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Where was Atlantis? 564  31  rkmcquillen  21-Apr-19 02:49 
Last Post by Wheeler
The Triptych and the Pyramid 432  18  Robert Jameson  20-Apr-19 23:54 
Last Post by Robert Jameson
Moving 6 ton blocks with just human power 49  John Frum  20-Apr-19 19:36 
Last Post by Race Jackson
The Warriors of Sanauli 53  Deep1  20-Apr-19 18:34 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
great pyramid eight side design 313  17  mikekhufu  20-Apr-19 13:44 
Last Post by cladking
Found an amazing new place to think about 1,418  22  Racho  20-Apr-19 07:49 
Last Post by Racho
This topic has been moved.: Electric Universe 31  Race Jackson  20-Apr-19 04:17 
Last Post by Anonymous User
The King as Pyramid 6,077  467  cladking  19-Apr-19 13:54 
Last Post by cladking
Sound forming rocks 147  zbuckholz  19-Apr-19 13:23 
Last Post by Open mind
The modern continuation of the "seven sages" or lost civilization 223  Aldenpat  19-Apr-19 02:58 
Last Post by Race Jackson
The Three Stone Ships from the East - of the Giza Plateau 1,402  56  MDaines  18-Apr-19 04:33 
Last Post by SandyJesse
Tuck's Orion Precession Theory! 2,389  85  stephentuck25  18-Apr-19 04:23 
Last Post by Thanos5150
The Sphinx 281  Questioner777  17-Apr-19 20:10 
Last Post by Warwick
Who built Stonehenge? Why? 418  10  TimMarsh  17-Apr-19 07:03 
Last Post by DUNE
This topic has been moved.: What are the benefits of doing shradh? 20  tirthpurohit  16-Apr-19 10:00 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Out of Africa to the Amazon? 208  Dr. Sunil  15-Apr-19 12:42 
Last Post by AWSX
The Giza Plan, further findings 2 2,409  94  DUNE  15-Apr-19 08:57 
Last Post by molder
America Before 483  Archaic  14-Apr-19 10:27 
Last Post by Who is John Galt
Charles C. Abbott 155  KsFisher  13-Apr-19 20:05 
Last Post by KsFisher
Hueyatlaco & Virginia Steen-Macintyre 411  38  neilwilkes  13-Apr-19 16:54 
Last Post by KsFisher
This topic has been moved.: Theory for how the Giza Pyramid blocks were put in place 30  Sirhope  12-Apr-19 07:00 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Egyptology debate 910  117  11-Apr-19 18:30 
Last Post by Warwick
This topic has been moved.: Linked orthogonal rotations 27  Fractaan  11-Apr-19 02:07 
Last Post by Anonymous User
This topic has been moved.: Black Hole Imaged For First Time? (an alternative approach) 11  Spiros  10-Apr-19 15:13 
Last Post by Anonymous User
G1 do the survey's really reflect the intended dimensions? 490  40  Sirfiroth  10-Apr-19 14:56 
Last Post by Sirfiroth
This topic has been moved.: The impossible science of the number 666 59  Sergio Gatti  10-Apr-19 12:17 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Origin of Baselength and height of GP 535  55  engbren  09-Apr-19 14:02 
Last Post by engbren
Persuasive Evidence of the Ancient Manipulation of Pi? 2,814  88  DavidK  09-Apr-19 12:30 
Last Post by DavidK
David Kenworthy Cracking the Megalithic Code 4,008  105  molder  08-Apr-19 14:22 
Last Post by DavidK
Interview with Graham on AMERICA BEFORE: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization 468  Archaic  08-Apr-19 13:38 
Last Post by treyzinbox
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