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Hall of the Ancestors (GHMB Article) 1,107  29  Scott Creighton  27-Jan-18 18:53 
Last Post by Morten
Jacob's discovery 487  14  DavidK  27-Jan-18 11:52 
Last Post by DavidK
Is Long Meg Monolith Egyptian? 270  cee hall  27-Jan-18 08:12 
Last Post by rodz111
The Problem With Mercer's Pyramid Texts 2,735  319  R Avry Wilson  27-Jan-18 02:23 
Last Post by cladking
Possible Origin of Scota 241  cee hall  27-Jan-18 00:57 
Last Post by cee hall
360 and the relations to natural numbers 1,343  35  Andre T  25-Jan-18 16:32 
Last Post by rodz111
Intelligent Design and Human Origins 2,159  504  MichaelG  21-Jan-18 15:52 
Last Post by rodz111
European Megaliths Trail, 299  rodz111  21-Jan-18 03:21 
Last Post by rodz111
Is Isis really the Giza Plateau? 359  kborissov  20-Jan-18 23:20 
Last Post by kborissov
Physicians of the Gods: A Theory Exploring the Mysterious Hand Bags and Pinecones. 677  TGreeneIII  19-Jan-18 13:19 
Last Post by miked9995
Theory about why they built the pyramids. Mr Graham. 1,273  100  nellyjesus28  19-Jan-18 05:55 
Last Post by kirass
Scan Pyramids Project 8,061  366  Dr. Troglodyte  17-Jan-18 23:56 
Last Post by Warwick
Let there be Phos :) 1,635  135  magisterchessmutt  17-Jan-18 15:13 
Last Post by DavidK
Impacts and catastrophic ice sheet melting; an alternative sequence? 449  16  drdavidanderson  16-Jan-18 18:48 
Last Post by Aine
GP Design Theory - Trial Upload Drawings 355  M. J. Thomas  13-Jan-18 18:40 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Oak Island Latest Discovery - Well Preserved Roman Sword 1,991  30  warrenb  13-Jan-18 00:07 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Great Pyramid, Kings Chamber, Coffer, Antechamber. 1,898  88  Jon Ellison  13-Jan-18 00:02 
Last Post by Jon Ellison
Cymatics Experiment in the Great Pyramid 334  WVK  12-Jan-18 23:03 
Last Post by WVK
The Great Pyramid: Early Reflections & Ancient Echoes 387  WVK  12-Jan-18 13:55 
Last Post by WVK
"Nazca Lines" in Cancun, Mexico 457  Andre T  12-Jan-18 11:40 
Last Post by jackyboy
This topic has been moved.: Climate change, jets and jet streams. 12  drdavidanderson  11-Jan-18 13:12 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Ancient Stone Technology : A Journey 1,946  147  Barbelo  11-Jan-18 03:36 
Last Post by Nemobutwhatiimagian
Missing Island Found, Did it Kill the Dead Sea? 328  Lowelldw64  10-Jan-18 18:34 
Last Post by Lowelldw64
Why Does GH Denies the Bosnian Pyramids? 2,375  100  Buildreps  10-Jan-18 07:52 
Last Post by Albert Mag
Speed of Light 539  19  molder  10-Jan-18 01:27 
Last Post by molder
The Nature of Horus in the Pyramid Texts. 3,654  328  cladking  09-Jan-18 23:58 
Last Post by drew
This topic has been moved.: Something big 169  tika  08-Jan-18 17:16 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Jaljulia Prehistoric Tools 296  Dr. Troglodyte  08-Jan-18 17:00 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
How to confirm right orientation calculations from Giza? 268  mmstud  08-Jan-18 14:33 
Last Post by mmstud
This topic has been moved.: Rodin coil vortex math and the pyramid as a superweapon 96  Aiewate  06-Jan-18 21:08 
Last Post by Anonymous User
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