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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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Nostradamus 175  Kees  20-Dec-00 22:51 
Last Post by Geoff
The updated Horizon 80  Mark Eagle  20-Dec-00 22:41 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
Nazka Lines 166  Clifford E. Carter, Jr.  20-Dec-00 22:35 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
Speculation Vs. Scholarship 174  12  Chris  20-Dec-00 22:25 
Last Post by Simon M
Let's ALL give in a little 140  Thomas Reeve  20-Dec-00 22:15 
Last Post by Geoff
Abydos Hieroglyphs 111  20  steve w  20-Dec-00 21:55 
Last Post by Geoff
Pyramid Const. Records 174  10  William T.  20-Dec-00 20:50 
Last Post by William T.
A suggestion for Xmas Gifts/reading . 154  Troy Donohue  20-Dec-00 13:44 
Last Post by Troy Donohue
Egypt and Atlantis 155  65  Lars  20-Dec-00 10:18 
Last Post by Thoth
Hall of Records 87  15  Steven Turner  20-Dec-00 09:41 
Last Post by R. Avry Wilson
Underwater in Japan 178  13  Ian Alex Blease  20-Dec-00 02:46 
Last Post by jameske
GRAHAM question on the ECD 176  steve williamson  20-Dec-00 01:25 
Last Post by steve w
Suckers 126  27  Ian Alex Blease  20-Dec-00 01:21 
Last Post by steve w
Forgotten land :INDIA 143  21  pras kan  20-Dec-00 01:07 
Last Post by steve w
essential reading 139  15  Gary  19-Dec-00 23:57 
Last Post by Bryan
Sharif 180  Julia  19-Dec-00 23:16 
Last Post by Sharif
Olmecs 117  Ian Alex Blease  19-Dec-00 20:30 
Last Post by Ian Alex Blease
Holiday Time 157  Ian Alex Blease  19-Dec-00 19:53 
Last Post by Ian Alex Blease
here's a good one! 98  gareth  19-Dec-00 19:44 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
Sphinx erosion Again 126  20  Kees  19-Dec-00 18:48 
Last Post by Kees
There never was an Atlantis was dreamed up by dre 207  50  Philip Gould  19-Dec-00 18:43 
Last Post by Mia Z.
Smoking Mirror 184  15  Brad  19-Dec-00 18:32 
Last Post by oziris
Evidence 121  Dave R  19-Dec-00 18:20 
Last Post by Mia Z.
Mr. Bauval: difference of 5 degrees in 10,500 BC, 114  Christophe L.  19-Dec-00 18:05 
Last Post by Mia Z.
How did they do it? 100  13  Dave  19-Dec-00 17:52 
Last Post by Mia Z.
Edgar Cayce, "Hall of Records" 146  Steven Turner  19-Dec-00 17:22 
Last Post by Mia Z.
'Indiana' Hancock and the Temple of Truth (Part 1) 166  25  eyeswideopen?  19-Dec-00 17:04 
Last Post by Mia Z.
Stop and think 163  13  Andy T  19-Dec-00 16:19 
Last Post by Oberon
Hieroglyphs for Barbara! 132  16  Vince  19-Dec-00 16:17 
Last Post by gareth
the existence of christ? 250  12  gareth  19-Dec-00 15:11 
Last Post by Fuzzy
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