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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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History 292  Isaac Barry  23-Nov-00 21:18 
Last Post by Isaac Barry
Underworld 323  Thomas Buck  23-Nov-00 20:33 
Last Post by Thomas Buck
Earliest form of Mummification 329  vince  23-Nov-00 19:59 
Last Post by vince
Inscriptions? 262  matt  23-Nov-00 19:42 
Last Post by Christophe Leijnen
Channel 4 Doc on Pyramids 376  22  Jonathan  23-Nov-00 19:37 
Last Post by vince
zawi hawass 286  charles stewart  23-Nov-00 19:16 
Last Post by vince
FANTASTIC NEW BOOK 304  gemstone  23-Nov-00 19:10 
Last Post by gemstone
Magical numbers question? 272  Christine  23-Nov-00 18:42 
Last Post by Chris
Pyramids in China 380  Eugenia  23-Nov-00 16:50 
Last Post by Mark
"FIRST TIMES" 239  William John Meegan  23-Nov-00 13:59 
Last Post by poo
atlantis documentary 394  greg singh  23-Nov-00 13:56 
Last Post by greg singh
Graham Hancock: underwater sites in Nan Madol and 395  Christophe Leijnen  23-Nov-00 13:55 
Last Post by Christophe Leijnen
The Doctor(s) 317  Gav  23-Nov-00 12:17 
Last Post by Gav
G'day Graham H. 285  Scott Simpson  23-Nov-00 10:41 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
Graham, anybody, PLEASE, quarry marks in the GP!!! 309  13  Pete Knight  23-Nov-00 10:04 
Last Post by Pete Knight
Eyes Wide Shut . . . slander 273  mark grant  23-Nov-00 02:56 
Last Post by mark grant
believe 261  charles stewart  23-Nov-00 00:06 
Last Post by charles stewart
Challenge to Drs Edlin and Conspiracy 398  20  Graham Hancock  22-Nov-00 21:39 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
FANTASTIC NEW BOOK 254  gemstone  22-Nov-00 21:18 
Last Post by gemstone
Ancient Egyptians 263  Glen DeCosta  22-Nov-00 20:38 
Last Post by Glen DeCosta
Gratitude/Ancient Egyptians 299  Glen DeCosta  22-Nov-00 20:35 
Last Post by Glen DeCosta
The Ark of the Covenant found? 336  12  MagiBob  22-Nov-00 19:57 
Last Post by mcotie
To Julia and Brad 264  Christophe Leijnen  22-Nov-00 17:23 
Last Post by Michael
NATURE & Cold Fusion 328  Steve Y  22-Nov-00 17:20 
Last Post by Steve Y
Spence and Precession 212  16  Andy  22-Nov-00 15:32 
Last Post by John Lennon
Question for you Mr. Hancock. 266  Adriel  22-Nov-00 14:18 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
Has anyone here got a science based degree?>&gt 382  21  Nigel Rose  22-Nov-00 12:40 
Last Post by AVON
The ancient city around pyramids 257  MArk Chan  22-Nov-00 06:47 
Last Post by Atonmses
Dr Conspiracy is just wasting time.... 290  10  Michael  22-Nov-00 02:13 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
Spence and Precession Revisited 290  Andy  22-Nov-00 01:10 
Last Post by Andy
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