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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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The Earth's bubble 136  Kees  06-Jan-01 13:57 
Last Post by Fuzzy
Spinx at Giza 146  11  Ken  06-Jan-01 13:09 
Last Post by laura
Read to understand 116  42  Ian Alex Blease  06-Jan-01 12:25 
Last Post by Bryan
Graham & Robert 50  sandy  06-Jan-01 12:11 
Last Post by sandy
Sunspots, magnetic shifts and crustal shifts 110  16  Fuzzy  06-Jan-01 11:10 
Last Post by Kees
Bauval's current book? 99  15  Richard Schwartz  06-Jan-01 10:55 
Last Post by Andy
Wobble 147  sandy  06-Jan-01 10:12 
Last Post by sandy
Newgrange 65  Patrick O'Connor  06-Jan-01 09:15 
Last Post by Harry
Coverup and ignorance at Gizeh 123  19  Faith  06-Jan-01 03:54 
Last Post by PATRICK
Gobi Desert 120  Diana  06-Jan-01 03:36 
Last Post by Diana
To All 154  11  Barbara  06-Jan-01 03:24 
Last Post by Katherine
cocaine in egyptian mummy 98  10  equal  06-Jan-01 03:06 
Last Post by Katherine
The Asteroid 'IF' 145  22  R. Avry Wilson  06-Jan-01 02:18 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
Sphinx, GP, and work pool 140  Katherine  06-Jan-01 01:53 
Last Post by Alessandro
Lost civilization location 195  39  Ryan  06-Jan-01 00:32 
Last Post by mike martin
A PLEA TO ALL................8-] 153  14  laura  05-Jan-01 23:13 
Last Post by William T.
Sphinx and the Giza plateau 164  20  Katherine  05-Jan-01 19:21 
Last Post by Mercury Rapids
To Sandy, and anybody else 109  Ian Alex Blease  05-Jan-01 19:17 
Last Post by Ian Alex Blease
UK-pyramids-9pm GMT 92  steve w  05-Jan-01 18:10 
Last Post by Moz
Regarding the Pyramid Texts 135  Ian Alex Blease  05-Jan-01 17:32 
Last Post by Ian Alex Blease
Before Khufu 85  Brien  05-Jan-01 16:57 
Last Post by steve w
BOOKS FOR JULIA - DONT ASK!!!!!!! - nomore ahhh!! 159  23  Geoff  05-Jan-01 16:52 
Last Post by Ian Alex Blease
the Duat 189  11  Stephen McMurray  05-Jan-01 16:51 
Last Post by Barbara
Secret Atlantis Dig 121  JMatte  05-Jan-01 16:41 
Last Post by steve w
Cayce snippet 143  14  RichardJohn  05-Jan-01 16:14 
Last Post by steve w
For Mr Bauval 97  Ian Alex Blease  05-Jan-01 16:04 
Last Post by Ian Alex Blease
a not so new twist on precession 109  mark grant  05-Jan-01 15:25 
Last Post by mark grant
? for Graham - Lake Titicaca 117  Cosmicsoup  05-Jan-01 15:01 
Last Post by Cosmicsoup
Jim Alison's findings 82  Seraph  05-Jan-01 14:56 
Last Post by Kees
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