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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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Letter to Horizon Team 298  24  John Rowlands  15-Dec-00 17:57 
Last Post by Trevor Dabowtz
The zillion Egyptians question 321  Kees  15-Dec-00 17:55 
Last Post by Richard Stone
Aggressive Archaeologists! 289  10  Nigel Alefounder  15-Dec-00 17:16 
Last Post by Ian Alex Blease
horizon programme 268  DOUGLAS CARNEGIE  15-Dec-00 17:11 
Last Post by Ian Alex Blease
The Zodiac 195  Jez  15-Dec-00 16:24 
Last Post by Jez
: To Graham Hancock: Angkor Reply 241  jameske  15-Dec-00 16:22 
Last Post by jameske
Fingerprints- new edition?? 194  Jess  15-Dec-00 15:32 
Last Post by Jess
Letter to BBC 251  danny  15-Dec-00 15:20 
Last Post by Gav
Interesting web site 196  Laurent DUFFAULT  15-Dec-00 13:39 
Last Post by Laurent DUFFAULT
"Sceptic" to Graham 207  Chris  15-Dec-00 13:23 
Last Post by Chris
Horizon vs. Discovery 248  Dorian Anderson  15-Dec-00 13:08 
Last Post by Dorian Anderson
Horizon 286  15  steve williamson  15-Dec-00 11:56 
Last Post by Bryan
Horizon 286  12  Trevor McComb  15-Dec-00 11:25 
Last Post by Ivan Galliano
Compelling evidence of life on Mars 243  Carlos (cmsahe)  15-Dec-00 10:59 
Last Post by Sergio Arnao
Bring your programme to France , PLEASE !! 307  Diana  15-Dec-00 10:41 
Last Post by W.Kleistra
Apology to Mr. Hancock (in part) 249  L. Byron  15-Dec-00 09:10 
Last Post by L. Byron
No sign of Leo in Egyptian Myth 326  Richard Stone  15-Dec-00 02:40 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
No Wheels No telescope 277  Richard Stone  15-Dec-00 02:22 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
All Publicity Is Good Publicity 308  21  Neill Blokland  15-Dec-00 02:16 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
Light intensity of Orions belt stars 239  Fuzzy  15-Dec-00 02:10 
Last Post by oziris
True, without doubt 276  L. Byron  15-Dec-00 01:54 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
common source DOES change! 206  malcolm gregson  15-Dec-00 01:51 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
MONEY 346  Ivan Lietaert from Belgium  15-Dec-00 01:05 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
Horizon: Angkor 342  jameske  15-Dec-00 01:04 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
Confidentiality 287  Dave R  15-Dec-00 00:52 
Last Post by Dave R
eden in the east 269  jed gallagher  15-Dec-00 00:25 
Last Post by jed gallagher
Atlantis 267  Sally Eyles  15-Dec-00 00:17 
Last Post by Andreas
Mr.Bauval 329  Julia  15-Dec-00 00:08 
Last Post by Julia
Conclusions here please. 211  Tim Proffitt-White  15-Dec-00 00:03 
Last Post by Tim Proffitt-White
Message for Graham Hancock 228  Barbara  14-Dec-00 23:56 
Last Post by Barbara
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