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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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Earth-Killing Asteriods... 268  27  Steve from Australia  30-Dec-00 12:41 
Last Post by Xenophanes
Talks etc 151  Paul Mattock  30-Dec-00 11:54 
Last Post by Julia C
The Astronomer,s rebuttal 162  Jill E Harris  30-Dec-00 11:37 
Last Post by Jill E Harris
flood 225  17  Adrian  30-Dec-00 03:19 
Last Post by Adrian
are roads this important? -peru 208  steve w  29-Dec-00 20:30 
Last Post by steve w
are roads this important?? -egypt 258  steve w  29-Dec-00 20:27 
Last Post by steve w
A/E Gold Mines-Turin Papyrus 346  14  Atlantida  29-Dec-00 18:38 
Last Post by Atlantida
Sphinx? 318  Marcus Fox  29-Dec-00 16:22 
Last Post by laura
secret chamber 190  mauro vitali  29-Dec-00 16:08 
Last Post by mauro vitali
general 204  Mark  29-Dec-00 13:27 
Last Post by Xenophanes
Where is God in all of this? 263  16  Rachel  29-Dec-00 13:19 
Last Post by Xenophanes
Science and Religion 262  Dana  29-Dec-00 12:42 
Last Post by Kees
Pyramids Multiple Relationships 319  20  sandy  29-Dec-00 10:52 
Last Post by Robert G. Bauval
Orion Mystery - "Missing few degrees" ag 267  14  Andy T  29-Dec-00 10:32 
Last Post by Robert G. Bauval
Star Sirius Meridian Crossing 243  Brad  29-Dec-00 06:19 
Last Post by Brad
Horizon scandal? 373  Dr. Matt  29-Dec-00 03:05 
Last Post by steve w
John West: Ancient Wisdom Foundation 413  Graham Hancock  29-Dec-00 00:43 
Last Post by Haytham
Spokesperson magnetism 300  javier  29-Dec-00 00:40 
Last Post by SpokesPerson
Interesting NOT Crater 313  41  MARS REVEALER  28-Dec-00 22:33 
Last Post by William T.
MARS MYSTERIES....Debate 207  laura  28-Dec-00 21:54 
Last Post by steve w
Sitchin 345  21  Brien  28-Dec-00 18:43 
Last Post by Mia Z.
space station mia 309  Mark  28-Dec-00 16:37 
Last Post by Mia Z.
Ultrason 208  Xenophanes and Harry  28-Dec-00 16:32 
Last Post by Xenophanes and Harry
Alchemy 242  Barbara  28-Dec-00 16:26 
Last Post by Barbara
sacred science 310  10  Wendy  28-Dec-00 09:41 
Last Post by Andy
John West response to Fagan on Sphinx 527  31  Graham Hancock  28-Dec-00 08:34 
Last Post by Dr Geoffrey Kolbe
Alchemy, Immortality & Mysticism 501  OneLove  28-Dec-00 08:16 
Last Post by OneLove
Tomb of Nefertiti 305  Barbara  27-Dec-00 17:55 
Last Post by Barbara
JAW/Fagan/Sphinx 290  R. Avry Wilson  27-Dec-00 17:44 
Last Post by Brien
'Pyramid' original word and meaning 256  SpokesPerson  27-Dec-00 16:37 
Last Post by SpokesPerson
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