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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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Bye Bye 297  18  Mark  06-Dec-00 10:53 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
Sirius constellation and Giza 385  Christophe L.  06-Dec-00 08:10 
Last Post by Christophe L.
Mica and Teohuacan 300  Julia M  06-Dec-00 07:56 
Last Post by Christophe L.
Mohenjo-Daro 655  Geoff Stocks  06-Dec-00 03:13 
Last Post by Sri Kowtha
Neanderthal programme on TV 343  Vince  06-Dec-00 02:36 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
SPHINX OF O.Mons 332  13  MARS REVEALER  06-Dec-00 02:31 
Last Post by Chronos
Lemuria 321  Gav  06-Dec-00 00:30 
Last Post by Vince
Giza-Orion correlation theory 473  33  Dr D Edlin  05-Dec-00 23:28 
Last Post by Atlantida
Upuaut - secret excavations? 341  33  Christophe L.  05-Dec-00 22:20 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
The BSC Adjudication against the BBC 342  Robert G. Bauval  05-Dec-00 18:33 
Last Post by Derek Barnett
SIRIUS 293  11  Geoff Stocks  05-Dec-00 18:28 
Last Post by Davinho
To: Graham Hancock 265  William John Meegan  05-Dec-00 16:13 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
That Nasa Announcement..Today! 383  JPA  05-Dec-00 15:33 
Last Post by Fuzzy
Ancient Astronauts ---> Atlantis ? 333  20  Christophe L.  05-Dec-00 14:47 
Last Post by William John Meegan
message for Geoff 399  11  Dr E  05-Dec-00 12:32 
Last Post by DR X
Chill Out Man! 343  Indigo  05-Dec-00 11:38 
Last Post by Indigo
ancient lakes on Mars? 344  Edwin  05-Dec-00 11:24 
Last Post by Fuzzy
NASA to anounce Mars discovery 413  15  Fuzzy  05-Dec-00 10:54 
Last Post by Dr. H.
What's the latest news on the underground vault? 333  Sherri  05-Dec-00 09:53 
Last Post by Bryan
ROT - Attn Garrett Fagan 499  14  Graham Hancock  05-Dec-00 08:24 
Last Post by Mark
Life on Mars >>> 354  Scanda  05-Dec-00 08:03 
Last Post by Scanda
Face on Mars is only ONE OF MANY 418  31  Richard Fusniak (Fuzzy)  05-Dec-00 06:02 
Last Post by Frank Leonard
Age of Aquarius 394  Paul  05-Dec-00 05:11 
Last Post by R. Avry Wilson
Welsh temple....... 309  laura  05-Dec-00 01:56 
Last Post by Chris
Take pyramids with pinch of salt 435  13  Fuzzy  04-Dec-00 22:59 
Last Post by Fuzzy
Hancock Fagan Objectivity Speculation 386  Graham Hancock  04-Dec-00 21:04 
Last Post by William John Meegan
Hancock Fagan Debate 368  Graham Hancock  04-Dec-00 20:49 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
The Alphabet versus the Goddess 456  William John Meegan  04-Dec-00 19:58 
Last Post by William John Meegan
The folly of Academia 355  MArk Chan  04-Dec-00 18:05 
Last Post by MArk Chan
Expanding Earth 357  Cindy  04-Dec-00 17:33 
Last Post by Cindy
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