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Voynich Remains Unsolved 335  spitfire888  07-Feb-13 01:53 
Last Post by spitfire888
Collection of photos from American south during segregation 634  carolb  02-Feb-13 16:41 
Last Post by Randy
Colour photos from WW2 494  12  carolb  25-Jan-13 20:09 
Last Post by carolb
El Dorado: The truth behind the myth 396  Mr.Ward  25-Jan-13 01:03 
Last Post by ocka
Was there a socialist alternative to Stalinism? 504  Justicialism  07-Jan-13 10:12 
Last Post by Loki74
Alexander the Great was looking for his Twain mate; What do you think? 532  spitfire888  03-Jan-13 21:12 
Last Post by spitfire888
Evidence of ancient Indian hail storm making its way into myth. 437  Pete Vanderzwet  28-Dec-12 04:48 
Last Post by cladking
Ramses III was assassinated 405  Nolondil  23-Dec-12 09:09 
Last Post by Trojan
Cicero 414  Susan Doris  10-Dec-12 20:20 
Last Post by Susan Doris
oh well 373  spitfire888  04-Dec-12 15:42 
Last Post by lukehancock
Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante 792  Dr. Troglodyte  30-Nov-12 10:43 
Last Post by Vanya
Vale Camelot 365  molder  28-Nov-12 16:06 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Mod Note > Thread Moved: “49 years - Lest we ever forget” 455  Dr. Troglodyte  23-Nov-12 18:15 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Alexander - How Great Was He? 589  30  Sirius7237  15-Nov-12 03:09 
Last Post by Sirius7237
THe Collapse and Rebuild of Grain Elevator 814  NetWorkAngel  06-Nov-12 20:48 
Last Post by NetWorkAngel
Mayan priest K'utz Chman 487  hansmittendorf  05-Nov-12 07:20 
Last Post by hansmittendorf
Voynich Remains Unsolved 479  24  spitfire888  02-Nov-12 13:44 
Last Post by Randy
Mod Note > Thread Moved: “A book about giants” 468  Dr. Troglodyte  25-Oct-12 17:14 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Who really decoded The Voynich Manuscript 668  18  Ahatmose  21-Oct-12 17:26 
Last Post by spitfire888
Mod Note > Thread Moved: “Don My all time views for my decoding of the Voynich 383  Dr. Troglodyte  19-Oct-12 22:50 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Historic battles - which of them interest you? 1,125  39  Loki74  06-Oct-12 12:37 
Last Post by jnisbet
Did Jesus travel to Spain? 3,931  76  Hamlet1983  05-Oct-12 05:02 
Last Post by colt
Ordinary life in AE 388  Susan Doris  20-Sep-12 15:59 
Last Post by Susan Doris
Voynich Remains Unsolved 430  spitfire888  04-Sep-12 00:03 
Last Post by spitfire888
Voynich Folio 20r: Someone has been messing with history! 542  spitfire888  01-Sep-12 16:14 
Last Post by spitfire888
Voynich Rosetta Wheel Revisted 560  spitfire888  31-Aug-12 05:52 
Last Post by spitfire888
Folio58r 1st Paragraph Revealed; shocking I did it 474  spitfire888  30-Aug-12 13:29 
Last Post by Randy
Storm-Chasing 459  Hoppy  30-Aug-12 12:36 
Last Post by Aine
Voynich Manuscript: Castle Cotone 496  spitfire888  26-Aug-12 21:40 
Last Post by spitfire888
Voynich Rosetta Wheel 527  spitfire888  23-Aug-12 03:37 
Last Post by spitfire888
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