Post by Don Holeman
Stolen Art Database 868  Don Holeman  10-Oct-01 05:25 
Last Post by Don Holeman
To Greg Reeder 661  John Carlo  10-Oct-01 01:29 
Last Post by John Carlo
The Hidden Truth 832  21  Pat  09-Oct-01 23:32 
Last Post by Margaret
Bless the whole world. 839  16  sean  09-Oct-01 20:53 
Last Post by Michelle Frost
Were On Our Way 804  William T.  09-Oct-01 20:45 
Last Post by William T.
Statment 1,052  John Carlo  09-Oct-01 20:34 
Last Post by John Carlo
Global Village Humor 806  JimH  09-Oct-01 20:09 
Last Post by Kees
Our fearless leader... 8-) 818  ananda  09-Oct-01 16:35 
Last Post by ananda
my experience as the Other 849  Sri Kowtha  09-Oct-01 11:11 
Last Post by timebanditx
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