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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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African Columbus 263  12  Kees  17-Dec-00 20:55 
Last Post by Bryan
That Astronomer bloke on Horizon 249  11  Mercury Rapids  17-Dec-00 20:33 
Last Post by Bryan
Hieroglyph Translation (Kees) 255  Vince  17-Dec-00 19:34 
Last Post by steve williamson
Writing Underworld 234  10  Graham Hancock  17-Dec-00 19:25 
Last Post by Best of luck
Hieroglyph Translation 284  10  Vince  17-Dec-00 19:09 
Last Post by gareth
All understanding of the unknown 190  aquarius  17-Dec-00 18:38 
Last Post by aquarius
All understanding of the unknown 185  aquarius  17-Dec-00 18:15 
Last Post by aquarius
All understanding of the unknown 202  aquarius  17-Dec-00 18:11 
Last Post by aquarius
(2nd Tour ) the 'Stamp out Hypocracy Tour' 273  Walter E Kurtz  17-Dec-00 17:56 
Last Post by Gray
Horizon 189  Jeremy Lawrence  17-Dec-00 17:33 
Last Post by kheros
Places to visit for GH 369  Harry  17-Dec-00 14:32 
Last Post by Sharif
King Tut DNA Test 341  26  Julia  17-Dec-00 08:38 
Last Post by richard
!!!!!!!!!..... 179  javier  17-Dec-00 03:07 
Last Post by javier
Mayan Prophecies 249  Jason  17-Dec-00 01:50 
Last Post by javier
Mayan and Aztec Phrophecies 238  Brad  17-Dec-00 01:35 
Last Post by Brad
For Ronny Adsetts 240  Vince  17-Dec-00 01:28 
Last Post by Bryan
New Thought 251  Harry  16-Dec-00 22:21 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
Have you given up on Antarctica? 278  13  Dunca Hammond  16-Dec-00 21:50 
Last Post by Geoff
Hello to Indiana Hancock! 258  Jalan  16-Dec-00 19:38 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
BBC Horizon 174  Joseph Leather  16-Dec-00 18:34 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
For Graham Hancock 211  Ashuley Yeh  16-Dec-00 10:34 
Last Post by Ashuley Yeh
Tonights programme.... 297  11  laura  16-Dec-00 07:21 
Last Post by steve-buckman
What was revised..? 262  15  Richard Stone  16-Dec-00 03:15 
Last Post by Geoff
Horizon Rebuttal 279  Ian Alex Blease  15-Dec-00 23:52 
Last Post by Chris
please carry on! 211  lee welch  15-Dec-00 20:43 
Last Post by lee welch
For the record 232  Barbara  15-Dec-00 20:14 
Last Post by Lars
HAARP 205  18  Barbara  15-Dec-00 19:59 
Last Post by Jalan
Intuition? Reason? Wrong? Right? 227  Juan Griev  15-Dec-00 19:37 
Last Post by Juan Griev
Graham: important question 253  Christophe L.  15-Dec-00 18:48 
Last Post by Christophe L.
Letter to Horizon Team 286  24  John Rowlands  15-Dec-00 17:57 
Last Post by Trevor Dabowtz
Current Page: 734 of 751