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Possible method for raising large stones 407  V_Starling  30-Sep-17 12:56 
Last Post by V_Starling
This topic has been moved.: Plato's soul Study 176  GODmystery  30-Sep-17 08:22 
Last Post by Anonymous User
This topic has been moved.: true coordinates of ancestors GIZA 72  GODmystery  30-Sep-17 06:23 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Eye of horus 63/64 revisited 308  GODmystery  30-Sep-17 04:17 
Last Post by GODmystery
alternative explanation to the boss's / knobs 898  72  Racho  30-Sep-17 00:36 
Last Post by cladking
Introducing prehistoric claims to joint authorship of the ground plan of Giza's great pyramids 2,012  51  Jiri Mruzek  29-Sep-17 22:40 
Last Post by Jiri Mruzek
The fossils that could rewrite human history 1,448  55  M. J. Thomas  28-Sep-17 23:20 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Lathe Turned Pillars Hoysaleswara Temple, India 12th Century AD 395  17  Thanos5150  28-Sep-17 22:01 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Dating old rocks 298  markbe  28-Sep-17 00:32 
Last Post by Reagent
Dolmens in Montana 1,392  16  Fsbirdhouse  27-Sep-17 20:31 
Last Post by Barbelo
The Jews and the Vedas 994  11  Deep1  27-Sep-17 17:27 
Last Post by SallyA
It was all about Athens! 532  27  Eddie Larry  27-Sep-17 09:49 
Last Post by Vanya
Megalithic Strangers Passing in the Night 847  29  Thanos5150  27-Sep-17 04:04 
Last Post by Origyptian
The Sphinx Internal Chamber - 1914 Report 398  Ancient Architects  27-Sep-17 00:00 
Last Post by Apap
Tuck's Orion Precession Theory! 1,453  56  stephentuck25  25-Sep-17 07:47 
Last Post by stephentuck25
Göbekli Tepe question, observation 572  8madhatter8  25-Sep-17 05:26 
Last Post by Reagent
Great Pyramid and the Pleiades 464  V_Starling  24-Sep-17 18:47 
Last Post by V_Starling
Question about Basalt Quarry on Easter Island 365  Andre T  23-Sep-17 19:28 
Last Post by Reagent
Yangshan Quarry - China 1,927  75  Robert Jameson  22-Sep-17 23:38 
Last Post by Robert Jameson
Ancient device to heal the Body, Soul or Both? 273  Lowelldw64  22-Sep-17 22:09 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Seeking Mathematical Clarification 312  Mesothalassa  21-Sep-17 23:16 
Last Post by Mesothalassa
23 More Wrecks Found at Greek Hotspot for Sunken Ships 686  Thanos5150  21-Sep-17 16:49 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Gospel of John - isopsephy analysis 288  Spiros  20-Sep-17 20:10 
Last Post by Spiros
Sudden Rise of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Rome, America 709  11  Culture  18-Sep-17 14:28 
Last Post by Culture
4th Dynasty Tomb of Debhen-Pyramids and Buildings 480  Thanos5150  17-Sep-17 15:44 
Last Post by Thanos5150
you be the judge... 433  Racho  15-Sep-17 19:01 
Last Post by Thunderbird
Greenland discovery 746  14  Cyrusapollo  15-Sep-17 16:17 
Last Post by Cyrusapollo
Polygonal Masonry, Great Pyramid, Ascending Passage,Girdle Stones,Graphics. 615  Jon Ellison  15-Sep-17 14:22 
Last Post by Jon Ellison
The Chachapoya people and the Empire of the Incas - David Drew lecture 29th Sept 367  dcca  14-Sep-17 15:46 
Last Post by dcca
Is Tell Khaiber shown on the Egyptian Narmer palette? 760  31  MDaines  13-Sep-17 04:16 
Last Post by Thanos5150
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