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geophagy 315  jameske  19-Oct-01 12:24 
Last Post by Lee McGiffen
Saudi's are weasels! 374  Skynet  19-Oct-01 11:43 
Last Post by jules 369  William T.  19-Oct-01 06:49 
Last Post by Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells
An encouraging message... 426  Don Holeman  18-Oct-01 23:43 
Last Post by Don Holeman
North Carolina Firm to Sell Home Anthrax Test Kits 416  Katherine  18-Oct-01 22:57 
Last Post by Katherine
Arabic TV Runs Inflammatory Comments 493  31  William T.  18-Oct-01 22:45 
Last Post by Muhammad Al-Sheeh Hanafi
Woman - the superior gender 353  16  Michelle Frost  18-Oct-01 22:17 
Last Post by John Carlo
Let's not forget... 348  Michelle Frost  18-Oct-01 21:43 
Last Post by Katherine
Let's not forget... 336  Michelle Frost  18-Oct-01 21:25 
Last Post by Michelle Frost
On the Eve 353  Ian Alex Blease  18-Oct-01 19:16 
Last Post by Ian Alex Blease
Experimenter challenge 409  jameske  18-Oct-01 18:45 
Last Post by jameske
What is Karma? 319  jameske  18-Oct-01 15:11 
Last Post by John Carlo
Don't Burn The American Flag !!!! 352  William T.  18-Oct-01 14:18 
Last Post by ingi
Hollow Sphinx? 388  John Carlo  18-Oct-01 13:25 
Last Post by Ole Bentsen
22 Most Want? or Sticking it to ISLAM? 280  William John Meegan  18-Oct-01 12:32 
Last Post by William John Meegan
From Italy... 294  mattcarps  18-Oct-01 11:47 
Last Post by mattcarps
Former Iraqi General residing in Denmark 363  Ole Bentsen  18-Oct-01 11:22 
Last Post by Ole Bentsen
Media push 291  Skynet  18-Oct-01 10:06 
Last Post by Skynet
It's Official !!! (message from the Pope) 405  19  Sharon  18-Oct-01 05:59 
Last Post by Skynet
Sharon's Speech 350  Ian Alex Blease  18-Oct-01 05:00 
Last Post by jules
Just a joke 296  Julia  17-Oct-01 23:24 
Last Post by Julia
Silent Songs 336  John Carlo  17-Oct-01 19:34 
Last Post by John Carlo
Infinite Justice 406  14  Harry  17-Oct-01 19:30 
Last Post by Harry
Muhammad. Please don't go!! 412  John Carlo  17-Oct-01 14:07 
Last Post by John Carlo
Has anyone ever heard of.. 387  Bdoc  17-Oct-01 12:29 
Last Post by Bdoc not all in yet 313  Skynet  17-Oct-01 07:14 
Last Post by Pat
Benazir Bhutto 288  Will  17-Oct-01 03:41 
Last Post by Ash
FYI - no replies 409  Sri Kowtha  17-Oct-01 01:58 
Last Post by Sri Kowtha
Afghans all Mad 341  14  Ian Alex Blease  17-Oct-01 01:19 
Last Post by mephisto
The truth about war 401  10  Julia  17-Oct-01 00:40 
Last Post by Julia
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