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This topic has been moved.: Magnetic Pole-Shift Underway?? Deep1  05-Feb-19 15:15 
Last Post by Anonymous User
How was the Lehner Line designed? 305  Spiros  02-Feb-19 23:03 
Last Post by Spiros
Purpose Of The King's Chamber 248  JohnHermes  02-Feb-19 11:52 
Last Post by JohnHermes
GEOMETRICAL INSPIRATIONS THE CODE _ 2 4,949  103  Horatech  02-Feb-19 11:31 
Last Post by Horatech
Egyptian Pyramids. What was their true function? 1,608  77  kborissov  01-Feb-19 23:56 
Last Post by Martin Stower
Megalithic Unit: Meayll, Isle of Man 172  gjb  01-Feb-19 18:56 
Last Post by gjb
The Giza Plan, further findings 2 1,566  69  DUNE  01-Feb-19 11:16 
Last Post by DUNE
Malay Seafarers and the Dingo 331  engbren  30-Jan-19 06:11 
Last Post by engbren
Off-Topic… unlikely as the "tomb" theory... 350  36  Martin Stower  30-Jan-19 00:01 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Establishing relationships between the cubit, the megalithic yard and the metre at the GP 544  18  DavidK  29-Jan-19 12:10 
Last Post by DavidK
The Sphinx Internal Chamber - 1914 Report 953  Ancient Architects  28-Jan-19 12:05 
Last Post by Martin Stower
Göbeklitepe, the Atlanteans and the Younger Dryas 991  Bamparan  28-Jan-19 02:54 
Last Post by mrvco
O C T allegation. . . clarification? 1,207  107  Poster Boy  27-Jan-19 21:28 
Last Post by Sirfiroth
Cart Ruts Explanation 1,991  30  Barbelo  27-Jan-19 20:11 
Last Post by Barbelo
The Giant, the Net, the fish and the boat. Was Sneferu bored? 190  engbren  27-Jan-19 13:24 
Last Post by engbren
This topic has been moved.: What Happened to james Swagger? 65  the.dudermensch  26-Jan-19 23:41 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Constellation of Leo works, Orion still not with Stellarium 462  Ahmed  25-Jan-19 22:59 
Last Post by Ahmed
G1 Thermal Anomaly Hoax? 1,057  116  Thanos5150  25-Jan-19 20:11 
Last Post by cladking
This topic has been moved.: Matt Sibson of Ancient Architects Plagiarizing My Work 76  Thanos5150  24-Jan-19 15:27 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Re: universal song sheet II 1,177  11  michael seabrook  24-Jan-19 00:05 
Last Post by michael seabrook
The 47th problem. Masonic link to GIZA. 903  28  cloister  23-Jan-19 19:46 
Last Post by cloister
Thoth the inventor of Astronomy and Writing 207  engbren  23-Jan-19 05:25 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Where are the crowns? 669  13  eyeofhorus33  22-Jan-19 21:43 
Last Post by engbren
The Harris and Stockdale Megalithic Foot 1,796  18  DavidK  22-Jan-19 14:51 
Last Post by DavidK
Khufu’s Pyramid Located 278  Dr. Troglodyte  20-Jan-19 02:32 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Albert Perry 269  Bill W  19-Jan-19 20:49 
Last Post by gulsbo
A question of Orientation , Hemiunu's mastaba 220  DUNE  18-Jan-19 16:50 
Last Post by Spiros
Polaris as latitude 366  Spiros  18-Jan-19 13:03 
Last Post by Spiros
Could the Great Pyramid be taller than we think? 429  engbren  17-Jan-19 05:50 
Last Post by engbren
Watching this vid...reminded me of the Elephant carver. 209  Racho  16-Jan-19 09:00 
Last Post by Racho
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