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For the discussion of general and orthodox history from the advent of writing up to mid 20th Century, i.e. 3,200BC up to World War II. 
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Human remains found at Caithness Iron Age broch site 390  Pete Vanderzwet  17-Jul-11 11:57 
Last Post by Pete Vanderzwet
Gettysburg - Lee vs Meade 588  19  Thunderbird  12-Jul-11 01:02 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Was Romulus a real historical figure? 1,160  21  JonnyMcA  08-Jul-11 20:51 
Last Post by Thunderbird
Celebrating the Bull Ring henge: Talks and activities, Sat 30th July, Derbyshire 488  megalithic  01-Jul-11 21:28 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Fatal coincidences in (personal) History 418  Titus Livius  25-Jun-11 21:24 
Last Post by Titus Livius
Ajax's palace discovered on Salamina? (Plus bonus surprise) 429  20  Pete Vanderzwet  24-Jun-11 07:37 
Last Post by Vanya
What is the average lenght of reigns? 437  Absinthujone  23-Jun-11 23:17 
Last Post by Avatar
Hmong History 488  Citizen Attorney  18-Jun-11 02:19 
Last Post by Citizen Attorney
The Greek "Dark Ages" 456  75  Voyager  10-Jun-11 02:16 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
I've gotta admit...this would probably freak me out a little... 471  15  Pete Vanderzwet  06-Jun-11 17:55 
Last Post by brucenyc1
Translations 417  Bunker.Pressler  06-Jun-11 09:16 
Last Post by Bunker.Pressler
Roman Ship Carried Live Fish Tank? 405  Dr. Troglodyte  06-Jun-11 04:01 
Last Post by Pete Vanderzwet
funny history trivia 534  22  Aneth  01-Jun-11 16:53 
Last Post by Absinthujone
No Roman Invasion of Britain 439  17  Aneth  29-May-11 19:31 
Last Post by ethicswideboy
New Holocaust Archive site 450  10  ananda  29-May-11 03:23 
Last Post by Avatar
Guess who? 434  Pete Vanderzwet  23-May-11 17:21 
Last Post by carolb
Ancient metal "books" found in Jordan 457  51  Marking  21-May-11 19:37 
Last Post by Avatar
Wow looked what they dug up 443  Earthconversations  20-May-11 02:28 
Last Post by Misterx
Greek Temple Discovered at Sozopol, Bulgaria 556  Dr. Troglodyte  18-May-11 16:40 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
First Law 456  11  Citizen Attorney  14-May-11 00:55 
Last Post by Aneth
When does an event become 'history'? 606  21  carolb  28-Apr-11 00:04 
Last Post by Avatar
Church of England 626  10  Citizen Attorney  23-Apr-11 10:50 
Last Post by Loki74
1929 -1930 Excavation at the Site of Seneferu's Pyramid 446  Dr. Troglodyte  22-Apr-11 17:01 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
History is written by the victors ... 518  22  Ahatmose  21-Apr-11 06:36 
Last Post by Aneth
Any Durant readers? 522  MALaclypse  20-Apr-11 16:09 
Last Post by Donna
In Praise of Marx 521  laughin  16-Apr-11 10:12 
Last Post by Loki74
American Civil War: The Cause. 524  17  Pete Vanderzwet  15-Apr-11 22:14 
Last Post by sharloten
Vedic Architechture, Vastu Principles 506  10  richarddullum  11-Apr-11 03:39 
Last Post by richarddullum
Happy Birthday to Vancouver, Canada 546  Poster Boy  06-Apr-11 18:24 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Battle of Wake, 1941: an alternative history episode 554  12  Titus Livius  05-Apr-11 14:26 
Last Post by Pete Vanderzwet
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