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Was Giza built from a super geometric plan 6,809  390  DUNE  30-Mar-17 01:53 
Last Post by drew
Gravitation Induced Precession of the Earth encoded in the Pyramids of Giza 467  25  magisterchessmutt  30-Mar-17 01:28 
Last Post by magisterchessmutt
The length of The Royal Cubit 438  29  Ahatmose  30-Mar-17 00:58 
Last Post by magisterchessmutt
Egyptologists contact Scott Creighton? part 2 569  96  JonnyMcA  29-Mar-17 20:55 
Last Post by Martin Stower
So what do folk here generally think about the Nephilim/Giant thing? 273  Fsbirdhouse  29-Mar-17 20:17 
Last Post by Fsbirdhouse
This topic has been moved.: Life on Earth may have come from Mars 145  HH Holmes  29-Mar-17 07:29 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Atlantis: The lost city is in Java Sea 2,609  92  Dhani Irwanto  28-Mar-17 23:20 
Last Post by Dhani Irwanto
Dale Pond, John Keely, Great Pyramid 158  Open mind  27-Mar-17 14:06 
Last Post by Open mind
Egyptologists contact Scott Creighton? 1,802  548  Martin Stower  27-Mar-17 11:37 
Last Post by JonnyMcA
Great Pyramid Block Work. Graphic 3,184  299  Jon Ellison  27-Mar-17 02:38 
Last Post by Open mind
Looking for blueprints of the great pyramid at Giza 219  Huffer Wolf  26-Mar-17 15:50 
Last Post by Huffer Wolf
the grail 1,931  93  michael seabrook  26-Mar-17 06:58 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Orthos Hypocrisy 643  306  Ian Alex Blease  25-Mar-17 02:36 
Last Post by Audrey
Maarrduk 290  10  witness11  24-Mar-17 08:10 
Last Post by Vanya
David wilcok antartica atlantis 277  Redwoodtree  24-Mar-17 03:56 
Last Post by Fsbirdhouse
Mysterious geographical features of South Australia 6,408  193  Robert Jameson  22-Mar-17 02:11 
Last Post by Robert Jameson
This topic has been moved.: Our machinery occupied by Mind in Physicality... 21  Enigcom  21-Mar-17 20:47 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Zep Tepe or was Egypt created as a message to our future? 295  18  Enigcom  21-Mar-17 20:31 
Last Post by Enigcom
"The Code" of Carl Munck 173  Buildreps  21-Mar-17 09:59 
Last Post by Buildreps
Scan Pyramids Project 5,151  282  Dr. Troglodyte  20-Mar-17 09:46 
Last Post by magisterchessmutt
The Largest Stones at Giza 1,019  101  Thunderbird  19-Mar-17 16:34 
Last Post by Warwick
HANDS OF TIME: 220 x 280 or BETTER YET: 55 x 70 250  PhiPIandI  19-Mar-17 15:52 
Last Post by magisterchessmutt
the pharaos helm/crown a nano amplifyer 272  gordonx99  19-Mar-17 10:50 
Last Post by gordonx99
360 391  23  molder  18-Mar-17 15:17 
Last Post by hendrik dirker
Golden Ratio, Ancient Pueblo, Chaco Meridian 601  12  M44  17-Mar-17 23:08 
Last Post by M44
ancient temple found in lake titicaca 473  michael seabrook  17-Mar-17 22:08 
Last Post by eyeofhorus33
Imhotep 2,109  498  Rofhessa  16-Mar-17 02:08 
Last Post by R Avry Wilson
Why 440 cubits for The Great Pyramid ? Perhaps this ... 525  62  Ahatmose  14-Mar-17 04:51 
Last Post by PhiPIandI
The Nineveh Constant. 1,490  13  Michael Hayes  14-Mar-17 04:04 
Last Post by PhiPIandI
Facial Reconstruction of the Sphinx, maybe. 333  HermesTri  13-Mar-17 19:19 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
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