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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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controversy for controversy's sake? 165  John Christenson  14-Dec-00 22:04 
Last Post by John Christenson
Ref: Atlantis Reborn Again 155  Dave Wrenne  14-Dec-00 22:02 
Last Post by Dave Wrenne
The Lost Knowledge 213  Luke Wilkins  14-Dec-00 21:58 
Last Post by Luke Wilkins
TOny Poe/Kurtz & Kurtz(Ret)/Indiana Jones/Mick 183  Randy Johnson  14-Dec-00 21:46 
Last Post by Randy Johnson
secret chamber... 197  Kjell  14-Dec-00 21:31 
Last Post by P@D
MAYAN CODICES, ET AL 239  21  Cindy  14-Dec-00 21:03 
Last Post by Cindy
More Sphinx Erosion 173  Oberon  14-Dec-00 21:00 
Last Post by Oberon
A topic which went out of hand! 150  Gav  14-Dec-00 20:51 
Last Post by Brad
To be or not to be Senior... 190  Robert G. Bauval  14-Dec-00 20:50 
Last Post by Randy Johnson
Old ancient batteries in Egypt 193  13  Christophe L.  14-Dec-00 20:15 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
An Inquiry for Robert Bauval 212  Rickoshay  14-Dec-00 19:55 
Last Post by Rickoshay
new book 189  Rendel  14-Dec-00 19:43 
Last Post by Rendel
Y does nobody ever speak of India? 255  11  Harry  14-Dec-00 18:38 
Last Post by Randy Johnson
I am retiring 233  15  Walter E Kurtz  14-Dec-00 18:14 
Last Post by MIckey Mouse
Monkey Zen 142  13  George Coghill  14-Dec-00 17:58 
Last Post by Andy T
The Sign and The Seal 227  12  Ashuley Yeh  14-Dec-00 16:36 
Last Post by Barbara
Tonights Horizon 174  JPA  14-Dec-00 12:48 
Last Post by JPA
MODERATOR 139  Brad  14-Dec-00 12:18 
Last Post by Bryan
Argonauts-----> Atlantis 209  12  Christophe L.  14-Dec-00 10:59 
Last Post by Brad
the year 10500bc 161  ian rumsey  14-Dec-00 10:26 
Last Post by ian rumsey
Osiron and Valley Temples-Robert or Graham 195  Brad  14-Dec-00 08:34 
Last Post by Brad
pyramids 178  tony  14-Dec-00 07:25 
Last Post by tony
Message for Barbara 187  Vince  14-Dec-00 07:01 
Last Post by tony
Message for Laura n/t 148  Barbara  14-Dec-00 03:42 
Last Post by Barbara
Khufu's Sarcophagus 248  10  Mercury Rapids  14-Dec-00 00:31 
Last Post by matt
Board use suggestion 207  14  Fuzzy  13-Dec-00 23:59 
Last Post by laura
Sphinx Erosion Pattern 241  35  Vince  13-Dec-00 23:56 
Last Post by laura
FOR THOSE WHO HAVE VISITED THE PYRAMIDS 167  richard  13-Dec-00 21:59 
Last Post by richard
Finger Prints of the Geeks 178  12  Walter E. Kurtz  13-Dec-00 21:29 
Last Post by Andy
Dante 147  Barbara  13-Dec-00 21:11 
Last Post by Barbara
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