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This topic has been moved.: Monoatomic Gould again. 14  gulsbo  01-Aug-17 18:35 
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This topic has been moved.: Grand Canyon formation 70  Mitch Belles  30-Jul-17 12:32 
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Pharaonic Era Tomb Rediscovered? 364  Dr. Troglodyte  29-Jul-17 17:34 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Rosetta Stone 3D Scan Online 327  Dr. Troglodyte  29-Jul-17 10:37 
Last Post by Merrell
Pyramid Construction Hypothisis 416  BohemianRaconteur  28-Jul-17 19:57 
Last Post by dong
Sound 600  34  gulsbo  28-Jul-17 14:39 
Last Post by gulsbo
The Great Pyramid, Tiwanaku and the Seed of Life 378  Andre T  27-Jul-17 11:39 
Last Post by Andre T
The Roman Passus, English Yard, and Phi 343  Dr. Troglodyte  27-Jul-17 10:49 
Last Post by molder
This topic has been moved.: Communism. Have we been doing it wrong? 36  tpeugh  26-Jul-17 06:45 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Baalbek and the Fourth Dimension 387  Andre T  25-Jul-17 14:19 
Last Post by Thanos5150
If Pyramids are not Tombs, then where are the Pharaohs? 623  19  Thanos5150  25-Jul-17 04:22 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Gobekli Tepi 357  25-Jul-17 00:37 
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This world-first outback discovery will rewrite the history of Australia 445  chinsk  22-Jul-17 17:20 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
This topic has been moved.: Geological Presence of the Historical Mars 27  Enigcom  22-Jul-17 16:41 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Egyptian Legend of Saurit the Pyramid Builder - possibly Enoch? 1,121  25  IanHusbands  22-Jul-17 09:42 
Last Post by Merrell
The Connection Between The Earth, Geometry and The Precession of The Equinoxes 587  12  Andre T  21-Jul-17 08:05 
Last Post by Patrick Geryl
tutankhamun scarab brooch depicts comet hitting earth 401  Wicked_paul  20-Jul-17 20:28 
Last Post by Warwick
Easter Island Location 617  19  manxom  19-Jul-17 00:41 
Last Post by Reagent
gobekli tepe buried? 1,164  MormonDiogenes  17-Jul-17 21:22 
Last Post by SallyA
12 battles of "(King) Arthur" 871  Rofhessa  17-Jul-17 18:53 
Last Post by Rofhessa
polar shift and ice core data 409  Open mind  17-Jul-17 16:39 
Last Post by SallyA
40,000-Year-Old Rope-Making Tool 1,274  40  Dr. Troglodyte  17-Jul-17 11:51 
Last Post by molder
Evidence Why the Pyramids were Built During the Dynastic Period- Give it Your Best Shot. 3,001  424  Jon Ellison  15-Jul-17 20:11 
Last Post by Spiros
a collated Khufu = Jacob evidences list 1,826  Rofhessa  15-Jul-17 19:21 
Last Post by Rofhessa
Avebury Stone Square 841  Dr. Troglodyte  14-Jul-17 21:47 
Last Post by Andre T
JOHN MAJOR JENKINS: RiP- Mar 4, 64 - Jul 2, 17 416  Poster Boy  14-Jul-17 13:28 
Last Post by Graham Hancock
GEOMETRICAL INSPIRATIONS (4) 3_4_5_6 2,403  50  Horatech  13-Jul-17 06:10 
Last Post by Horatech
The Golden Ratio and Geometric Shapes 333  Andre T  11-Jul-17 18:18 
Last Post by AstralDruid
5,000 Yr. old, Richest temple on Earth, with an Unopened Door 1,090  21  Deep1  11-Jul-17 01:54 
Last Post by drew
there's always something new and interesting on this site 462  Racho  10-Jul-17 00:07 
Last Post by Racho
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