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NEW THEORY - Stars Said To Tell Age of Pyramids 232  mark grant  17-Nov-00 00:37 
Last Post by jameske
geographic and gemometric relationships between an 269  Jim Alison  16-Nov-00 20:03 
Last Post by Jim Alison
Go get 'em, Graham... 176  sweetpea  16-Nov-00 18:45 
Last Post by PeterR
Scotish Pyramids... 214  Sky  16-Nov-00 10:45 
Last Post by JPA
Genesis of the Grail Kings 291  12  oziris  16-Nov-00 01:48 
Last Post by Halbared
ALIENS (please dont laugh)............ 243  21  laura  16-Nov-00 01:33 
Last Post by Halbared
Carbon Dating 199  vince  15-Nov-00 20:59 
Last Post by vince
Phoenix Unveiled 185  Julia  15-Nov-00 20:31 
Last Post by Sharif
Channelling 217  Gav  15-Nov-00 16:14 
Last Post by laura
the BBC controversy 227  laura  15-Nov-00 15:26 
Last Post by peterk
"Where is the link?" 149  William John Meegan  15-Nov-00 13:43 
Last Post by William John Meegan
2012 278  12  vicki ireland  15-Nov-00 11:38 
Last Post by Michael
Giants- Myth or Reality 226  13  BRAD ISHERWOOD  15-Nov-00 08:33 
Last Post by Brad
Aliens...a new twist.... 214  laura  15-Nov-00 05:30 
Last Post by Pilgrim333
13th constellation 194  Pilgrim333  15-Nov-00 05:21 
Last Post by Pilgrim333
Olmec Heads 258  Sion  15-Nov-00 01:56 
Last Post by Sky
I wonder some information about Qin Tomb in Cathay 189  Jeff Tsung  14-Nov-00 23:41 
Last Post by oziris
IMAGE HELP! 219  Andrew Allen  14-Nov-00 23:18 
Last Post by Ronny Adsetts
HTTP Errors (Are We Being Blocked??) 153  Michael  14-Nov-00 18:29 
Last Post by Sky
What happened to the Hall of Records?? 236  Adriel  14-Nov-00 13:47 
Last Post by peterk
Sometimes experts have to re-evaluate 145  Baggie  14-Nov-00 13:19 
Last Post by Baggie
Garret come home!!! 242  Brad  14-Nov-00 10:53 
Last Post by Duncan
Myth, Osiris numbers and history 163  Ingemar Svensson  14-Nov-00 07:58 
Last Post by Ingemar Svensson
great books to read 170  laura  14-Nov-00 07:47 
Last Post by George Coghill
What's a ton? 162  Ingemar Svensson  14-Nov-00 07:32 
Last Post by Ingemar Svensson
Thought-Provoking Ideas 374  Cindy  14-Nov-00 07:27 
Last Post by George Coghill
Credit Card Companies 222  Baggie  14-Nov-00 07:05 
Last Post by George Coghill
The Sirius Mystery 258  Derek Lynas  14-Nov-00 06:37 
Last Post by George Coghill
Ed Leedskalnin 237  George Coghill  14-Nov-00 06:29 
Last Post by George Coghill
DNA & the Cosmic Serpent 225  oziris  14-Nov-00 00:48 
Last Post by oziris
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