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This topic has been moved.: The Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment on Google Earth 831  Robert Jameson  06-Sep-18 12:10 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Largest Pyramid in Romania 715  53  D-Archer  06-Sep-18 04:55 
Last Post by Barbelo
This topic has been moved.: Birkeland Sand Hills Robert Jameson  05-Sep-18 21:47 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Sharing some 'bright insight' on topic of Atlantis... 289  12  Racho  05-Sep-18 18:43 
Last Post by Racho
Did the Romans have taps? 473  19  molder  04-Sep-18 13:27 
Last Post by Susan Doris
Khufu Fossil Stone 413  Dr. Troglodyte  03-Sep-18 18:23 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
Neolithic Nile Discovery 184  Dr. Troglodyte  03-Sep-18 16:49 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Things that spin 1,193  152  Steve Clayton  03-Sep-18 04:00 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
Megalithic Tetris Blocks 351  25  D-Archer  31-Aug-18 23:55 
Last Post by D-Archer
Atlantis, north pole, Earth tilt 2,837  65  michael seabrook  31-Aug-18 19:18 
Last Post by andy_mac_27
Ancient Canal Builders - United States 260  Race Jackson  30-Aug-18 23:25 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
A 4th Missing Black Pyramid makes Sence? 171  Lowelldw64  29-Aug-18 17:04 
Last Post by Lowelldw64
Mysterious Isopsephy Samples 2,605  40  Spiros  29-Aug-18 08:14 
Last Post by D-Archer
Elongated Skulls of the Levant c. 7500BC + More 232  Thanos5150  28-Aug-18 03:21 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Did a giant tsunami end Malta Neolithic culture 993  14  Mike D  26-Aug-18 12:35 
Last Post by JonnyMcA
Scan Pyramids Project 9,069  427  Dr. Troglodyte  25-Aug-18 01:49 
Last Post by Lee McGiffen
Underwater ancient megalithic structures! Depth and dates?!? 144  BrandonR149  24-Aug-18 23:03 
Last Post by BrandonR149
Metal Staples that Held Ancient Structures Proof they were placed in Soft Material like Concrete? 188  Lowelldw64  24-Aug-18 22:35 
Last Post by Race Jackson
UNBELIEVABLE 972  36  Jean Seimple  24-Aug-18 22:27 
Last Post by DavidK
Gault Archaeological Site 501  11  Dr. Troglodyte  24-Aug-18 21:06 
Last Post by KsFisher
9600 BC - Age of Scorpius? 308  Dr. Sunil  22-Aug-18 21:14 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
This topic has been moved.: Cap Stone of Great Pyramid Re-Examined & More! 17  Lowelldw64  22-Aug-18 15:21 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Is OCT valid? 991  133  Spiros  21-Aug-18 14:18 
Last Post by Lee McGiffen
help! i need to know the celestial coordinates of GIZA pyramid 218  GODmystery  21-Aug-18 07:18 
Last Post by GODmystery
Opus Mundialis Rostau 2,858  102  drew  21-Aug-18 04:46 
Last Post by SallyA
Were they Powering remote Locations around the World using the Great Pyramid? 142  Lowelldw64  21-Aug-18 00:31 
Last Post by Lowelldw64
The Zep Tepi Orion alignments 113  Spiros  20-Aug-18 19:35 
Last Post by Spiros
Persuasive Evidence of the Ancient Manipulation of Pi? 1,974  85  DavidK  20-Aug-18 19:08 
Last Post by DavidK
Great Pyramid and pole star 'Vega' 402  19  denisey  20-Aug-18 11:18 
Last Post by Sirfiroth
Black sarcophagus found in Egypt - news 866  43  Open mind  19-Aug-18 18:38 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
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