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Influence of India on Hebrew Language 355  rangaram  12-Jul-12 15:27 
Last Post by EltonJ
Metallurgy and the Armada 374  JonnyMcA  11-Jul-12 13:32 
Last Post by Nejc
17th century Spanish chest 349  Merrell  02-Jul-12 18:15 
Last Post by Miss Kat
Mod Note > Thread Moved – “Klaus Dona at Nexus conference” 465  Dr. Troglodyte  15-Jun-12 16:15 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
The Picts 588  19  Lugh  27-May-12 13:15 
Last Post by Huub
Mod Note > Thread Moved: “Evidence of agriculture in Cyprus 8600-9100 bce“ 357  Dr. Troglodyte  17-May-12 20:32 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Rule Britannia was 'Royal revolt' song against King George II 475  lukehancock  12-May-12 07:43 
Last Post by lukehancock
Imhotep: He Came in Peace and Then Disappeared. Where did you suppose he went 530  Ahatmose  28-Apr-12 00:08 
Last Post by Ahatmose
A new seach for old histroy 389  shroud  27-Apr-12 22:16 
Last Post by shroud
Sanskrit numbers signal the coming of the cat 414  10  AshTan8  23-Apr-12 14:07 
Last Post by Mr.Ward
Portrait of a cross-dresser? 338  NetWorkAngel  22-Apr-12 17:50 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Mass burial thought to be from St Brice’s Day Massacre may be Viking raiders 411  Pete Vanderzwet  20-Apr-12 08:34 
Last Post by Lugh
You heard it here first: James Ossuary NOT a forgery 700  19  Dave Light  27-Mar-12 01:31 
Last Post by drrayeye
Faith, forgery, science -- and the James Ossuary 453  drrayeye  26-Mar-12 18:04 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Mod Note > Thread Moved: “Egytian History Question” 409  Dr. Troglodyte  20-Mar-12 17:38 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Anonymous - the movie 472  NetWorkAngel  16-Mar-12 17:22 
Last Post by NetWorkAngel
Elizabeth Bathory-The Blood Countess 694  21  brucenyc1  14-Mar-12 18:16 
Last Post by Absinthujone
A Short History Of The World 461  Absinthujone  12-Mar-12 13:35 
Last Post by Absinthujone
Old Maps Online...Google Maps/Earth with a twist... 480  Absinthujone  06-Mar-12 18:00 
Last Post by Absinthujone
Mod Note > Thread Moved: “Stonehenge and the Bluestones” 406  Dr. Troglodyte  05-Mar-12 15:03 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
The Riddle of Ancient Roman Concrete 555  10  lukehancock  28-Feb-12 11:07 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Hitler's Son ? 451  brucenyc1  19-Feb-12 20:26 
Last Post by brucenyc1
New Atlantis 400  18  Malankhkare  19-Feb-12 06:37 
Last Post by lukehancock
Mod Note > Duplicate Topic - Thread Closed: “New Atlantis” 421  Dr. Troglodyte  18-Feb-12 20:27 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Who Was Cervantes? 476  Malankhkare  18-Feb-12 20:22 
Last Post by Glorious
William Blake the Mystic 359  brucenyc1  14-Feb-12 21:39 
Last Post by brucenyc1
Did the Portuguese discover Australia - new finding 448  ladybug  11-Feb-12 10:15 
Last Post by molder
Mod Note > Thread Moved: “Atlantis“ 407  Dr. Troglodyte  09-Feb-12 02:13 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Malaysian jungle adventurers solve WWII mysteries 424  Lobsang  08-Feb-12 03:43 
Last Post by Thunderbird
The Treaty of Tordesillas 579  Malankhkare  31-Jan-12 19:04 
Last Post by Malankhkare
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