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4th Dynasty Pottery Workshop with Potter's Wheel Found at Aswan 1,347  114  Thanos5150  08-Aug-18 03:31 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
Return to Sacsayhuaman 716  44  Sirius7237  07-Aug-18 14:04 
Last Post by Origyptian
Let's End Our Silly Imaginations... THIS Was How The Pyramids Were Built 1,437  52  Apollo355  04-Aug-18 05:52 
Last Post by Horatech
Sirius the Dog Star 248  Poster Boy  04-Aug-18 05:22 
Last Post by Poster Boy
2nd pyramid using imperial measure the coffer and height 197  molder  04-Aug-18 05:12 
Last Post by molder
Vyse's Fraud Revisited 480  21  MLloydHudson  02-Aug-18 18:36 
Last Post by MLloydHudson
Göbeklitepe, the Atlanteans and the Younger Dryas 517  Bamparan  02-Aug-18 03:28 
Last Post by Audrey
Precession: Age Of Descent 227  udylus  31-Jul-18 22:09 
Last Post by udylus
This topic has been moved.: what came first, Giza or Apollo 11? Spiros  31-Jul-18 20:32 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Basalt tube found 1,176  172  Steve Clayton  31-Jul-18 06:56 
Last Post by Jon Ellison
Pyramids of Giza 202  SocialSkins  30-Jul-18 07:19 
Last Post by SocialSkins
Sacred Numbers 348  33  molder  28-Jul-18 23:43 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Avebury Face 356  KsFisher  27-Jul-18 23:36 
Last Post by KsFisher
GP's correlation to Speed of Light in Meters: Odds 1,222  118  Poster Boy  27-Jul-18 18:05 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Beyond coincidence 722  94  Susan Doris  27-Jul-18 15:00 
Last Post by Susan Doris
The Harris and Stockdale Megalithic Foot 1,133  10  DavidK  26-Jul-18 23:18 
Last Post by DavidK
The Geometry of a Nubian pyramid 992  50  cloister  26-Jul-18 19:31 
Last Post by cloister
Neanderthals MADE fire 175  solaremp  26-Jul-18 18:07 
Last Post by solaremp
Egyptian Pulley / Block and Tackle 262  15  Steve Clayton  26-Jul-18 17:26 
Last Post by WVK
DNA evidence and 'mother' civilisation 322  InquisitiveMind  26-Jul-18 00:03 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
14,400-year-old Bread Causes Major Re-think on the Birth of Agriculture 372  11  solaremp  25-Jul-18 17:11 
Last Post by Susan Doris
This topic has been moved.: Problem with font in 'Mysteries' forum. 59  M. J. Thomas  25-Jul-18 10:10 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Graham Hancock looks into the cracks 730  72  Martin Stower  25-Jul-18 04:34 
Last Post by Martin Stower
Paradox: How the megalithic yard might exist and yet not exist 384  gjb  24-Jul-18 21:48 
Last Post by DavidK
current engineering 184  malbro555  23-Jul-18 22:47 
Last Post by malbro555
From Maeshowe Orkney to Giza ? 184  DUNE  23-Jul-18 19:31 
Last Post by DUNE
Clovis Point Confusion 159  KsFisher  23-Jul-18 15:18 
Last Post by KsFisher
This topic has been moved.: Missing or Hidden From the Archaeological Record? KsFisher  23-Jul-18 14:11 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Creighton takes it to Atlantis Rising (again) 734  41  Martin Stower  22-Jul-18 00:41 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
A 240  anna  21-Jul-18 16:24 
Last Post by anna
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