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For serious discussion of the controversies, approaches and enigmas surrounding the origins and development of the human species and of human civilization. (NB: for more ‘out there’ posts we point you in the direction of the ‘Paranormal & Supernatural’ Message Board). 
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Causeways And The Sun 465  51  Barbelo  23-May-18 02:45 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Let's End Our Silly Imaginations... THIS Was How The Pyramids Were Built 587  38  Apollo355  23-May-18 02:20 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
Scotland's mysterious Carved Stone Balls ... 508  jnisbet  23-May-18 01:11 
Last Post by jnisbet
The function of girdle stones in the Great pyramid 1,383  187  kborissov  23-May-18 00:16 
Last Post by Lee McGiffen
Eclipse prediction and the GP 458  52  DavidK  22-May-18 21:26 
Last Post by DavidK
Schist Disc - How it works 162  12  StephenF  22-May-18 21:10 
Last Post by Jon Ellison
Nahal Mishmar Metallurgical Hoard, Levant c.3500BC-Egypt Connection 473  11  Thanos5150  22-May-18 20:37 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Massive Ancient African Earthworks? 493  23  Prometheus  22-May-18 02:43 
Last Post by spqr
Was Göbekli Tepe Buried? and If so Why? 285  Lowelldw64  22-May-18 01:48 
Last Post by kborissov
Ancient Machining 667  31  Steve Clayton  21-May-18 14:52 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Valley Temple of Unas RAMP 370  64  Thanos5150  21-May-18 03:45 
Last Post by cladking
Well at least one mystery got solved... 352  CalThomas2017  21-May-18 02:23 
Last Post by cladking
Researchers Find Evidence Of Oldest Human Occupation In South America - 40K Years 106  Race Jackson  21-May-18 01:52 
Last Post by Race Jackson
rongorongo translations 59  Kalama  21-May-18 01:31 
Last Post by Kalama
Giza and the Pyramids – Lehner/Hawass 1,976  323  Dr. Troglodyte  20-May-18 19:28 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
Caribbean Sea vs Antarctica. 115  Starbiesweb  20-May-18 17:01 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Proof Ancient People Were not Superstitious! 1,307  306  cladking  19-May-18 14:55 
Last Post by cladking
The Giza Plan, further findings. 6,636  295  DUNE  18-May-18 15:44 
Last Post by DUNE
what happened 70k years ago to make humans almost die out? 208  BRANDON7766  17-May-18 13:42 
Last Post by Aine
Khafre’s Half-Meridian Section – A Study 804  66  Dr. Troglodyte  17-May-18 05:26 
Last Post by DavidK
Thom's Megalithic Yard and the Imperial System 1,754  49  DavidK  16-May-18 09:00 
Last Post by DavidK
The Harris and Stockdale Megalithic Foot 850  DavidK  16-May-18 08:43 
Last Post by DavidK
Schist Disc. Tri Lobed Disc. Design Geometry. 2,149  118  Jon Ellison  16-May-18 03:46 
Last Post by tri-lobe
Pyramid Construction 4,608  568  Thanos5150  15-May-18 18:11 
Last Post by Thanos5150
The Royal Cubit - an interpretation 1,385  125  DavidK  15-May-18 02:56 
Last Post by rodz111
This topic has been moved.: Booked my ticket to Egypt, looking for tips and advice!! 55  Robert Irons  15-May-18 01:18 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Question about the timeline of 11600-5000 years ago 207  JohnConnor  14-May-18 19:25 
Last Post by lalbee
Two New Ancient Cannabis Discoveries 230  15  Chris Bennett 420  14-May-18 19:05 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
The Sarcophagus of Unas, was it originally his ? 204  11  DUNE  14-May-18 18:03 
Last Post by Jon Ellison
Two great systems of time and measure allign 160  molder  14-May-18 03:05 
Last Post by molder
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