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A Secret of The Great Pyramid. 988  15  drew  24-May-16 22:53 
Last Post by Jiri Mruzek
Ancient Natural languages 48  atul.seth  24-May-16 21:47 
Last Post by Origyptian
Stone Softening Implications 248  13  Open mind  24-May-16 21:45 
Last Post by Origyptian
Creighton Persists Part 2 593  156  JonnyMcA  24-May-16 19:58 
Last Post by R Avry Wilson
sumerian human creation 66  Angenia  24-May-16 19:40 
Last Post by Angenia
The Square Root of three at 1.7321 that Giza has encoded in its Plan 189  10  DUNE  24-May-16 14:47 
Last Post by DUNE
Archaeological Sensation in Spain: The First Spanish Pyramid Discovered 338  10  warrenb  23-May-16 13:16 
Last Post by Titus Livius
Mysterious geographical features of South Australia 1,968  79  Robert Jameson  23-May-16 13:11 
Last Post by michael seabrook
A Soft Conjecture on Yonaguni 123  Mesothalassa  23-May-16 09:35 
Last Post by Juha
Was Giza built from a super geometric plan 3,495  272  DUNE  22-May-16 14:15 
Last Post by DUNE
Graham.H on c2c - thanks 85  jnl666  22-May-16 11:59 
Last Post by jnl666
This topic has been moved.: JA Wests Travellers Key to Ancient Egypt 89  PENNSKI  21-May-16 14:06 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Creighton persists 2,325  527  Martin Stower  19-May-16 14:31 
Last Post by JonnyMcA
10,000 BC stone site found in Virginia 204  HeronSpirit  19-May-16 09:59 
Last Post by Harte
GEOMETRICAL INSPIRATIONS (3) 1,546  77  Horatech  19-May-16 06:31 
Last Post by Horatech
The Thunder Stone - from 1,500 down to 400 tons 401  36  Jiri Mruzek  19-May-16 03:39 
Last Post by Jiri Mruzek
New article on Giza geometry and possible star alignments by Rodney Hale and Andrew Collins 1,759  10  Andrew collins  19-May-16 00:36 
Last Post by Spiros
Introducing prehistoric claims to joint authorship of the ground plan of Giza's great pyramids 249  Jiri Mruzek  17-May-16 21:17 
Last Post by Jiri Mruzek
faces in mountains! 357  16  leeyoung  17-May-16 06:28 
Last Post by molder
Atlantis, north pole, Earth tilt 567  55  michael seabrook  16-May-16 17:42 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Did Indian Saptarshi go all over the world to restart civilization? 224  ninad007  14-May-16 16:17 
Last Post by Notinham
What God in each major ancient civilization closest to the one, primitive, supreme God? 194  rako  14-May-16 14:37 
Last Post by cladking
Last Post by Dhani Irwanto
Menkaure alignment during the Summer Solstice 94  Spiros  13-May-16 16:36 
Last Post by Spiros
Canadian teenager discovers ancient Mayan city by studying the stars 390  39  Aine  13-May-16 16:03 
Last Post by Aine
Mesopotamian Origin of the Biblical Flood Myth 931  81  Thanos5150  13-May-16 01:45 
Last Post by Thunderbird
Magicians of the Gods - Earth girls are easy 176  Kuruman  12-May-16 15:38 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Mercury on the square(s)? 199  geoffss  11-May-16 06:16 
Last Post by geoffss
Ancient Past Is The Present Future? 147  kieranmeadows  10-May-16 21:26 
Last Post by cladking
Lascaux 22-18K years old 373  robinbillings  09-May-16 13:14 
Last Post by Edmond
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