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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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NAZIS? 313  52  CSICOP  02-Dec-00 18:32 
Last Post by Mia Z.
the Upuaut project 331  10  robert  02-Dec-00 18:07 
Last Post by Mia Z.
Welsh Date 335  13  Garrett Fagan  02-Dec-00 18:00 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
Question for Board Moderator 222  Trisha Webber  02-Dec-00 16:28 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
'Moon Correlation' ? 269  Andreas  02-Dec-00 16:08 
Last Post by Vince
Archeocryptography 263  Fuzzy  02-Dec-00 14:40 
Last Post by Fuzzy
C-14 and error? 246  Pilgrim333  02-Dec-00 10:52 
Last Post by robby
THE FUSS WITH ORTHODOXY 390  Randy Johnson  02-Dec-00 03:29 
Last Post by jameske
Lotus flower in Egyptian culture 260  10  Vince  02-Dec-00 00:35 
Last Post by Chronos
Brythonic - Egyptian burials & boats 242  Siôn  01-Dec-00 22:50 
Last Post by Siôn
shafts in GP aimed at 2500BC? 256  Christophe L.  01-Dec-00 22:46 
Last Post by William John Meegan
a typical response of mr. Fagan 354  11  Christophe Leijnen  01-Dec-00 20:47 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
grand theory part 3 318  17  oziris  01-Dec-00 19:17 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
Today's human races, tomorrow's sub species 317  10  MArk Chan  01-Dec-00 16:16 
Last Post by MArk Chan
Possibility of a second sphinx on the Giza plateau 285  Gary Waddington  01-Dec-00 08:17 
Last Post by Ingemar Svensson
Fagan vs. Hancock 294  15  Christophe Leijnen  01-Dec-00 04:51 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
Orthodox thinking verses common sense 256  Vince  01-Dec-00 03:20 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
i have had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 365  12  laura  01-Dec-00 02:07 
Last Post by Vince
CSICOP retires 302  23  CSICOP  01-Dec-00 02:03 
Last Post by Vince
Hancock's Challenge: A Response 456  38  Garrett Fagan  01-Dec-00 01:57 
Last Post by William John Meegan
Chariots of the Gods 247  Mia Z.  01-Dec-00 01:21 
Last Post by Vince
a typical response of an 'academic' 232  Christophe L.  01-Dec-00 00:26 
Last Post by Vince
Newcomer 206  Benjamin  30-Nov-00 23:32 
Last Post by William John Meegan
Winter Solstice Greetings 266  Atlantida  30-Nov-00 21:00 
Last Post by Atlantida
website 344  WLM  30-Nov-00 20:37 
Last Post by WLM
The Veil of Isis: Mysteries of the Druids 241  oziris  30-Nov-00 20:33 
Last Post by oziris
Debate 306  15  Garrett Fagan  30-Nov-00 19:54 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
Shamir 294  Jim Lewandowski  30-Nov-00 18:08 
Last Post by Jim Lewandowski
To Graham Hancock 309  William John Meegan  30-Nov-00 15:51 
Last Post by Mark
CARBON 14 DEBATE 263  Graham Hancock  30-Nov-00 14:56 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
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