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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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"Message in a Bottle" 359  Clifford E. Carter,Jr.  20-Nov-00 18:42 
Last Post by Christophe Leijnen
Graham Please read 415  Andrew Allen  20-Nov-00 16:48 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
GENESIS: A Sceintific Document 669  William John Meegan  20-Nov-00 13:50 
Last Post by William John Meegan
re: the Atlantis of Southeast Asia, unveiled... 3,491  Bruce Louis Raphael  20-Nov-00 11:38 
Last Post by Bruce Louis Raphael
CSICON website (Sky) 1,625  14  Axxe  20-Nov-00 11:05 
Last Post by Sky
Garrett Fagan please come back! 615  14  Graham Hancock  20-Nov-00 10:59 
Last Post by Brian
Von Däniken - Hancock 507  13  Christophe Leijnen  20-Nov-00 03:21 
Last Post by Brad
Ancient Egyptian mariners 425  Brad  20-Nov-00 02:20 
Last Post by Brad
purpose of Giza and Teotihuacan...questionss 540  Christophe Leijnen  20-Nov-00 00:14 
Last Post by Brad
Evidence of non human sailors 458  Carlos (cmsahe)  19-Nov-00 20:50 
Last Post by Carlos (cmsahe)
Moche civilization 482  Carlos (cmsahe)  19-Nov-00 20:41 
Last Post by Carlos (cmsahe)
Giza Tunnel 560  Johno Kiel  19-Nov-00 20:40 
Last Post by Johno Kiel
An interesting website 445  Carlos (cmsahe)  19-Nov-00 20:33 
Last Post by Carlos (cmsahe)
FAO GRAHAM: Teotihucan Vs Giza 471  12  Michael  19-Nov-00 15:27 
Last Post by MArk Chan
Species Differentation??? 464  39  laura  19-Nov-00 04:13 
Last Post by Geoff
REPLY to Vince: Ark of the Covenant 465  20  William John Meegan  19-Nov-00 03:45 
Last Post by Geoff
The Lost White Hart of North London 432  Jason Dozzell  19-Nov-00 03:14 
Last Post by Geoff
Astronomical Dating of Great Pyramid 418  Sharif  18-Nov-00 22:18 
Last Post by Bull
Graham Hancock please read 466  oziris  18-Nov-00 21:47 
Last Post by oziris
Letters to the Editor 399  Sion  18-Nov-00 19:29 
Last Post by Christophe Leijnen
Purpose of the Research 399  Christopher Soares  18-Nov-00 19:27 
Last Post by Christophe Leijnen
RE:HORIZON SCANDAL 414  vince  18-Nov-00 16:22 
Last Post by vince
BREAKING NEWS ON TIMELINE 340  Mike H.  18-Nov-00 15:25 
Last Post by Adriel
inference vs absolute truth & the scientific m 536  oziris  18-Nov-00 15:18 
Last Post by vince
Letter for Graham!! 507  Emile Spreeuwers  18-Nov-00 14:59 
Last Post by Emile Spreeuwers
Science degree - follow up (research in general) 482  33  Nigel Rose  18-Nov-00 13:45 
Last Post by jameske
EYESWIDESHUT? 495  19  Dr Winston O'Boogie  18-Nov-00 12:23 
Last Post by Eyeswideshut
Leonids 423  Brad  18-Nov-00 06:35 
Last Post by Brad
Pheonix Unveiled ??? 379  Teri Ferguson  18-Nov-00 06:03 
Last Post by Alan
Letter I sent. 415  jennifer  18-Nov-00 02:07 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
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