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Murribecca pyramids? 222  Grant  03-Jan-01 23:00 
Last Post by Margaret
Are we Nostradamus in disguise? 107  Mark  03-Jan-01 22:52 
Last Post by Margaret
top of great pyramid 114  Harry  03-Jan-01 22:23 
Last Post by Geoff
Tech question 134  Oberon  03-Jan-01 21:51 
Last Post by Oberon
Denderah Puzzlements 77  10  Rickoshay  03-Jan-01 20:15 
Last Post by Brad
info search 123  LI PO  03-Jan-01 20:06 
Last Post by LI PO
City Beneath Dead Sea 140  Oberon  03-Jan-01 19:07 
Last Post by Oberon
Old English myths 126  16  Rob Rutter  03-Jan-01 18:52 
Last Post by Rob Rutter
Comparative ideologies..... 132  10  Herne  03-Jan-01 18:44 
Last Post by Herne
Oldish Giza News 132  sandy  03-Jan-01 17:36 
Last Post by Dave
True north or magnetic? 118  peterk  03-Jan-01 16:56 
Last Post by Barbara
Crystals 128  Santa  03-Jan-01 16:51 
Last Post by JPA
Uriel's Machine...??????? 115  17  laura  03-Jan-01 12:45 
Last Post by R. Avry Wilson
FAO: Robert Bauval 155  10  jameske  03-Jan-01 08:20 
Last Post by Robert G. Bauval
Mortality Event 140  27  William T.  03-Jan-01 05:28 
Last Post by Barbara
From the Moderator 149  Sharif  03-Jan-01 05:17 
Last Post by William T.
Moon over Giza 123  Brad  03-Jan-01 02:56 
Last Post by Barbara
Is this a devastated city on Mars? 157  28  Mercury Rapids  03-Jan-01 02:07 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
HAPPY NEW YEAR 124  William John Meegan  03-Jan-01 02:04 
Last Post by Geoff
Seach for symbols on a braclet 115  Aida Krauss  03-Jan-01 00:24 
Last Post by Barbara
Want to see the ISS? 124  Fuzzy  03-Jan-01 00:12 
Last Post by Geoff
Three Kings 146  22  sandy  02-Jan-01 23:54 
Last Post by Margaret
Hi Laura! 139  Margaret  02-Jan-01 22:47 
Last Post by laura
Truely Global ---Thanks 134  William T.  02-Jan-01 19:46 
Last Post by Geoff
NEW YEAR... NEW FACE!! ;-) 147  MARS REVEALER  02-Jan-01 19:21 
Topic for the new Millennium 103  16  Bryan  02-Jan-01 18:50 
Last Post by sandy
Boloids for the Sphinx? 144  10  sandy  02-Jan-01 18:46 
Last Post by sandy
Hoagland 112  13  matt  02-Jan-01 17:32 
Last Post by William John Meegan
Pyramid Orion Symbolism 90  18  Randall  02-Jan-01 14:57 
Last Post by Ian Guthrie
Concerned....... 68  R. Spiskitts  02-Jan-01 14:29 
Last Post by mauro vitali
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