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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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Last Post by Mercury Rapids
BAFFLED!!!!!!! 158  38  laura  31-Dec-00 17:13 
Last Post by Ronny Adsetts
Y'er high school math! 127  Kees  31-Dec-00 16:46 
Last Post by Ruud
Dear Laura RE:Baffled 152  15  Geoff  31-Dec-00 16:04 
Last Post by steve w
Last Post by Bryan
New Year Wish List !! 94  14  Debbie Parkinson  31-Dec-00 11:40 
Last Post by R. Avry Wilson
pyramid planets? 108  11  martin  31-Dec-00 11:39 
Last Post by sandy
Prejudice 140  Kees  31-Dec-00 11:04 
Last Post by Xenophanes
For Laura & all ... 65  SpokesPerson  31-Dec-00 10:54 
Last Post by laura
Discovery 138  David Brown  31-Dec-00 08:37 
Last Post by David Brown
Navel of the Universe 119  Paul Hill  31-Dec-00 08:11 
Last Post by Harry
Records 158  Xan  31-Dec-00 07:59 
Last Post by Xan
Hancock is an Alien 122  28  Spooked  31-Dec-00 07:01 
Last Post by Steve from Australia
Interesting geomotry... ;-) 197  MARS REVEALER  31-Dec-00 06:37 
Last Post by Steve from Australia
Rock drawings 121  Julia C  31-Dec-00 05:25 
Last Post by don
Moving megaliths 169  36  Ryan  31-Dec-00 02:23 
Last Post by Bryan
pyramid dimension 133  martin  31-Dec-00 01:11 
Last Post by Kees
Secret Tunnels? 111  17  Mark  30-Dec-00 22:30 
Last Post by steve w
Ringed Stars 117  Jane Richards  30-Dec-00 20:18 
Last Post by Jane Richards
Ancient contact 122  Brad  30-Dec-00 19:30 
Last Post by Brad
Tonights thought!!!!! 93  laura  30-Dec-00 18:40 
Last Post by martin
Olmec programme 95  Jill E Harris  30-Dec-00 14:18 
Last Post by R. Avry Wilson
Earth-Killing Asteriods... 132  27  Steve from Australia  30-Dec-00 12:41 
Last Post by Xenophanes
Talks etc 96  Paul Mattock  30-Dec-00 11:54 
Last Post by Julia C
The Astronomer,s rebuttal 102  Jill E Harris  30-Dec-00 11:37 
Last Post by Jill E Harris
flood 114  17  Adrian  30-Dec-00 03:19 
Last Post by Adrian
are roads this important? -peru 115  steve w  29-Dec-00 20:30 
Last Post by steve w
are roads this important?? -egypt 137  steve w  29-Dec-00 20:27 
Last Post by steve w
A/E Gold Mines-Turin Papyrus 178  14  Atlantida  29-Dec-00 18:38 
Last Post by Atlantida
Sphinx? 166  Marcus Fox  29-Dec-00 16:22 
Last Post by laura
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