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Ruins of Old Earth 587  Steve Clayton  27-Jan-17 19:27 
Last Post by warrenb
Messenger Megaliths 424  Robert Jameson  27-Jan-17 02:50 
Last Post by Robert Jameson
Holes in the theory that pyramids were built by predynastic civilizations 2,339  424  Apollo355  26-Jan-17 21:49 
Last Post by Martin Stower
Ancient Egyptian Artwork. "Primitivism". 824  100  Jon Ellison  24-Jan-17 20:19 
Last Post by Jon Ellison
This topic has been moved.: Humanity's poor smell sense. Evolutionary +? 68  Step Sideways  24-Jan-17 18:43 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Precession of the Equinoxes 419  Remedios  24-Jan-17 12:24 
Last Post by hendrik dirker
This topic has been moved.: marked souls 21  David L  23-Jan-17 21:03 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Wedge marks 1,033  92  gulsbo  23-Jan-17 20:17 
Last Post by gulsbo
a plea for a reset 519  laughin  22-Jan-17 04:42 
Last Post by cladking
How did they level the Pyramids? 586  30  Steve Clayton  21-Jan-17 02:49 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
Unlocking the paw chamber 388  TWiM  20-Jan-17 05:27 
Last Post by TWiM
Sarcophagus found in 150 million year old rock 458  uncertain_skeptic  19-Jan-17 23:04 
Last Post by uncertain_skeptic
Basalt Stonework of the Hittites 468  12  Thanos5150  19-Jan-17 22:28 
Last Post by gulsbo
Chocolate Slabs 254  Steve Clayton  19-Jan-17 19:57 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
Maybe the Giza Pyramids were built under water? 467  12  Apollo355  19-Jan-17 18:17 
Last Post by Warwick
Where in the World? 469  15  Thanos5150  19-Jan-17 09:58 
Last Post by D-Archer
Ancient 'hand bags' or what? 1,098  62  dmatherly  18-Jan-17 16:38 
Last Post by ldennyjr
The Speed of Light & The Coordinates of The Great Pyramid 632  20  Cain  17-Jan-17 21:39 
Last Post by Buildreps
Enough water, to lift 100% of all the stones? 792  26  Steve Clayton  17-Jan-17 16:56 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
Possible Discovery Of Ancient Mother And Baby With Elongated Heads In Bolivia 1,620  65  Thanos5150  16-Jan-17 21:21 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Brien Foerster's new infant skull discovery ... red hair, Paracus type cranium .. 296  SallyA  16-Jan-17 17:50 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Do the Old Kingdom Egyptians and Pyramids Date to the 3rd Millennium? 398  21  Thanos5150  16-Jan-17 15:52 
Last Post by Martin Stower
AT SIXES AND SEVENS WITH DAHSHUR 1,030  27  Graham Chase  16-Jan-17 11:39 
Last Post by Graham Chase
This topic has been moved.: moses in australia 57  lindrich  16-Jan-17 01:50 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Were the Egyptian Pyramids Used As Tombs II 4,371  562  R Avry Wilson  13-Jan-17 00:13 
Last Post by Merrell
GEOMETRICAL INSPIRATIONS (3) 3,115  125  Horatech  12-Jan-17 04:35 
Last Post by Horatech
Double helix symbol 510  Erl  09-Jan-17 21:32 
Last Post by Remedios
Lizard Men, Cro-Magnon, Elongated Skulls, Malta, and Fat Ladies. 886  56  Thanos5150  09-Jan-17 05:48 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Pre-flood Giantism 853  10  megohm  06-Jan-17 18:21 
Last Post by Thunderbird
Should be stone complexes in Northern Europe 360  Blake  05-Jan-17 22:50 
Last Post by Blake
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