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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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CARBON 14 DEBATE 246  Graham Hancock  30-Nov-00 14:56 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
Indigo 259  Indigo  30-Nov-00 14:45 
Last Post by Indigo
Please conseed Graham. 271  Ingemar Svensson  30-Nov-00 12:35 
Last Post by laura
NAZISM IS AN EVIL SCOURGE 259  Graham Hancock  30-Nov-00 11:06 
Last Post by Christophe Leijnen
Food Production 239  Paul  30-Nov-00 07:24 
Last Post by Ingemar Svensson
Graham, about those images + all others readers of 252  13  Andrew Allen  30-Nov-00 03:29 
Last Post by snc
ALL THIS SLAGGING OFF 240  Geoff Stocks  30-Nov-00 02:28 
Last Post by jameske
Fact or Theory? 178  Stephen Dyson  30-Nov-00 02:10 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
IF ITS A LIE WHY WORRY? 228  DOC AARDVARK  30-Nov-00 00:55 
A few words from the 'person on the street' 198  Axxe  30-Nov-00 00:43 
Last Post by Geoff Stocks
Monastery 205  Ignatius  29-Nov-00 23:50 
Last Post by Ignatius
James Whale show last night... 192  Trisha Webber  29-Nov-00 21:53 
Last Post by Trisha Webber
Heaven's Mirror 235  Stacey  29-Nov-00 19:47 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
Enough!!!!!!!! 255  14  WLM  29-Nov-00 18:25 
Last Post by laura
Critical 224  16  Garrett Fagan  29-Nov-00 17:32 
Last Post by Changa
new here - Coral castle to start 276  Jim Lewandowski  29-Nov-00 16:56 
Last Post by Changa
Latest news on the findings in Wales 244  Brian E Clark  29-Nov-00 16:55 
Last Post by Brian E Clark
Academia & the Historical Record 269  25  William John Meegan  29-Nov-00 16:49 
Last Post by Mia Z.
grand theory of everything + holes 235  oziris  29-Nov-00 16:25 
Last Post by Mia Z.
Zecharia Sitchin 200  M. Doucet  29-Nov-00 11:33 
Last Post by Larry
Kabbalistic Tree of Life - last post in series 280  William John Meegan  28-Nov-00 23:25 
Last Post by Stef
Hancock's Methods: Age of Antartican Ice 248  Garrett Fagan  28-Nov-00 15:00 
Last Post by Garrett Fagan
arc of the covenant 251  simon ellis  28-Nov-00 11:25 
Last Post by Ingemar Svensson
Underworld? 215  Ingemar Svensson  28-Nov-00 11:19 
Last Post by Ingemar Svensson
The power plant of Giza 267  14  Carlos (cmsahe)  28-Nov-00 11:04 
Last Post by Bryan
Hancock's Methods: Tiwanaku 659  Garrett Fagan  28-Nov-00 02:33 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
Appeal to Graham Hancock 344  31  Sarah  28-Nov-00 01:22 
Last Post by William John Meegan
OPEN LETTER TO THE BBC 291  20  Graham Hancock  27-Nov-00 21:10 
Last Post by William John Meegan
Kabbalistic Tree of Life analyzed 259  William John Meegan  27-Nov-00 13:58 
Last Post by William John Meegan
Kate Spence and Originality 292  Andy  27-Nov-00 13:18 
Last Post by Atlantida
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