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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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interesantes teorias 625  Vinicio Santillan  12-Nov-00 23:41 
Last Post by Vinicio Santillan
Ark of the Covenant 560  William John Meegan  12-Nov-00 23:17 
Last Post by vince
What is wrong with mysticism? 583  laura  12-Nov-00 22:58 
Last Post by Sky
A story to live by? 511  Baggie  12-Nov-00 20:58 
Last Post by Kees
...of Mars and Earth 527  Berg  12-Nov-00 20:01 
Last Post by Julia
Galileo Galileo can you do the fandango? 638  jameske  12-Nov-00 18:12 
Last Post by Brad
Finding the Flood 574  10  Dr Ross Evans  12-Nov-00 15:00 
Last Post by vince
origins of civilization 568  Duncan  12-Nov-00 12:57 
Last Post by Duncan
Age of the Sphinx???? 537  laura  12-Nov-00 11:00 
Last Post by Arnold
BBC Maintains Cover-Up Policy 552  Sharif  11-Nov-00 21:25 
Last Post by Atlantida
Piramid shafts & Sphinx 567  annemie  11-Nov-00 21:06 
Last Post by Vince
As Above, So Below 571  Julia  11-Nov-00 20:40 
Last Post by Julia
Skyglobe 608  vince  11-Nov-00 18:52 
Last Post by jameske
Email to HorizonComments Bounced 604  Cindy  11-Nov-00 18:49 
Last Post by laura
Graham, please read 626  Andrew Allen  10-Nov-00 23:42 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
Language of Egypt 615  Piranat  10-Nov-00 22:36 
Last Post by Piranat
The Cubit Question 574  Andy McKnight  10-Nov-00 22:04 
Last Post by Ruud
Facts and Truth 486  Bob  10-Nov-00 17:54 
Last Post by Adriel
Lost Amazonian city 596  marv  10-Nov-00 01:57 
Last Post by Ronny Adsetts
Atlantis under the ice 617  Kees  09-Nov-00 21:44 
Last Post by oziris
<b>Message Board Maintainence</b> 645  <b>Ronny Adsetts</b>  09-Nov-00 19:39 
Last Post by <b>Ronny Adsetts</b>
Khufu is Narmer, not Cheops said Vulcan Priest of 708  Atlantida  09-Nov-00 18:02 
Last Post by Atlantida
Paul LaViolette - sun - 11,000 BC catastrophe 824  Jim Lewandowski  09-Nov-00 16:58 
Last Post by Jim Lewandowski
The quarry marks? 688  12  Ingemar Svensson  09-Nov-00 15:46 
Last Post by Antonio Mazzanti
Underworld 587  jetrevi  09-Nov-00 14:28 
Last Post by jetrevi
Phoenix Unveiled ??? 797  Teri Ferguson  09-Nov-00 08:23 
Last Post by Teri Ferguson
Claims to Atlantis - Malta 866  Berg  08-Nov-00 20:49 
Last Post by Berg
graham is the way... 761  14  oziris  08-Nov-00 19:31 
Last Post by Phat Jesus
Spirituality-What is it? 885  13  Derek Lynas  08-Nov-00 16:24 
Last Post by George Coghill
Hang In There Graham! 795  Cindy  08-Nov-00 14:40 
Last Post by Bryan
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