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For the discussion of general and orthodox history from the advent of writing up to mid 20th Century, i.e. 3,200BC up to World War II. 
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Jack the Ripper - New Suspect Revealed 52  MJT  01-Aug-15 08:46 
Last Post by MJT
Auden on World War II 55  ananda  28-Jul-15 19:46 
Last Post by ananda
Nemirovsky, Mann, and Koestler: Nazism v. Communism 35  ananda  13-Jul-15 16:26 
Last Post by ananda
Alice at 150 42  Dr. Troglodyte  09-Jul-15 17:41 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Who was Muhammad? 57  Loki74  09-Jul-15 13:34 
Last Post by Loki74
The Historical Jesus 50  11  Pete Vanderzwet  05-Jul-15 06:43 
Last Post by grangram
"Faram Research Foundation" - thread moved 28  Loki74  04-Jul-15 11:29 
Last Post by Loki74
Ogham and Aymara 30  Robert Baird  04-Jul-15 09:49 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Egyptian papyri in Basel museum 33  Susan Doris  21-Jun-15 10:37 
Last Post by Susan Doris
Baie de Quiberon Structures 25  toddthurman  17-Jun-15 18:27 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Interpreting Genesis using scientific discoveries 32  eli stills  14-Jun-15 15:33 
Last Post by CaptTonz
810 Rue ROYAL, Vieux Carré 26  Dr. Troglodyte  03-Jun-15 23:05 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Dachau, the Law and Justice 26  11  MJT  28-May-15 03:04 
Last Post by Randy
Mod Note > Thread Moved: “Hancock misses the mark again” 33  Dr. Troglodyte  23-May-15 15:32 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Darwin Manuscripts 23  Dr. Troglodyte  24-Apr-15 12:23 
Last Post by molder
History was by a 'time' design 20  26  Davidjayjordan  22-Mar-15 06:02 
Last Post by Susan Doris
Like a Thief in the Night, The Day of the Lord is at Hand! 27  34  Lowelldw64  13-Mar-15 13:37 
Last Post by Davidjayjordan
Hyksos were the Edomites 29  pennylane  12-Mar-15 23:34 
Last Post by Lowelldw64
EW Bullinger's Time Table 23  pennylane  07-Mar-15 17:21 
Last Post by Davidjayjordan
Olmecs were the Anakim 32  pennylane  25-Feb-15 20:43 
Last Post by pennylane
Tut, tut 28  10  Richard Fusniak  19-Feb-15 12:49 
Last Post by timken
One of the Portolanas maps found in Poland? 27  Michal Orzechowski  09-Feb-15 13:00 
Last Post by Merrell
Did the Bible reveal in the Book of Genesis that Homo sapiens interbreed with Neanderthals 28  112  eli stills  20-Jan-15 22:28 
Last Post by eli stills
How would a French Style Revolution affect Politics? 21  Lowelldw64  13-Jan-15 17:56 
Last Post by thirdpal
Senenmut = Moses? 26  28  DoctorStephenMaturinToday  09-Jan-15 22:56 
Last Post by gulsbo
Underground Nazi facility uncovered after decades of obscurity 38  Nolondil  02-Jan-15 23:29 
Last Post by Nolondil
Agent Zig-Zag 30  Susan Doris  29-Dec-14 12:14 
Last Post by Susan Doris
An "Auspicious" Day 28  randompHactor  23-Dec-14 07:30 
Last Post by Susan Doris
New Evidence Confirms Columbus had Map 24  17  Ahatmose  29-Nov-14 19:24 
Last Post by gulsbo
Positive ID of a fragment of Amelia Earhart's plane 18  Nolondil  01-Nov-14 21:50 
Last Post by Pete Vanderzwet
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