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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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Artic Ice Thinning 110  William T.  22-Dec-00 23:59 
Last Post by William T.
10,500 BC and all that jazz 166  23  Robert G. Bauval  22-Dec-00 23:49 
Last Post by tony
Uk Neolithic Sites 139  Santa  22-Dec-00 20:09 
Last Post by Julia M
What was "The Star of Bethlehem"? 155  17  Atlantida  22-Dec-00 19:37 
Last Post by Atlantida
For Rationality 107  vince  22-Dec-00 19:29 
Last Post by vince
sharif -underworld off Peru? 128  steve w  22-Dec-00 16:19 
Last Post by Sharif
Offer of assistance 108  john lawrence  22-Dec-00 16:19 
Last Post by john lawrence
tombs and tombs only? 88  Dr E  22-Dec-00 15:09 
Last Post by Jim Lewandowski
writing on the wall 115  34  sandy  22-Dec-00 12:59 
Last Post by sandy
The NiloSyrtis Triangle! ;-) 120  MARS REVEALER  22-Dec-00 11:14 
Last Post by R. Avry Wilson
Merry Christophe and Happy New Year 120  Walter E Kurtz  22-Dec-00 03:01 
Last Post by Geoff
Oral traditions as Evidence 105  Sri Kowtha  22-Dec-00 02:49 
Last Post by Sri Kowtha
Unfairness 93  23  sandy  22-Dec-00 02:02 
Last Post by William T.
Abydos hieroglyphs 120  Sir Alan Gardener  22-Dec-00 01:30 
Last Post by Barbara
Reflection 150  Barbara  22-Dec-00 01:27 
Last Post by Barbara
The War of Ideas 163  anonymous  22-Dec-00 00:41 
Last Post by Bryan
Abydos hieroglyphs - Models ? 174  SpokesPerson  21-Dec-00 23:59 
Last Post by Geoff
Mithras 86  22  Barbara  21-Dec-00 23:18 
Last Post by Geoff
Pole Shift 71  21  sandy  21-Dec-00 23:00 
Last Post by Geoff
Ian Alex 146  William T.  21-Dec-00 22:35 
Last Post by Chris
Tiahuanaco 134  Daniel James  21-Dec-00 18:24 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
eruption 194  14  javier  21-Dec-00 14:51 
Last Post by sandy
Facing South 121  Robert G. Bauval  21-Dec-00 14:48 
Last Post by Hans Baas
trufax 123  javier  21-Dec-00 13:35 
Last Post by javier
Check this out... 138  kheros  21-Dec-00 12:55 
Last Post by JPA
Kate Spence Error Negates Hypothesis 111  Andy  21-Dec-00 10:21 
Last Post by Andy
Ancient Surgery? 115  Barbara  21-Dec-00 04:37 
Last Post by Barbara
Apologies about spelling 216  Ian Alex Blease  20-Dec-00 23:52 
Last Post by Geoff
On the dragon 109  Philip  20-Dec-00 23:39 
Last Post by Barbara
Chat Rooms 205  Mercury Rapids  20-Dec-00 23:33 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
Current Page: 706 of 726