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Finally found plan for a pyramid 556  25  molder  23-Sep-19 14:52 
Last Post by DUNE
Unlocking the Westcar Papyrus with Egyptian Astronomy 2,156  93  engbren  23-Sep-19 13:58 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
Ancient Architects-Artists & Psychedelic Drugs 44  Zi  23-Sep-19 13:39 
Last Post by Zi
Schist Disc. Tri Lobed Disc. Design Geometry. 4,000  152  Jon Ellison  23-Sep-19 12:51 
Last Post by cladking
Diodorus' Atlantis and Cerne 268  11  rkmcquillen  23-Sep-19 11:53 
Last Post by Mike D
"The Code" of Carl Munck 4,007  70  Buildreps  23-Sep-19 09:51 
Last Post by thinkitover
Who invented the first syllabic alphabet? 449  24  drrayeye  21-Sep-19 20:07 
Last Post by drrayeye
Whatever... 240  14  Trevorjjj  21-Sep-19 10:29 
Last Post by Trevorjjj
Khufu's Pyramid and spheroidal Earth 127  Spiros  21-Sep-19 07:12 
Last Post by Spiros
The Grand Gallery Relieving Chambers[?] 585  21  Dr. Troglodyte  20-Sep-19 23:53 
Last Post by Trevorjjj
Giza Pyramid Questions 339  thinkitover  20-Sep-19 22:18 
Last Post by Sirfiroth
The Moon , G1 , and The Speed of Light 1,266  31  DUNE  20-Sep-19 12:56 
Last Post by molder
This topic has been moved.: Go get me teepee...... 27  Trevorjjj  20-Sep-19 09:49 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Surely the infamous 'HANDBAGS' are purely symbolic? 309  15  Trevorjjj  20-Sep-19 00:43 
Last Post by Open mind
Two cataclysms? 584  23  meltwater  19-Sep-19 19:42 
Last Post by Wheeler
Naga is the root prediluvian Culture 336  10  Tusk  19-Sep-19 08:15 
Last Post by MDaines
Aliens in Ancient Egypt: Boulter and Haze? 609  Martin Stower  18-Sep-19 21:47 
Last Post by Merrell
Geoglyphs in Oregon 947  lostinlagarita  18-Sep-19 03:37 
Last Post by Starwalker
Ancient Canal Builders - United States 725  10  Race Jackson  17-Sep-19 16:56 
Last Post by buildsancient
SPEED OF LIGHT _ 299 792 458 m / s 142  Horatech  17-Sep-19 13:56 
Last Post by Horatech
Case for an Older Baalbek 2,181  120  Thanos5150  17-Sep-19 03:13 
Last Post by engbren
Levitated Mass 1,227  31  John Frum  17-Sep-19 02:56 
Last Post by Open mind
GEOMETRICAL INSPIRATIONS THE CODE _ 2 6,278  117  Horatech  15-Sep-19 22:24 
Last Post by Horatech
Is there who might approve or defend illicit projects against Egyptian antiquities? 142  Elshamy  15-Sep-19 14:17 
Last Post by Elshamy
Mainstream and Alternative Ideas 1,344  130  Thanos5150  14-Sep-19 13:35 
Last Post by Robert Jameson
Perpetual Choirs of Britain - Thanks 499  geoffss  13-Sep-19 16:05 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
The Brother of Suphis “Mystery” 1,800  140  Martin Stower  10-Sep-19 17:49 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Causeways And The Sun 2,889  250  Barbelo  10-Sep-19 13:34 
Last Post by Spiros
Megaliths: A Circumferential Unit and the Division of the Megalithic Yard 1,045  gjb  10-Sep-19 11:47 
Last Post by gjb
Possible constructions in the Amazon 302  Andre T  10-Sep-19 11:43 
Last Post by Mike D
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