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Knowledge, language and mathematics 777  50  atul.seth  28-Aug-16 04:07 
Last Post by drew
proving the location of Atlantis 411  40  Rofhessa  28-Aug-16 02:10 
Last Post by Aine
The cubit. 230  28  Sirfiroth  28-Aug-16 00:08 
Last Post by Luminescence
Origin of the word 'Atlantic' 87  orangebicycle  27-Aug-16 17:02 
Last Post by orangebicycle
Great Pyramid Water - used for energy transport? 73  D-Archer  27-Aug-16 13:24 
Last Post by cladking
May one prove that Egyptians used advanced (by modern standards) technology or knowledge to build pyramids? 848  191  rako  27-Aug-16 13:02 
Last Post by Merrell
Great Pyramid Earth Measure in metres 176  molder  27-Aug-16 04:26 
Last Post by molder
Easter Island boat houses more than appears? 67  Lowelldw64  27-Aug-16 03:23 
Last Post by Lowelldw64
Purpose of G1 83  Open mind  27-Aug-16 03:14 
Last Post by cladking
Relievation 294  12  sherr  26-Aug-16 21:05 
Last Post by sherr
Karabasken 190  Origyptian  26-Aug-16 20:43 
Last Post by Origyptian
Was Giza built from a super geometric plan 4,317  312  DUNE  25-Aug-16 12:56 
Last Post by LonelyAngel
I made a theory to explain the Giza Pyramids... 209  Charles Kos  25-Aug-16 12:43 
Last Post by LonelyAngel
Birkenhead Alignment 388  22  Doc Cartwright  25-Aug-16 00:30 
Last Post by Doc Cartwright
Giza – “Melted Limestone" [?] 775  121  Dr. Troglodyte  24-Aug-16 22:29 
Last Post by cladking
Building Pyramids the EZ way 97  Steve Clayton  23-Aug-16 22:17 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
A simple lever to move large stones 172  Archaic  23-Aug-16 21:09 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
This topic has been moved.: Geocentricsm 68  shad01  23-Aug-16 05:45 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Time to scrap the idea that humans arrived in the Americas by land bridge 249  14  solaremp  21-Aug-16 11:35 
Last Post by Aine
This topic has been moved.: Great Idea! 12  Sirfiroth  19-Aug-16 15:52 
Last Post by Anonymous User
OCT proponents ALERT 908  13  hendrik dirker  18-Aug-16 17:30 
Last Post by Spiros
Mystery of Cahokia solved? 147  Lowelldw64  17-Aug-16 15:08 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Ancient Origins Article on Atlantis in the Caribbean Sea 847  131  @tlantis  16-Aug-16 18:16 
Last Post by Rofhessa
Evidence Why the Pyramids were Built During the Dynastic Period- Give it Your Best Shot. 2,068  421  Jon Ellison  16-Aug-16 17:00 
Last Post by Origyptian
Japan Megalith - ISHIBUTAI 197  Temporalis  15-Aug-16 14:45 
Last Post by Temporalis
2nd pyramid imperial measure 404  24  molder  14-Aug-16 10:49 
Last Post by molder
Problem with the Orion Correlation Theory 235  @tlantis  12-Aug-16 22:40 
Last Post by Laird Scranton
GEOMETRICAL INSPIRATIONS (3) 2,116  100  Horatech  12-Aug-16 03:02 
Last Post by Horatech
Original Sphinx 860  46  archon  11-Aug-16 00:32 
Last Post by Martin Stower
King's Chamber maybe used as a float tank 178  Athenacasio  10-Aug-16 20:15 
Last Post by michael seabrook
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