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Sumero-Egyptian Kings of the Sedge, the Bee, and the Beer 175  MDaines  24-Feb-18 13:20 
Last Post by MDaines
The Giza Plan, further findings. 4,948  232  DUNE  24-Feb-18 13:03 
Last Post by DUNE
metric and imperial system in GP coincidence? 236  13  molder  24-Feb-18 12:51 
Last Post by rodz111
The King as Pyramid 2,495  269  cladking  24-Feb-18 12:02 
Last Post by Origyptian
Ancient Egyptian time measurement 41  atul.seth  24-Feb-18 10:31 
Last Post by atul.seth
Schist Disc. Tri Lobed Disc. Design Geometry. 1,142  42  Jon Ellison  24-Feb-18 08:22 
Last Post by Jon Ellison
The function of the Great Pyramid of Giza is finally cracked 1,105  71  kborissov  24-Feb-18 03:02 
Last Post by cladking
Who was Anubis? Who was the king? Why Anubis appeared when King died? Weighing of the Heart in Egyptian mythology 187  kborissov  23-Feb-18 19:14 
Last Post by kborissov
144,000 casing stones, really? 791  169  Poster Boy  23-Feb-18 18:04 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Geysers vs, Funuculars 115  Steve Clayton  22-Feb-18 21:54 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
GEOMETRICAL INSPIRATIONS THE CODE _ 2 2,541  55  Horatech  21-Feb-18 23:31 
Last Post by Horatech
Re: The Nineveh Constant. (Could be Saturn......) 114  PhiPIandI  21-Feb-18 18:56 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
GP's correlation to Speed of Light in Meters: Odds 278  25  Poster Boy  21-Feb-18 17:59 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Passing of John Anthony West 1,547  17  Laird Scranton  21-Feb-18 04:58 
Last Post by lander1234
Limestone block with mason’s marks, found near G 2000 231  Martin Stower  20-Feb-18 13:45 
Last Post by Morten
The Great Pit of Zawyet El Aryan in Egypt 215  DUNE  20-Feb-18 13:25 
Last Post by DUNE
Mans Origins South America & Migration To North America 594  coffee2ful  20-Feb-18 03:14 
Last Post by coffee2ful
Thom's Megalithic Yard and the Imperial System 920  19  DavidK  20-Feb-18 02:59 
Last Post by rodz111
Laser Scans Reveal Maya "Megalopolis" Below Guatemalan Jungle 344  Thanos5150  20-Feb-18 02:38 
Last Post by Poster Boy
Location of the Great Pyramid Capstone underneath Oak Island 1,542  31  Pifaaso  19-Feb-18 19:37 
Last Post by Pifaaso
Giza design 238  Spiros  19-Feb-18 19:23 
Last Post by Spiros
DNA links earliest Britons to Black Africans 620  61  Laird Scranton  19-Feb-18 17:24 
Last Post by Lobsang
If Pyramids are not Tombs, then where are the Pharaohs? 1,410  63  Thanos5150  19-Feb-18 17:08 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Similar images across the Atlantic 226  Curiousity;Seeker  19-Feb-18 15:45 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
The Sumerian King List 241,200BC? 334  Itsacraig  19-Feb-18 14:45 
Last Post by Origyptian
Why do we eat grass? 195  Marcusdrake  19-Feb-18 06:57 
Last Post by Reagent
Cheops pyramid: Kassel engineering scientists provide surprising insights into the closure of the burial chamber 245  10  M. J. Thomas  19-Feb-18 01:52 
Last Post by Origyptian
This topic has been moved.: Mars exploration by corporate interests. 75  Itatw70s  19-Feb-18 00:07 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Rotated (or horizontal) numerals in Campbell’s Chamber 873  170  Martin Stower  18-Feb-18 23:33 
Last Post by Martin Stower
The Zeroth Ordinal 556  60  Dr. Troglodyte  18-Feb-18 21:07 
Last Post by Spiros
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