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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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So what do we do now? 289  16  Mia Z.  13-Dec-00 00:23 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
TOIGHT'S QUESTION... 409  76  laura  12-Dec-00 22:03 
Last Post by Atlantida
The Beeb and the BSC 293  jameske  12-Dec-00 21:10 
Last Post by Atlantida
What the BBC said to me 436  23  SiĆ“n  12-Dec-00 20:52 
Last Post by Brad
History Channel program 237  Mia Z.  12-Dec-00 20:02 
Last Post by oziris
Ark of the Covenant 332  22  Christophe L.  12-Dec-00 18:25 
Last Post by Pilgrim333
Fagan, science, and the one-eyed King 381  oziris  12-Dec-00 17:38 
Last Post by Mia Z.
Atlantis Reborn broadcast in U.S.? 254  J. Matte  12-Dec-00 17:38 
Last Post by Christophe L.
Sirius was once where the sun now is 388  14  Atlantida  12-Dec-00 17:33 
Last Post by Mia Z.
SPIRITUALITY....... 448  51  laura  12-Dec-00 17:14 
Last Post by Mia Z.
Argha Noah 670  Tim  12-Dec-00 16:47 
Last Post by Barbara
Lords of Poverty 356  Samuel Berg  12-Dec-00 16:33 
Last Post by Mia Z.
Door at the end of the shaft 296  Stewart McGregor  12-Dec-00 14:35 
Last Post by JPA
The Book Thread >>>> 324  Scanda  12-Dec-00 12:33 
Last Post by Scanda
What if... 388  35  Barbara  12-Dec-00 08:38 
Last Post by OneLove
Arthur C Clarke 340  15  Indigo  12-Dec-00 04:29 
Last Post by OneLove
Alchemy and the Pyramids? 645  OneLove  11-Dec-00 21:31 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
Other books 402  41  Rendel  11-Dec-00 21:30 
Last Post by OneLove
Rebuttals to Ed Krupp 378  11  Robert G. Bauval  11-Dec-00 20:08 
Last Post by William John Meegan
The Terrible Ones 322  Brad  11-Dec-00 19:55 
Last Post by Cindy
WIERD BUT TRUE 305  Geoff Stocks  11-Dec-00 19:07 
Last Post by Christophe L.
The Evolution of this Board 366  15  Trisha  11-Dec-00 14:30 
Last Post by Chris Higham
FORMAL INVITATION..... 323  10  laura  11-Dec-00 14:14 
Last Post by Chris Higham
YO111 BRYAN...BABY... 347  laura  11-Dec-00 00:54 
Last Post by Bryan
showdown 289  Gary  11-Dec-00 00:42 
Last Post by laura
Message for Robert Bauval 333  Margaret  10-Dec-00 20:15 
Last Post by Robert G. Bauval
BBC - Horizon Scandal 287  Clive  10-Dec-00 19:10 
Last Post by Clive
Flying Saucer Pilots 337  vince  10-Dec-00 18:36 
Last Post by Mia Z.
Elliptic skull 372  16  Haytham  10-Dec-00 18:29 
Last Post by Mia Z.
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