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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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An Earl Gray Moment! 228  Barbara  09-Dec-00 17:10 
Last Post by Bryan
Book: THe Chinese Roswell 204  30  MArk Chan  09-Dec-00 13:04 
Last Post by MArk Chan
Roots of Atlantis 213  16  Christophe L.  09-Dec-00 07:09 
Last Post by Brad
sign and the seal........ 232  laura  09-Dec-00 02:18 
Last Post by Margaret
???STRUCTURE??? !!! ;-) 261  39  MARS REVEALER  09-Dec-00 00:33 
Last Post by Margaret
For William John Meegan 274  vince  08-Dec-00 20:48 
Last Post by vince
A book 234  Updok  08-Dec-00 15:32 
Last Post by Dr X
Ancient Egyptian helicopters 301  26  Fuzzy  08-Dec-00 14:02 
Last Post by David Allan
Stargate Conspiracy - Unanswered Questions 300  42  Davinho  08-Dec-00 09:46 
Last Post by laura
Kheper 247  Barbara  08-Dec-00 01:23 
Last Post by Barbara
Garrett's thoughts on Sign and Seal 251  Carl Uhlar  07-Dec-00 19:29 
Last Post by Carl Uhlar
something special to...... 219  Edwin  07-Dec-00 18:16 
Last Post by Andy
Was I right to challenge Fagan? 280  21  Graham Hancock  07-Dec-00 15:30 
Last Post by MArk Chan
Post an image 258  Fuzzy  07-Dec-00 13:19 
Last Post by laura
To Garret Fagan's brother Mark: your question 200  mark grant  07-Dec-00 12:39 
Last Post by Ariel
Genetic study roots humans in Africa 236  JPA  07-Dec-00 11:07 
Last Post by JPA
sphinx 237  Barbara  07-Dec-00 10:14 
Last Post by cdog
Millenium Man - Oldest human remains found! 325  JPA  07-Dec-00 10:12 
Last Post by Bryan
Cydonia - Sillbury Hill correlation 249  J. Matte  07-Dec-00 09:35 
Last Post by Scanda
Graham Hancock: Sirius : pyramid texts 322  12  Christophe L.  07-Dec-00 09:01 
Last Post by Gav
Graham read please 233  oziris  07-Dec-00 02:12 
Last Post by Margaret
on Avry, Fagan-Hancock, credibility and Colin Wils 255  mark grant  06-Dec-00 22:35 
Last Post by Andreas
Graham Hancock on Dutch TV 235  Christophe L.  06-Dec-00 21:19 
Last Post by Dave Wrenne
Time for light-hearted fun..... 253  12  laura  06-Dec-00 21:01 
Last Post by Debbie Parkinson
Views on Nazca lines? 218  Christophe Leijnen  06-Dec-00 20:56 
Last Post by Cindy
The Fagan-Hancock debates, and credibility 484  38  mark grant  06-Dec-00 18:18 
Last Post by MArk Chan
IS GARRETT FAGAN A COWARD? 503  25  Graham Hancock  06-Dec-00 18:11 
Last Post by MArk Chan
WONDERFUL........... 240  laura  06-Dec-00 17:47 
Last Post by Cindy
serpents 132  peterk  06-Dec-00 17:25 
Last Post by peterk
Baalbek 152  10  Greg Bellah  06-Dec-00 16:30 
Last Post by Mia Z.
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