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Dolmens of North Caucasus 326  kborissov  30-Apr-18 11:19 
Last Post by Aham
Shigir idol and proto-Ogham runes? 454  cee hall  29-Apr-18 17:58 
Last Post by cee hall
New Discovery: The Meridian Of Greenwich Secretly Commemorates Atlantis, Today Called Antarctica. 421  Jean Seimple  29-Apr-18 14:25 
Last Post by Jean Seimple
This topic has been moved.: Evidence of Egyptian/Indus valley/american civilizations found in Auckland, New Zealand. Pascal geoglyph. 214  Aucklandeye  27-Apr-18 15:54 
Last Post by Anonymous User
The Lost Early Dynastic Cemetery of El-Reqaqna 469  Thanos5150  25-Apr-18 17:27 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Just something to consider...a short and sweet sort of post 1,106  153  Racho  25-Apr-18 02:05 
Last Post by Open mind
Healing Rods, Wands of Horus (or Ra, Isis, etc.)... 2,272  57  Origyptian  24-Apr-18 21:37 
Last Post by Origyptian
Hole Drilling Granite 432  33  Steve Clayton  24-Apr-18 14:48 
Last Post by Warwick
FYI Arsenical bronze 243  Steve Clayton  23-Apr-18 15:59 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan 270  ldennyjr  23-Apr-18 13:06 
Last Post by ldennyjr
How to cut an arch into stone 244  Steve Clayton  23-Apr-18 03:55 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
This topic has been moved.: The Miniature Coffins of Arthur's Seat jnisbet  21-Apr-18 20:46 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Case for an Older Baalbek 1,086  117  Thanos5150  20-Apr-18 22:57 
Last Post by Barbelo
I'm 7 minutes into this vid and ...older stuff is on top of the newer? 345  Racho  20-Apr-18 06:36 
Last Post by Racho
Dromberg .Co. Cork 1,025  20  molder  19-Apr-18 05:48 
Last Post by molder
Pompeii 350  Thunderbird  18-Apr-18 19:52 
Last Post by Thunderbird
Did an extinct civilisation pre-date mankind on Earth? 409  M. J. Thomas  18-Apr-18 13:02 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
First Europeans survived climate change following ‘super-eruption’ by working together, say archaeologists 230  Redwood1  17-Apr-18 23:20 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Art Bell has died. 379  Archaic  17-Apr-18 22:11 
Last Post by drrayeye
Encoded in PI--- 1,205  74  PhiPIandI  17-Apr-18 20:36 
Last Post by rodz111
Gold deposits 325  eedavrao  17-Apr-18 19:14 
Last Post by Duketown
Djoser 508  13  thirdpal  12-Apr-18 21:06 
Last Post by Warwick
Jiroft Culture Stepped Pyramid Ziggurats c. 2500BC, Iran 928  76  Thanos5150  12-Apr-18 20:46 
Last Post by Barbelo
Why core dill the Pyramids. 410  Steve Clayton  11-Apr-18 02:00 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
Jacob's discovery 843  15  DavidK  09-Apr-18 20:34 
Last Post by DavidK
Stonehenge - New(ish) Theory and crackin' video 331  M. J. Thomas  09-Apr-18 13:38 
Last Post by Jon Ellison
Comet Research Group - Upcoming work + Thoughts 300  jboosted92  08-Apr-18 05:12 
Last Post by Audrey
Let there be Phos :) 2,018  138  magisterchessmutt  07-Apr-18 20:01 
Last Post by DavidK
The function of the Great Pyramid of Giza finally came to light 2,246  96  kborissov  07-Apr-18 19:15 
Last Post by kborissov
Meltwater Pulsa 1A and 1B 273  jboosted92  07-Apr-18 19:13 
Last Post by jboosted92
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