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The history of 360 degrees 931  29  danny  12-Aug-17 22:47 
Last Post by molder
The Sumero-Egyptian Great Lioness speaks 306  MDaines  11-Aug-17 13:32 
Last Post by cladking
Sa-Nakht the ‘Giant’ 395  22  Dr. Troglodyte  11-Aug-17 08:31 
Last Post by Merrell
Question About Constellations and Ancient Civilizations 311  NoirGuitarSuperstar  10-Aug-17 19:30 
Last Post by NoirGuitarSuperstar
GEOMETRICAL INSPIRATIONS THE CODE _ 2 632  15  Horatech  10-Aug-17 11:36 
Last Post by Horatech
Understanding mythology 239  gulsbo  10-Aug-17 06:19 
Last Post by gulsbo
This topic has been moved.: Huge pyramid or structure on the moon 73  Excalibrate  09-Aug-17 11:11 
Last Post by Anonymous User
We are missing...something. Archaic Mysteries. 891  15  Archaic  09-Aug-17 00:24 
Last Post by regreq
This topic has been moved.: Pyramids as EMP devices Thom Lawson  08-Aug-17 16:02 
Last Post by Anonymous User
NEW PAPER ON GOBEKLI TEPE AND YOUNGER DRYAS IMPACT 659  dalegoodyear  08-Aug-17 14:23 
Last Post by citpeks
Scan Pyramids Project 6,128  308  Dr. Troglodyte  08-Aug-17 08:49 
Last Post by DUNE
Did the ancient Egyptians find a way to hack the matrix? 2,030  86  michael seabrook  06-Aug-17 21:07 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Tut’s ‘Z’ Bed 409  18  Dr. Troglodyte  05-Aug-17 21:10 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Possible Discovery Of Ancient Mother And Baby With Elongated Heads In Bolivia 3,337  178  Thanos5150  05-Aug-17 16:21 
Last Post by Thanos5150
The mile is 96 feet too long??? 470  10  tpeugh  05-Aug-17 14:42 
Last Post by rodz111
Shocking Truth. Egyptian Empire Has Been Relocating And Disguised Themselves as Sumerians, Mayans, Aztechs etc.. 292  danraleigh  05-Aug-17 00:03 
Last Post by danraleigh
The Bent Pyramid guide 471  waggy  04-Aug-17 20:14 
Last Post by waggy
Pyramids. Not Tomb 985  49  gulsbo  04-Aug-17 08:06 
Last Post by D-Archer
The Dorje - Proof of a World God 923  49  loveritas  04-Aug-17 04:43 
Last Post by SallyA
Gobekli Tepe's monoliths 251  Dboydell  03-Aug-17 22:13 
Last Post by Dboydell
Sephiroth and Solomon's Temple 302  40  Robert Bauval  03-Aug-17 16:08 
Last Post by Spiros
the mysterious Baka distance 906  Spiros  03-Aug-17 05:47 
Last Post by dumbleweed
Unsubstantiated claims? 447  11  gulsbo  02-Aug-17 19:05 
Last Post by gulsbo
Is this a Missing link to Ancient Societies..? 394  Griff  02-Aug-17 01:02 
Last Post by Griff
This topic has been moved.: Monoatomic Gould again. 14  gulsbo  01-Aug-17 18:35 
Last Post by Anonymous User
This topic has been moved.: Grand Canyon formation 70  Mitch Belles  30-Jul-17 12:32 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Mysterious Isopsephy Samples 631  Spiros  30-Jul-17 00:24 
Last Post by Spiros
Pharaonic Era Tomb Rediscovered? 311  Dr. Troglodyte  29-Jul-17 17:34 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Rosetta Stone 3D Scan Online 283  Dr. Troglodyte  29-Jul-17 10:37 
Last Post by Merrell
Pyramid Construction Hypothisis 359  BohemianRaconteur  28-Jul-17 19:57 
Last Post by dong
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