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Fuxion Lake 81  Mitch  23-Jul-16 01:40 
Last Post by Mitch
Possible Discovery Of Ancient Mother And Baby With Elongated Heads In Bolivia 545  58  Thanos5150  22-Jul-16 16:07 
Last Post by Thunderbird
The Square Root of Three 286  Jon Ellison  21-Jul-16 20:42 
Last Post by atul.seth
Evidence Why the Pyramids were Built During the Dynastic Period- Give it Your Best Shot. 482  50  Jon Ellison  21-Jul-16 18:37 
Last Post by Thunderbird
Khufu’s ‘Primitive Machine’ 1,003  181  Dr. Troglodyte  21-Jul-16 15:56 
Last Post by Thanos5150
A Secret of The Great Pyramid. 1,740  38  drew  21-Jul-16 04:33 
Last Post by drew
Knowledge, language and mathematics 440  31  atul.seth  21-Jul-16 04:13 
Last Post by drew
Cubit, Niche and Wave phenomena 125  atul.seth  20-Jul-16 19:43 
Last Post by Jon Ellison
Was Giza built from a super geometric plan 3,958  291  DUNE  20-Jul-16 19:15 
Last Post by DUNE
Time 78  CaptTonz  20-Jul-16 17:50 
Last Post by Thunderbird
The Royal Cubit and the Seked - and a Lost Civilisation 336  24  M. J. Thomas  20-Jul-16 17:34 
Last Post by Sirfiroth
More megalithic walls...they're just all over the world 995  47  Ratcho  20-Jul-16 17:23 
Last Post by Thunderbird
how the pyramids were built 170  ara pena  20-Jul-16 16:02 
Last Post by David L
Laboratory of Alternative History 183  Open mind  18-Jul-16 17:47 
Last Post by Archae Solenhofen
Please start a new Creighton Khufu thread 1,520  411  Thunderbird  17-Jul-16 19:26 
Last Post by Warwick
Orientation of Gobekli Tepi Site 167  edweed  17-Jul-16 14:34 
Last Post by Yourconscience
Evidence Why the Pyramids Were Built Before the Dynastic Period-Give It Your Best Shot 1,036  291  Thanos5150  17-Jul-16 13:32 
Last Post by OCaptain
The Mastabas of Meidum- A New Perspective 461  22  Thanos5150  17-Jul-16 00:59 
Last Post by Thanos5150
23 More Wrecks Found at Greek Hotspot for Sunken Ships 116  Thanos5150  16-Jul-16 16:30 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Great Flood fully global or not? 216  Rofhessa  16-Jul-16 13:23 
Last Post by Heron
This topic has been moved.: Mystery Solved - Tetraploid Humans Built the Megalithic Structures 66  KillerB1956  15-Jul-16 02:04 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Who Built Gobleki Tepi? Pyramid?? 373  41  Jon Ellison  14-Jul-16 22:02 
Last Post by atul.seth
Moving huge stone is easy 873  98  Thunderbird  14-Jul-16 01:21 
Last Post by Thunderbird
Ayios Tychonas-Klimonas – 9th Century B.C. 139  Dr. Troglodyte  13-Jul-16 18:03 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Upnaut 183  monkeybus  12-Jul-16 11:37 
Last Post by monkeybus
Statement from Dominique Görlitz: still pending? 438  Martin Stower  11-Jul-16 20:51 
Last Post by Martin Stower
Creighton's Chemical Analysis Claim - False? 227  loveritas  11-Jul-16 20:46 
Last Post by Martin Stower
Scott Creightons , New Book,The Great Pyramid Hoax 359  DUNE  11-Jul-16 18:31 
Last Post by DScribr
OCT proponents ALERT 767  12  hendrik dirker  11-Jul-16 07:39 
Last Post by hendrik dirker
This topic has been moved.: The Mesopotamians. 130  Thanos5150  11-Jul-16 04:31 
Last Post by Anonymous User
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